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  1. Things are changing with the increased use of credit/debit cards. When a card is used for payment that money cannot be hidden. Not that I think business people have to worry about being audited like we do NOB.
  2. LP gas prices set by the government ? If that is so how come different gas trucks charge different prices per liter..? Years ago the government used to set the price for gasoline, the price of gasoline would be the same everywhere, but since they opened up the market the prices are different everywhere, gasoline is cheaper in Guadalajara than around Lakeside.
  3. You may be well informed about the Mexican tax system, I am not, it wasn’t obvious to me who’s tax system you were referring to. I was asking a general question. I didn’t ask if you were paying taxes so I don’t see why you felt it necessary it tell us that you do pay taxes.. Posting “The Mexican tax system” would have sufficed.
  4. You run a small business in Mexico ?
  5. I hope you choose a local Mexican driver. With so few people going out at night or going to the airport the local drivers are really suffering now.
  6. When I read the title line I thought it was Mike the computer guy the OP was talking about..
  7. No a trickle charger is a little different it’s old technology. A battery maintainer uses electronic circuitry to monitor battery voltage, it comes on and off as required, They are readily available at Lakeside Autozone carries them.
  8. They sell them in Auto Zone.. ask their advise. Although they are all very similar. My advice is to hard wire the device to the battery terminals that way there is no chance of it falling off.. The cable you connect to the battery has a rubber cap on the end which you put on when you’re not using the battery tender Make sure you get the polarity right. Positive (Red) to Positive (Red) and Negative (Black) to Negative (Black) . Many of them come with a device you plug into the cigarette lighter or 12v outlet. You can use it that way to keep the battery charged.. A battery tender will not charge the battery, it will just keep it topped up without overcharging it.
  9. If anyone is interested in the facts why don’t they talk to the someone who was involved with the running of the hiking group. It’s my understanding that the hiking group received a letter from a lawyer representing the Ejido people informing the group they must register their members and pay fees to hike on Ejido land.The people running the decided it wasn’t worth the bother and decided to fold the group.. There is an article in the Guad reporter on page 8 dated May 16-22 stating that the hiking organization was contacted by a representative of the Ejido people who informed them that they will be imposing restrictions and collecting fees from the group.
  10. Coming down a gradient It would be difficult to stop a fully loaded truck without using the Jake brake..,The Brake shoes would get so hot and you would get so much brake fade. The truck would need to slow well before the downhill. Trucks have a 3 stage Jake brake I assume they are using the 3rd stage, if they would use the 1st stage it would be a lot quieter. Using the Jake brake save a lot of wear on the brake shoes..
  11. Last Friday Costco would not let people in wearing just a face shield unless you had a doctors note Saying you could not wear a mask. And I believe it’s the same at Home Depot.
  12. An even better idea. Ask when you check in..
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