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  1. We eat at Curry at least once a week. The food compares favorably with what I ate in India. Even in India the food ranges from mild to hot, seemingly dependent on the region. Curry by its very nature is a blend of spices that takes ones taste buds on an adventurous journey. The food is fresh and well cooked. The staff friendly and accommodating. We are fortunate to have a place to eat that serves fresh, authentic food at such reasonable prices. And, hey folks, they owners are still experimenting and looking for direction from their audience. They do wish to please us. My recommendation is that you go there and enjoy the journey
  2. My daughter and I plan to bring things down with us during our "investigation" visits and store them in a storage unit. It will be things like linens. Can we find storage containers locally at reasonable prices? We'll be bringing them down in our suitcases, so will need plastic bins or something. We may later start leaving some clothing. What do you think? Our move is a year or two away, we just thought we would bring things along, as we plan to make 3 - 4 visits before moving.
  3. My leaf blower is also a vacuumn, so leaves are sucked up, chewed up, and spewed into a bag. Great if you have a compost heap! While I, too, don't especially like the noise, it is easier on this ole girl's back to heft the blower/vacuumn than to swish a broom. Sorry, I don't have a gardener, but maybe soon. He will like the instrument, too. I'm sure.
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