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  1. If you are thinking about buying a vehicle the Alamo is an interesting day out, if you go on a Saturday or a Sunday there are hundreds of vehicles there for sale in every price range, I would be very careful about about buying from there, but it does give you an idea of the prices. Even if you buy from a reputable dealer it is no guarantee that the vehicle hasn’t been stolen, the paper work moves so slowly that the vehicle can be stolen and resold before the paper work gets circulated. This happened to friend’s of mine.
  2. I I have no idea, But if it’s the same group that took over the airport parking awhile back and toll booths they will be wanting money to pass. if you can get hold of a copy of the May 16-22 copy of the Guad reporter there is a write up on it on page 8. From talking with one of the organizers of the hiking group I was told they disbanded the group because they didn’t want to get into a confrontation with these people .
  3. Is anyone using the hiking trails ? The hiking group has disband due to threats from the local ejido and indigenous people who are intending to impose fees to anyone using the trails once they reopen. There was an article about this in the May 16 edition of the Guad reporter.
  4. As I said “Very Expensive”. I prefer to do as I did last January spend 10 mins of my own time and get my own sticker... I do understand many people are intimidated trying to deal with Mexican business’s so they pay someone like S&S to do it for them..Myself I prefer to do things myself..
  5. So they do all this free of charge. ?
  6. It appears to me that all or most of the Barbers are open now .. many of them have gone to appointment only , I guess they don’t want customers sitting around waiting for a hair cut..
  7. I have used Ana for 14 yrs now and would never use anyone else.. I will go right out and say it.. I don’t believe you were cheated by her or her daughter, you made made the mistake.. She has helped so many people with there cell phone problems, and there’s never a charge.. My partner got delayed NOB one year and Ana paid her cell phone bill for her until she could return. I have never seen her rude to anyone, it wouldn’t surprise me if she was the way some expats speak to her... Once in awhile I pay online, but if I can I go to her store to pay my bill because I know if I have any issues she will sort them out for me...
  8. I believe it was the department of health for the state of New York put out a document on how to have sex safely during this pandemic.. Avoid face to face contact...
  9. RV hasn’t lived here in many many years.. you are correct no one is always right, RV is mostly wrong, over the years he has caused many people grief by giving incorrect information, We all know how fast things change in Mexico, you need to be here to keep up with the ever changing rules.
  10. There is so much misinformation being spread... There no border restrictions, We have sunbirds here in my complex from Arizona, they crossed at Nogales, picked up their tourist visa with no problems at all. Got stopped a few times had their temperatures taken and were sent on their way..
  11. Don’t listen to anyone who tells you “I’ve pmd you” with suggestions or offers of help. Some how you have to return the vehicle to Mexico to get the TIP off you’re record.. that is the best way.. Hiring a lawyer to do it can be done but it will be nightmare, expensive and takes a long time to accomplish and you still won’t be allowed to bring another vehicle in until you’re old TIP is resolved. You will also need Use a lawyer in Canada, the vehicle will need to have a written appraisal stating that vehicle is no longer drivable, the appraisal will need to notarized and translated into Spanish, then you use a lawyer here in Mexico to present you’re case to the relevant authority here.. Or do as others have suggested put the new vehicle in you’re partners name if you have one that is... I for one would like to know the name of the body shop that caused the damage to you’re vehicle.
  12. I was just asking if you actually saw what happened..
  13. Were you a wittiness to this.. ? Other sites are reporting that this was a hit & run and that the taxi fled and was found abandoned later....
  14. The only direct flight to Toronto on Aero Mexico departs at 7:58am from Mexico City so you have to arrive In Mexico City the day before or catch a late night flight from Guadalajara and spend the night at the airport
  15. You can check on line for any outstanding tickets. for some reason I can’t copy the link, I’m sure someone will post it here. Before I get my sticker in January I use to check if I have any outstanding tickets.. Even if the seller goes with you to transfer the ownership, it doesn’t guarantee anything, the paper work moves so slowly in Mexico that by the time the recaudadora get the paper work listing the car as stolen it’s already been sold, This happened to a friend of mine .. I personally would not buy from a private seller unless I knew him personally, If you buy from a dealer and there is an issue you know where to find him..
  16. think 2011-2012 are eligible right now. That is incorrect .So much of what read on these web boards is wrong, to get the correct information contact the relevant government department, My neighbor very recently imported a 2015 Jeep.. It was expensive, but it was a fully loaded Jeep.
  17. If it was my shoulder the cost would be irrelevant.. I would shop for the best doctor not the best price..l
  18. Dr Gorge Gonzalez is a really good orthopedic surgeon..
  19. Maybe if you called Superlake 376 766 0174 someone there might know..
  20. I have traveled to and from Joco Several times this week and have been waved through every time.. As cedros they hardly bother to stop and check anyone, if you are wearing a mask you’re home free.. If you.have tested positive for Covid19 just wait until after 6 pm when there is no one manning the check points..
  21. Saturday afternoon came back from the airport, at the checkpoints I and the cars in front of me were waved through.. the same thing when we passed through Ajijic on the way to SJC, they were not checking anybody...
  22. The borders are open.. always have been.. if you’re Canadian you can cross the US border.. and if you’re a temp or permanent resident of Mexico you can cross the Mexican border...
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