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  1. On 4/7/2022 at 10:44 AM, Youngtimer said:


    Telcel Ana is another scam. The Telcel Internet en Su Casa service with Ana at the Telcel store near Alex's.

    Bought the modem from her then she asked for first and last month cash. I could not activate the modem until I paid another 2 months of service. I figured I would get things corrected by her later since I needed internet to work online at least I had internet. She just played dumb so I just ate the cost. 

    .  If what your alleging is true why don’t you contact TelCel directly with the receipts.. You do have receipts don’t you  ?

     Ana is the most recommended cell phone person around Lakeside. She has been doing business for 15 years that I know of. She has helped thousands of expats with their cell phone issues. 
    Many years ago I was delayed coming back from Canada, I called Ana to ask how I could put  money on my phone, she told me don’t worry about it I will put a month on your phone, pay me when you get back… 


  2. This is going to be another video on YouTube so the poster can get more subscribers to his channel and therefore make more money at our expense.The last thing we need here is more people moving here. This afternoon it took me 35 mins from Dental Express to Walmart.

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  3. That also happens NOB.

    3yrs ago when I stopped for gas somewhere in Texas, don’t recall exactly where. As I was filling my tank a guy up to me and said “Buddy can you help me just had a call from my wife that she is going in to labour so I rushed out of the office but I left my wallet in my desk.. and I need gas..” I gave him $20. One of the reasons he picked me was because I was driving a car with Canadian plates.
    I went into the store to use the washroom and pick up some snacks, when I came out I noticed him giving the same spiel to others at the pumps…

    Theses scams happen everywhere, In My 15yrs of driving to and from Canada this scam happened 3 times .. different story same scam.

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  4. 3 hours ago, mudgirl said:

    No, Mexicans can live cheaper than most foreigners choose to. 


    Retired foreigners who can meet the financial requirements for residency status aren't "economic refugees". They are privileged people who can make a choice about where they want to settle.

    Actual economic refugees can't afford to buy or rent a nice home, can't afford to go out for dinner, or have maids and gardeners. And they trudge thousands of miles on foot with what they can carry on their backs to hopefully get to somewhere they can find economic opportunity to support their families.

    To suggest that retired expats are economic refugees is absurd.


    Maybe if you actually left the house instead of replying to every single posted on this board you might meet people who will tell you they had to move to Mexico  because they can no longer afford to live in the US. Many of these people are single therefore only receiving one SS payment. One of the reasons Mexico is clamping down on 180 day visas is to stop these economic refugees from the US & Canada living here with little means to support themselves. I’m hearing from people that used to live California who tell me that you can hardly find a place to rent for what they get on SS..


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  5. 3 hours ago, cedros said:

    I have been wondering the same thing. I am a Canadian living in Mexico. I went to Texas and got the J & J vaccine. They did not put a QR code on the J & J paper record like they did in Mexico for the Sinovac vaccination. I would like to have all my vaccination records in one location. I hope to get a Moderna vaccination  soon. Will they have a QR code if I get Mocerna in the US or Canada? Or do you just show the paper records to the airlines and immigrtion authorities.

    That is exactly what I want to know…  it’s not about boarding a plane.. If you get your proof of vaccination in Jalisco you get a QR code…

    I am Canadian, I also went toTexas for the J&J shot….

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