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  1. Hi Simon, my wife and I drove from Alberta to Chapala about 5 years ago. At that time (and this is still true) we could and did buy Mexican Insurance online. However, once you leave the “Hassle Free Zone”, a Temporary Vehicle Import Permit was required for the car. I think that is still true. The government office where that could be acquired was not right at the border. We crossed at Lukeville/Sonoyta. There was another checkpoint over near Caborca where we stopped and bought the TVIP. On a 3 year old vehicle it was about $50 fee plus a deposit of $400 and the deposit was returned when we returned the TVIP on the way back north. Check the current details, but I would search on TVIP and Sonora (the State) for example. We stayed on the toll road most of the way. Tolls added up. Maybe $200 total. Many toll locations were cash only and required small denominations. TVIP was the big thing. Fears were over-blown. Average speed is likely a little lower in Mexico as the roads aren’t as good so plan less distance per day than you might in the US. I think we did the Mexico portion in about 2.5 days,
  2. Some US banks allow checks to be deposited remotely using an app on a smartphone or tablet where you take a picture of the front and back. I have used that approach for a few checks. It took about a business day for the check to be verified. That puts the money in the US bank account. Then, cash can be withdrawn at a local ATM in local currency. Not sure if that fits your situation. Just an idea.
  3. I recently drove from Lakeside to Puerto Penasco. The route is the same as going to Nogales up to Santa Ana...which is almost to Nogales. At Santa Ana you go west to get to Puerto Penasco. My total for tolls was $1728 MXP...in a car with no trailer...one way trip. As I recall there was one, or possibly two tolls on the road west of Santa Ana that are included...so those would not be required if going to Nogales, but then there may be one or two tolls between Santa Ana and Nogales. My guess is that it's about the same. I did not try any alternate means of paying...just cash in pesos...so I can't comment on other acceptable means except to say that there were signs on some of the toll booths saying they did not take dollars.
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