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  1. I have used Cristy, she is very reliable. Speaks perfect English if you need it. The cost depends on how long you need her… I never shopped around for a price, I was looking for reliability over cost.
  2. Thank you Ken and Patti Bowers. We aren’t going to miss you..l
  3. These people are typical of the entailed arrogant newbies who are arriving at Lakeside now…
  4. Now the story changes . You didn’t pay it all to Ana. you paid on line. Probably to one of the many 3rd party payment sites out there. Now I understand why she was unable to help you.. although I bet she tried.
  5. . If what your alleging is true why don’t you contact TelCel directly with the receipts.. You do have receipts don’t you ? Ana is the most recommended cell phone person around Lakeside. She has been doing business for 15 years that I know of. She has helped thousands of expats with their cell phone issues. Many years ago I was delayed coming back from Canada, I called Ana to ask how I could put money on my phone, she told me don’t worry about it I will put a month on your phone, pay me when you get back…
  6. I filled in the ArrCan app yesterday, I thought it was quite straight forward..
  7. Any recommendations for a hairdresser that colors mens hair.
  8. I highly recommend Cristy, she is very reliable…
  9. Automatic transmissions are so complicated and require specialized tools, I’m not aware of anyone at Lakeside who the knowledge or equipment to do other than very basic adjustments to auto transmissions.. Many times changing the fluid and filter will fix the problem.
  10. This is going to be another video on YouTube so the poster can get more subscribers to his channel and therefore make more money at our expense.The last thing we need here is more people moving here. This afternoon it took me 35 mins from Dental Express to Walmart.
  11. Where is the best place at Lakeside to get business cards made. ?
  12. That also happens NOB. 3yrs ago when I stopped for gas somewhere in Texas, don’t recall exactly where. As I was filling my tank a guy up to me and said “Buddy can you help me just had a call from my wife that she is going in to labour so I rushed out of the office but I left my wallet in my desk.. and I need gas..” I gave him $20. One of the reasons he picked me was because I was driving a car with Canadian plates. I went into the store to use the washroom and pick up some snacks, when I came out I noticed him giving the same spiel to others at the pumps… Theses scams happen everywhere, In My 15yrs of driving to and from Canada this scam happened 3 times .. different story same scam.
  13. Because a few years when they opened up the new longtime parking lot I went in there by mistake and paid I think 90 peso for less than 30 mins.
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