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  1. We eat at Curry at least once a week. The food compares favorably with what I ate in India. Even in India the food ranges from mild to hot, seemingly dependent on the region. Curry by its very nature is a blend of spices that takes ones taste buds on an adventurous journey. The food is fresh and well cooked. The staff friendly and accommodating. We are fortunate to have a place to eat that serves fresh, authentic food at such reasonable prices. And, hey folks, they owners are still experimenting and looking for direction from their audience. They do wish to please us. My recommendati
  2. So I'm curious, as I, too, am planning a move to your area. Why do I need a comal from US to cook? I lived on the economy in Libya a long time ago and found it easy to cook as I did in Iran in the 70's. Am I missing something when I view kitchens in the area? They all seem to come with a frig, range, oven and sometimes even a microwave. What else do I need? What do I need to plan to have shipped from Amazon?
  3. I am visiting in late December, early January and am bringing a portable concentrator. Will I have trouble entering with it? It is one that is allowed through security and on the airplane.
  4. Thanks for the info. I'll update my notebook. I am pretty familiar with the area, but it has been 9 years since my last visit! Things seem to have changed so much. Wal Mart? Dominoes Pizza? Subway? How many others. I always look forward to the fresh markets and cooking "close to the ground" when I am lakeside. My favorite restaurant is gone along with the marvelous guitarist, Roberto Cerdo, but I have a recording. He now has a guest house in another area, so maybe later we can visit there.
  5. So, the Monday market is in San Antonio, and the Wednesday market is in/near Florista. Where is the Tuesday market? Is that the organic market West Ajijic? and what market do I visit during the latter part of the week for fresh things? Can't wait to get to Lakeside. One more month for at least 2 weeks then a move in maybe another 8 months from there. Hope the Tunisian food vendor is still present, as I have lived in North Africa and enjoy their food. Just give me general directions and times for markets. I am pretty resourceful at finding things. Have a notebook of various recommendations for
  6. I am in the hills above San Antonio, USA, on hurricane watch with you. Much concerned for what is about to happen there. More concerned for those who seem to be unaware that anything is happening. Will stay on site and add my energy for as long as you are able to post --- for what that is worth. Feel helpless to help.
  7. Is the signed lease on a house proof of address, or will I need receipts for utilities?
  8. So where might be the best place to go to secure accurate cost of living info? All opinions welcomed.
  9. Ok. Mornings clarify some things. Tourist Visa allows you to bring small amount of personal things, say $300. I would say maybe bare bones pots, linens and clothing. Maybe a book or two to read. No electronics. Resedente Temporal and Resedente Permanente allow for one shipment of duty free household goods within 6 months of obtaining the visa. This requires a menaje de casa, which costs a few hundred dollars (duty free?) So, can I long-term lease an unfurnished house while still holding a tourist visa? Would I want to? Can I obtain a menaje de casa at the same time I obtain the proper visa
  10. Now I'm confused. Can we bring household goods into MX on a temporary tourist visa? Can we lease long term on a temporary tourist visa? If my daughter does not move down for a couple of years, is she eligible for a shipment of household goods? Should I secure a tourist permanante before trying to long-term lease or move household goods? When is the menaje de casa available?
  11. Can you have window screens made with a mesh small enough to keep out the pesky mosquitoes but still let in air? Are window screens expensive to install? Is mosquito netting available to hang around beds? Is it necessary? Dengue sounds absolutely awful, and I would sure prefer to avoid it.
  12. The house we are considering is about midway on Zaragoza between Alvaro Obrego'n and 5 de Febrero. We both expect some noise and can tolerate during the day but do need some hours of quiet for sleep. It is a stand alone house, so no common walls. Can't tell how close the neighbors are. We are coming from SA, TX area with large Hispanic population, so we know about loud bass and parties. Our parks are full of families picnicking every weekend. So, I think, we are somewhat acclimated to the culture, although I expect a gentleness in the Ajijic natives that seems to be lacking sometimes NOB. The
  13. We are considering a lease on a house on Zaragoza. I know the bus runs along there, but is the street cobblestone? What is the general noise level along the street?
  14. We have an opportunity for a house lease on Zaragoza street in Ajijic. The house appears to be what we are needing, but we have not actually seen it, nor do we know the area. Is this a street a bus route goes down, or is it a quiet street?
  15. Can you get windows screened with a fine mesh that the mosquitoes cannot penetrate? Do you need to sleep under netting? We are moving to lakeside and need to know these things.
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