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  1. Thank you for those kind words, but really I don’t consider myself smarter than anyone else.. What I do have is perseverance,, That is the first time ever heard that WiFi is better than an Ethernet cable.. Do you think I should dispute Amazon’s claims that Ethernet will always be better than WiFi..?
  2. If all you want to do is stream Netflix or Amazon Prime or YouTube you don’t need to spend $40 bucks, the cheapest Firestick $29.95 or if it’s on sale 24.95 will work with no buffering..
  3. It amazes me the misinformation people post on here. You cannot get the latest version of the Firestick on Amazon USA Amazon MX has the latest Firestick and best one available for 1,399 peso, it was on sale 2 weeks ago for 999 peso. It has the 2021 firmware installed. and is voice activated with Alexa, In my opinion that is the best one to get., I think it’s better than the 4K version because the 4K one doesn’t have 2021 firmware and it’s really difficult to stream 4K video. I would also purchase an Ethernet adapter for 399 peso so you can plug an Ethernet cable into your Firestick. Using an Ethernet cable is usually better than WiFi .. If you look on YouTube there are lots of videos on how to side load apps on to your Firestick, it’s really quiet easy.. But I guess if you are really really really technically challenged and have trouble turning your TV on you can pay someone 500 peso to side load your Firestick..
  4. A few years ago the residents of Chapala Haciendas were trying to stop the trucks using the engine brake. (Jake Brake) as they passed CH because it disturbed them. Using the engine brake saves a tremendous amount of wear on the trucks brake shoes.. I have never noticed if the municipality did erected signs saying “Do not use engine braking”
  5. If you can’t converse in Spanish hire a Spanish speaker to do it for you,,,
  6. Are there 2 or 3 vendors that change batteries at the Wednesday Tianguis ?
  7. I deleted the old version and installed the latest version from applink which is like the old filelink app..
  8. A Firestick app is not a not an android app.. if you have a Firestick then you download a Firestick app, if you have an android device you download an android app.. Live Net 2.2 version is working well. Maybe someone is trying to sell more Clear Choice programing
  9. I can only speak about the condo complex that I live in, I don’t how some posters can claim they speak for “The Canadians”. In the complex that I live in and have lived in for more than 10yrs Just about all of the Canadians who usually spend time here are planning to return, they have put down deposits for this snowbird season. If as one poster claims the rents are increasing and the Canadians aren’t coming who is renting these places and driving the rents up.. ?
  10. I think it’s difficult for them to give price, there are so many variables. Do you want a meal plan. What level of care do you need. What type of accommodation do you want.. If you meet with them tell them your needs and they will quote you a price.. If any of you were really interested and could afford to live there you wouldn’t be asking for a price on a web board, you would be meeting with them in person to find something that suites your needs..
  11. Expensive is a relative term.. Usually when someone says “That’s expensive” It’s because they can’t afford it. La Pubelita is catering to a wealthier clientele. Check out facilities NOB. I have acquaintances living in retirement/assisted living places paying $7000 US a month.. So when you compare La Pueblita with other places in North America it doesn’t seem that expensive.
  12. Whatever the propane truck charges you…
  13. It is easy despite what people who can’t find their way say….
  14. I’m Canadian and drove along with another Canadian to Laredo last March to get the J&J vaccine.. we did make an appointment on line at a pharmacy. While we were in Laredo I noticed that all of the pharmacies that we saw had signs outside saying “Vaccines available, walk in’s welcome. Most of them listed which vaccines they had available. While waiting to be vaxed we were chatting with the pharmacist who told us they have had quite a few people from Mexico come there to be vaxed. They did require a photo ID, I used my Canadian drivers license.
  15. I don’t have a stock Firestick or a stock android box.. On a modified streaming device there are free apps available. For watching US TV I use USA TV & Radio app. It works well for me, but I prefer to watch Canadian TV stations.
  16. Texas.. Just about every pharmacy in Laredo including Walmart had signs outside listing the vaccines available and saying “No appointment necessary, walk in’s welcome.
  17. If you have a firestick on an android box you can stream it on NBC and many other stations. Google “Which TV channels are showing the Olympics”
  18. Float valves tend to stick either on or off. It’s most probably the check valve is stuck partly open.
  19. There are so many Canadians who have driven across the border in Laredo over the last 6 months.. me included.. with no issues at all.. We had 3 great days shopping and dining on steak at The Texas Roadhouse..
  20. Be careful if you do that.. On newer cars the computers will loose some of their programming, most times you can get it back by driving a certain distance. In my case I had to take my BMW to the dealer to have the computers re-flashed. If possible use a battery maintainer…
  21. S&S also requires you to have a valid sticker and insurance.
  22. With Magic Jack you can (port) move your old phone number to your MJ, if you don’t want to do that you can choose the area code and if I remember correctly MJ will show you a list of phone numbers available with that area. code, so you get to choose your number…
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