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  1. Aero Mexico has always transferred my baggage on flights Guadalajara - Mexico City - Toronto, I am flying Aero Mexico on both legs. I always do my paperwork in Guadalajara. but hand in the bottom half in on departure from Mexico CitY.
  2. Soriana has a decent selection of TV’s
  3. If you complain to the owner/manager/employee then at least you have tried to do something So many expats complain on web boards but do nothing in person to rectify the issue.. if no one talks to the business then they don’t know it’s an issue even though we think they should..
  4. What did they say when you asked to speak to the owner/manager....or did you... ?
  5. I thought the comments were referring to Mike, He never mentioned anything about quarantining...either when he arrived in the US or arrived back at Lakeside.
  6. From what I’ve been reading quite a few Insurance companies are now offering health ins which includes Covid19. The courts overturned the Ontario government’s attempt to stop paying claims for out of country emergency health care. Many of the airlines Air Canada and Westjet Included are including Covid19 coverage when you purchase a ticket. Many if not most of the Canadians I know are returning, one of the reasons being is that the infection rates in many parts of Canada are far higher than here at Lakeside..
  7. So you’re assuming the expat people who are taking work away from local Mexicans have employees.. B.S. The people I’m referring to are one person operations who pad their pensions by taking people to the airport or up to the border, renting vehicles.. fixing computers..rides to Costco and many other small jobs that could and used be done by local Mexicans. And I know this for a fact because I know a local Mexican who made their living driving expats or anyone else who needed transport around, but over the last year or two with all the Facebook sites that have popped up here they have done less and less business., and now they are out of business. Anytime anyone post something on a Facebook site such as wanting a ride or or something done expats are PM the person to say I can do that for you.. I know this for a fact because when I posted about a ride to the airport I had PMs from two female expats saying we offer that service.
  8. So what your saying is many of the foreigners and Expats here are struggling.. Are they here illegally then. ? Because if they are here legally they must have produced financial statements to immigration showIng their monthly income or a substantial amount of money in their bank account over a period of time. They may not be living High off the hog but they are certainly not struggling like many of the locals here who don’t have a nice pension coming in to their bank account every month...
  9. Please support a local Mexican business they are struggling to survive in these difficult times.. Expat businesses don’t need your support to survive..
  10. You have to wonder why people post wrong information.. and then justify it it by saying “Somebody told me that”. Manix isn’t closed, he’s struggling like many other restaurants here. Wallmart isn’t allowing only one family member in they allow anyone who wears a mask in. Please check your facts before posting.
  11. OXO used to sell memory cards, I haven’t looked recently but they may still sell them... Any computer store should carry memory cards . I would think Telcel stores carry them...
  12. Garbage... Disconnecting the battery for a short time will do nothing other than you have to reset the clock.. if you have the battery disconnected for several hours you may have to drive the vehicle a few miles for the ECU to relearn the parameters..
  13. It is very easy to change a battery, all you need to be careful of is that you get the polarity right, but even if you don’t most vehicles especially newer ones are protected against reverse polarity. If the alternator is easily accessible it’s very easy to change, it would be hard to screw that up. But why bother Auto Zone will change the battery for free, and the cost of labor is so cheap why bother changing an alternator yourself.
  14. Take it to Auto Zone. They have a machine which tells them if the alternator is putting out the correct voltage and if your battery is any good.. And there is no charge for doing it. if you need a battery they have a lot in stock, If they don’t have the alternator you need in stock they can usually get it the next day.
  15. A slightly different situation but Ana at Telcel by Alex’s pasta bar helped me out when I lost my phone, she sold me a new SIM card and transferred my old number to the new SIM card.
  16. Why don’t you call Costco @333 283 3330 They might be able to answer you’re question.
  17. No doubt they will be able to suck in a few of the newbies here.
  18. So many complaints about Dr Candy.. They can’t all be wrong...
  19. Dr Candy is possibly the worst dentist in town.. and I’m saying this from personal experience. if all you require is a cleaning OK. anything else get out of there as fast as you can... Dr Haro or Dr Brarragan both great dentists.. My preference is Dr Haro.
  20. A letter from the bank stating that you are the holder of the account has been required for about the last 4 or so years, but many of the consulates don’t ask for it, the one I used did require it, I was very lucky in that I found out about it 3 days before my appointment.
  21. What difference does 50 Hz or 60Hz make to a small kitchen appliance such as a kettle, toaster coffee maker, toaster oven...?
  22. Bull droppings.. Unless it’s a narcotic you can get just about any medication without a prescription.
  23. I was there an hour ago.. it’s still there.
  24. This must be from someone working for S&S Over the years S&S has spread the rumor that you can’t get a better deal than the one we give you.
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