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  1. He has been gone for about 8 months now... Many of his customers are going to the barber just east of Colon mountain side.. I am satisfied with him.....
  2. I doubt if any of those posting other than the OP actually went to the show....
  3. Registering a vehicle is very simple. I used the CFE bill from the condo I was renting, It was in the owner’s name not mine..It wasn’t an issue..
  4. Dr Haro. Expensive but he is the best....
  5. You would think that someone who claims to be computer literate would use Google to check some facts before postIng who has a music store in town. It has to be at least 3 or more years since Bryan moved away.
  6. Walmart carries a decent selection of motor oil.. They carry that grade in Mobile 1
  7. Googling the reason for the horns and sirens would have been preferable to asking the question on here...
  8. Wasn’t there a parade last night. ....?.
  9. No one can come close to giving you an answer.. there are so many variables..
  10. Walmart has the small ones...
  11. I was there a week ago 11am and they were manning the entry, I gave 50 peso drove in and parked.. I think if you give them a few peso they are happy....
  12. Many specialists at Lakeside are charging $1000 peso for a consult now.. $1500 pesos for a doctor to drive you there and possibly attend the consult with you is not out of the ball park... Some expats who are offering rides from the airport or rides to the new bus station in Guadalajara are asking $600 or 700 peso.., So I wouldn’t say $1500 pesos for possibly a 4 hour trip is ripping you off....expensive yes.. ripoff no..
  13. Google Implants to learn about the different manufacturers..And then ask the dentist which brand he uses... Dr Haro uses Straumann implants which are considered to best available, but they are very expensive. Dentists give you a better price by using Chinese or Korean made implants..
  14. I never invited you and I’m sure Adelita’s wouldn’t want you there.. Not that you would get a table there anyway.... every night there’s music there, it’s a full house..There are still lots of expats and Mexicans who enjoy a night of music and dancing...
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