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  1. Yes.. I worked as an electrician for 40 yrs. so I understand wiring. My modem is in my basement utility room, so I plugged the Magic Jack device in to the modem, plugged one end of a phone cable in to the MJ device, I cut the plug off the other end of the cable and spliced it into the box where the phone cable from the street came into my house. After first disconnecting the incoming Bell phone Line that is, Then I plug my phone into any of the phone outlets in my house..It’s been that way for 12 years now, never a problem.. just follow the color code on the wires. I also have to app on my iPad and iPhone, the advantage of that is that my home phone number is active where ever I am. If you don’t want it hardwired like I have mine you can just purchase the Magic Jack app for you’re cell phone and you don’t need the MJ device that plugs into you’re modem..
  2. All you need to do is go the App Store which is all ready on you’re IPhone, search for the Magic Jack app, download it, choose a phone number (. I choose one with an area code From my home town so anyone can call from there toll free.). Pay the subscription fee and you’re good to go.. I have used Magic Jack for about 12 years now, I used it to replace my landline and I also have it on my cell phone, generally speaking it has worked well..
  3. Dial 001 and then dial 880 if your toll-free number begins with 800. Dial 881 for an 888 number. Dial 882 for an 877 number and dial 883 for all 866 numbers. For instance, if the number is 1-800-555-5555, you would dial 001-880-555-5555.Aug 4, 2017
  4. Just Google it.. You can call 1 800 numbers. You have to change the 800 number..
  5. This guy must be really bored if all he can think of to do is ask Walmart to plant trees..so the birds have somewhere to sit when they crap all over the cars...
  6. That article has been posted every where, If you read other web boards they are posting that particular article is fake.. There is no doubt that Covid19 is increasing but it’s not as dire as that article is saying...
  7. Would anybody tell a lie on Facebook...Nooooooo
  8. I would use Dr Haro’s office.. But I believe at this time he is only open 1 day a week which I believe is Thursday.
  9. What a sad bunch of people some of you are on this board.. To say they had been drinking without knowing the facts, and you don’t know the facts... I didn’t see the accident but I was told from someone who did there were several motorcycle that appeared to be racing each other... How sad you have to post a photo of the body, Don’t you have any thought for the deceased's family... who just might be members of this board.
  10. Really think about this before you do it.... If dentures are a problem for you then go ahead do some research understand what you’re doing and go for it. if dentures aren’t a problem for you then think hard and long about what you’re going to do and the risks involved. Many will tell you implants are great.. one or two implants yes but a mouthful. It so sure.. I will say for many they are better than dentures..but for some not so good... There are 2 dentists highly recommended on this board Dr Haro and Dr B who’s name slips my mind.. Both of these are really good but expensive, if cost isn’t a problem I would use Dr Haro..
  11. I don’t what “stough ” is from a liquor store but I’m betting It’s not like the booze you can buy on the streets, that is high alcohol content booze, after drinking that booze store bought liquor wouldn’t even fizz on you...
  12. Taxation status is irreverent unless you are wealthy.. To most married couples living here I doubt it would make much of a difference unless as I said they were relatively wealthy. It might be beneficial to a single person who makes upwards of $60,000.
  13. The people that buy that stuff don’t buy legal alcohol, they buy the cheap stuff of the streets which has been readily available for years.. This just happened to be a bad batch...
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