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  1. Geezer needs to get a life.. To be checking what is being scanned in that closely seems paranoid to me... I check my change, could never remember the price on the shelf of every item in my basket...
  2. As usual most of the expats are all talk and let someone else do it.. I suspect very few attended the meeting if there even was a meeting..
  3. Dr Haro is the best around Lakeside, also the most expensive..If you use him you won’t be disappointed...
  4. Oh we have another general on here... To ask Spenser's advice on here is rude, crass,, and CHEAP. Spenser helps members on this forum enough and should be asked to give free LEAGAL advice..if he gives it freely then that's a different matter....
  5. TelsZ4 Your rude comments were removed Mod5
  6. Cross at Columbia.. Much eaiser.. The TIP building is on your right just after you cross the bridge.. There is a small parking right before the building. If you already have a visa use the 2nd door..If you need a visa use the 1st door.
  7. In your original post you were asking how to contact the owner... Catherine a newcomer...?... How many years do you have to be not to be considered a newcomer.. Did you ask Catherine how many years she has been here or how many bars she has managed in Ajijic.. Did you ask her the name of the very well respected Mexican that owns and built property and who I believe still lives in the area...
  8. Neighbor of mine went to Joco last week to try and register a vehicle he was going to purchase and was told he could not register the vehicle with a tourist visa...
  9. Nobody reads his post because they are always about the same thing.. I think he just copies and pastes them from his previous posts...
  10. Well said Steve.. You noticed as I did it's the same few people who constantly bitch about noise.. The sad part about this thread is that the OP didn't even the balls to go and talk face to face with person that runs the establishment first before bitching on this forum. The owner/manager Catherine is there everyday.. the OP could have stopped by the establishment spoken to Catherine instead of posting on here for the phone number. Maybe the administration could open a new sub section for noise complaints.. It might free up this board for more useful topics..
  11. I did talk to Spencer McMullen S&S Auto Approximately 18 months ago.. Both told me "You cannot REGISTER a Mexican plated vehicle on a tourist visa" The law changed in early 2016. But if you as a tourist already own a Mexican plated vehicle that's OK. you can still get the yearly sticker as they never ask for any kind of ID or proof that your a PR or TR.
  12. They don't HAVE to see the vehicle, they will accept police reports. insurance reports. It's a huge hassle and expensive to get all the required documents together. It's not something most expat's could do on their own.. You would need someone like Spencer to do it for you ,...But it can be done...
  13. The expat's here like to complain..They like you to think that they are actually doing something. Instead of complaining on this board why don't they contact the owner of establishment in the case of Funky Finns, Catherine Is there everyday. But did the OP contact her.....NO.. Try to resolve the situation amicably first of all..If that doesn't work then Complain..
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