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  1. So if everyone starts hoarding hamburger meat as you suggest won’t there be a shortage ? So won’t the price you get per cow increase...?
  2. The peso isn’t crashing.. in times of crisis the US dollar is the go to currency. The US dollar has risen significantly against just about every other currency...
  3. Why don’t you ask your neighbors.....
  4. Pancho’s has lots of basic goods, milk bread, canned goods, soups both canned and packet, coffee, beer wine.. etc etc.
  5. How did you come up with that conclusion.. ? The snowbirds are getting out of town ASAP. Many who would have been here for another few weeks have already left if they were driving.. if they are flying they are scrambling to find a flight out of here...
  6. S&S is very safe storage and they look after the vehicle, as it starting it up once in awhile...maybe even driving it around their lot. It’s not undercover but you can buy a cover from Auto Zone for 600 peso.
  7. No one can give you a price .. there are so many factors involved, I don’t think even a cardiologist can give a firm price. Until they do the angioplasty they don’t know how many stents you need..
  8. Why were you walking on the road.... ? Maybe you should walk on the sidewalk..
  9. You have to look at where the response is coming from.. It’s the usual negative attitude...
  10. It appeared to be working Saturday afternoon around 4ish.. There were people lined up waiting to use it....
  11. Used it around 6pm yesterday (Friday) it worked perfectly....
  12. 705 peso high...!!!!! If you think it’s high buy your own oil and filter from Autozone and take them to a garage. The tire shop on the libarmiento charges 100 peso.
  13. The last time I caught the bus it was approximately 2:20 pm at the Alamo.. the cost was 60 peso... The directo leaves the terminal on the hour...
  14. It’s not complicated, the directo bus to Ajijic stops at the Alamo, depending on the time of day it could be full or half full.
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