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  1. I printed off the email just so I had proof that I actually did it…
  2. Same here.. last July.. Although you do have to make an appointment now, you can’t just walk in and sign the book as we used to do. Its my understanding that there is a large fine if you don’t do within the time limit.
  3. Get yourself a GPS. Then you know in advance which lane to be in and how far to the next turn or exit. I use a Garmin which I think is the best one, I also have the Waze app on my phone which is good, but the trouble with using your cell phone is that sometimes it can lose the signal which is OK as long you are still following the route, but if you have deviated from that route at all without a cell signal it can’t tell you how to get get back on track. That is why I prefer using a GPS for long trips..
  4. Dr Leon said November when I asked him, but that was almost 2 months ago so things could have changed..
  5. Some people just love to be the first to spread doom and gloom in this town.
  6. BS. According to the temperature gauge on my BQ it reaches 525f ..
  7. A You may having been driving that way longer than my 15yrs. Aquascalientes and Zacatecas have never been easy.. the roads are awful the traffic is awful.. Going through Matehuala and SLP is a 10hr drive, And I know because I did it a few months ago…
  8. It may have been the truckers day to celebrate today.. From what I understand each trade has a different day to celebrate..
  9. It was a scam.. They usually pick on females. In the 15yrs I’ve been here I’ve heard of many any know a few people who have been scammed by people pulling the same trick in the parking lot at Walmart..
  10. Don’t take the Zacatecas/Aquascailentes route, the SLP route is much faster and a lot less stress .
  11. Dr Candy offers IV sedation.. she brings in an anesthesiologist from Guadalajara.. ,But I would never recommend her as a dentist..
  12. I need a new stainless steel cooking grid for my BQ, anyone know of a metal worker who uses SS and speaks a few words of English. ?
  13. Most dental offices are not equipped for general anesthesia, a lot of specialized equipment is needed. For IV sedation all you need is an anesthesiologist, an oxygen bottle an a IV pole.. I had IV sedation 4 years ago the cost was 8000 peso plus the dental procedure cost.
  14. Just filled my 20lb BQ across from El Torito, it was 255 peso. Geeez I can remember filling it there for 60 peso.
  15. Dr Haro is still practicing the same as usual.. or he was as of 2 weeks ago.. When I asked about IV sedation he said they don’t offer that option.
  16. I don’t think they do general anesthesia in a dental office, I won’t recommend the dentist but there is at least one dentist at lakeside that will bring in an anesthesiologist who will put you in the twilight zone.. so I’m sure there are others. Dr Haro who is the best dentist at Lakeside, I don’t think he does anesthesia, he is so gentle you don’t need it…
  17. Sorry I mis read your post.. Going north I prefer to cross at the Columbia bridge.. I’ve always found there to be less traffic there in the late afternoon, When I crossed last March there was no traffic at the Columbia crossing, also I like to stay in north Laredo because its close to the big mall and lots of other stores. I did the trip last March but I really didn’t pay much attention as I’ve done it many times before I always stay at the Days Inn just as you come into Laredo on I-35. Left the motel at 6am Go straight down I-35 to bridge #2 lots of signs. After paying the toll to cross the bridge I believe it was $3.50 US. stopped at Mexican customs showed our permanent resident card, he asked what we had purchased while in the US, asked us to open the trunk, he looked inside and said “Have a safe trip” In Spanish. As you leave the customs area follow the road to the left, Boulevard Luis Donaldo Colosio Murrieta. Stay on that road it will take you to 85 and then 85D I always go through Matehuala, SLP 10 hours from leaving the motel……. It was a really good trip never encountered and traffic hold ups or police checkpoints. If you happen to go straight on after Mexican customs, no big deal just take the first left.. it will take you to the Boulevard. A few weeks later had friends that went the Zacatecas route took them 12 hours, getting through Zacatecas and Aquascalientes was horrendous..it may be shorter in mileage but time wise takes a lot longer. The new toll roads around SLP and the one to the Chapala Hwy really make a difference..
  18. I don’t believe so..I’m not an expert but maybe the genius who thinks he is an expert could answer your question. So far I have never found away around that, I wish I could there are some great streaming apps available if you have a provider..
  19. It appears we have another genius on the Webboard… Amazon are telling me that my Firestick 3rd generation is better than previous generations. Better firmware better software.. Should I have purchased an older version and waited for them to update it to the latest specs.. ? If you have consistent high speed internet and only watch Netflix or Amazon Prime 4K streaming works well but my interests are a little broader than that, Trying to stream 4K from a 3rd party app such as Tea TV or Morpheus TV or any of the live TV apps doesn’t work well…You are better off streaming in 1080 or less with no buffering. I don’t claim to be an expert or try to impress readers of this Webboard with technical terms… I just know what works for me on my TV
  20. Amazon sell a Ethernet adapter specially for Firesticks.
  21. I am not being contentious or mistaken, Just trying to understand about using an Ethernet cable vs WiFi.. Using WiFi would have been a lot easier than fishing the cable through the wall.. but I took Amazon’s advice and went with Ethernet. Maybe the guy you are promoting is right and everyone else is wrong including Amazon when they say it is better to use an Ethernet cable than WiFi.
  22. If I’m not mistaken about a year or so ago the Gadget Guy posted on here or maybe it was FB about a guy called Rich who purchased a Firestick from him, he commented about how he was watching him install it, and asking questions, he even called him at home with questions, then a few weeks later he is on FB selling Firesticks and installing them.. The Gadget Guy was pissed… Is this the same Rich Natasha is promoting, ? Maybe he doesn’t want to use the Ethernet connection because the Gadget Guy didn’t explain how to connect it to him.. Firesticks do not have an Ethernet port so you have to know how to connect the Ethernet cable..
  23. This not the first time he has posted about the vet on here…
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