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  1. S&S wants you to believe that the pricing is the same.. but it’s not. If you ask you will get a better deal.. plus the dealer will throw in lots of freebies such as oil changes, floor mats and other goodies ..
  2. It would have to be a really special vehicle to make it worth doing..
  3. I think there is more to it than that.., I’m no expert but I think it’s an issue with water, I have driven that road when it’s been raining and there was an awful lot of water running down the face of the cliff. I would think you need to divert the water somewhere so it’s not washing the underlying foundation away.
  4. It is not due to overloaded trucks, it is due to poor engineering and poor construction. That road collapsed and was closed for months within a few weeks of being opened.There have been potholes and large dips in that road since the day it reopened.
  5. More bad advice.. Never carry the original with you. Get a notarized wallet sized copy and carry that with you, a notarized copy is acceptable. If you lose the original it is a hassle getting all of the necessary paper work together and going through the process of getting a replacement. In my 14years here I have never been stopped and asked for it other than when I fly in and out of the country...
  6. You are correct, if you search noise complaints on this board you will notice it’s the same couple of names that do the complaining.
  7. That would seem to me to be the first step.. But so many of the expats here won’t do that, they want someone else to do it for them...they like to complain. They buy a property that’s cheap because it’s very close to a commercial area which has had bars and restaurants with music long before they purchased their property and then they want other people to solve their problems for them. A little due diligence would have solved their problem before it even started..
  8. Here we go again... Before trying to get the administration to do something on you’re behalf have you spoken to the bar/restaurant owners.. .?
  9. It’s been many years since you you could see a Dr here for 100 peso, most are 250 to 300 peso for a GP. 700 plus for a specialist.
  10. The Mexican authorities never ask for anything.. you just walk across the bridge to to the US immigration/customs booths.
  11. I wouldn’t expect to get hearing aids mailed from the US, I would think they would be considered a medical device.. Anything considered medical is difficult to get through Mexican customs. I get mail in upper La Floresta.
  12. The reason thieves hangout in Walmart is there are so many easy pickings there.. You see expat women wandering around oblivious to their surroundings, their bags laying in the cart, so many times you see them step away or turn their back on the cart and then they wonder why they have been robbed and post on here with righteousness indignation.. The management at Walmart is too polite to say to them “Well you got what you deserve” Sadly its the way it is here and in many other parts of the world. If we all take a minute to think about what we are doing it would eliminate many of these types of theft.
  13. The last 4 times I shopped at Walmart they have asked for ID
  14. Posted 1 hour ago Wow, MtnMama, good for you. Sounds like the guys who got my wallet last Thursday in Walmart. An odd looking man got my attention. I could not understand a word he was saying. He waved first one item from a shelf and then another and then abruptly tossed them aside and ran off. I turned back to my cart. My bag looked untouched. I didn't know my wallet was gone until I went to pay for my things at checkout. I went out to my car on the unlikely chance my wallet was there. Of course, it wasn't. I returned to the store and told management about the theft. I said I I knew others had been robbed in their store. I got the reaction I expected from Walmart: They could not have cared less. They said I'd have to go to the police. Once home, I called my bank. In a very short time the thieves were able to empty my checking account with my Visa debit card. Their first two purchases in Walmart cost $834 USD each. They went to about nine other places including Soriana. I was out the cash that was in the wallet and faced the hassle of having to replace my driver's license and my INM residency card. Then, two days later a woman called to say she'd found my wallet outside of Walmart. One of my IDs was a Lake Chapala Society membership (expired). She went to the trouble of calling LCS to get my telephone number, rang me for my address and showed up at my door soon after. I am so grateful to her. Lexy The management at Walmart were probably shaking their head in disbelief and thinking to themselves here we have another stupid expat.. Anyone who leaves their bag in the cart and turns their back .. I won’t say it but !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. It depends on how much you want to spend. The best in the area is Dr Haro or Dr Barragan both very very good but expensive. People who are on a budget use Dental Express, they use a machine to make the teeth, rather than custom made for each individual like the two above mentioned dentists do, but they are cheap. Stay away a long way from Dr Candy..
  16. I think these 2 are spending to much time on Facebook. Refusing entry to a citizen would be a human rights and a constitutional nightmare for any government.
  17. Things are changing with the increased use of credit/debit cards. When a card is used for payment that money cannot be hidden. Not that I think business people have to worry about being audited like we do NOB.
  18. LP gas prices set by the government ? If that is so how come different gas trucks charge different prices per liter..? Years ago the government used to set the price for gasoline, the price of gasoline would be the same everywhere, but since they opened up the market the prices are different everywhere, gasoline is cheaper in Guadalajara than around Lakeside.
  19. You may be well informed about the Mexican tax system, I am not, it wasn’t obvious to me who’s tax system you were referring to. I was asking a general question. I didn’t ask if you were paying taxes so I don’t see why you felt it necessary it tell us that you do pay taxes.. Posting “The Mexican tax system” would have sufficed.
  20. You run a small business in Mexico ?
  21. I hope you choose a local Mexican driver. With so few people going out at night or going to the airport the local drivers are really suffering now.
  22. When I read the title line I thought it was Mike the computer guy the OP was talking about..
  23. No a trickle charger is a little different it’s old technology. A battery maintainer uses electronic circuitry to monitor battery voltage, it comes on and off as required, They are readily available at Lakeside Autozone carries them.
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