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  1. Thanks Apoco. I'm getting lots of food for thought.
  2. Thanks Wanderer. Hopefully my crossing will be as uneventful.
  3. I've pretty much figured out all the required hoops I must jump through for my Visa and my TIP but not the pet hoops. I've read the official requirements and I've read the experiences of actual pet owners and they don't match. People arriving by autos and RVs don't have their pets contained in "carriers free of bedding and toys" as the official site requires. I haven't read of anyone arriving in MX and immediately taking their pets to an official from SANGARPA SENASICA for an Importation Certificate to verify compliance with all other requirements. Are these just suggestions and only an unlucky few must comply? Also, I've read that the US's 3 year rabies shots aren't accepted but on one site I read they are accepted now. I will be arriving in a Motorhome with two small dogs. Are there any pet import experts out there who can help me out?
  4. Nice park but Roca Azul keeps you very dependent on a car.
  5. This time of year I figured there would be more RVers heading SOB from Laredo to hook up with.
  6. Hmmmmmm. I always thought using credit cards was safer than using debit cards, in the states or in other countries.
  7. A friend visited the Phoenix MX Consulate yesterday to apply for a Temp Resident Visa and TIP. She was told the office in MX where she has to finish everything up closes for the whole month of December. I haven't read anything about that on the Lakeside forums so I thought I'd ask here. Also, my friend was told even with her one year Temp. Visa she can only get a TIP for 180 days and must return TO THE BORDER before the 180 days are up to extend the TIP. That seems contrary to everything I've read here. I hope those things are not true. Any clarifying comments appreciated. THX
  8. I'd caravan down with you but I'm not going till Spring.
  9. A friend of mine walked into the Phoenix Consolate yesterday just to ask questions and get info. He was helped immediately. Looks like it will be very easy to go through the process there when the time comes. The info he was given for income or investment requirements for a Temporary Resident Visa, updated 9/10/2015 are: "Investment receipts or bank statements showing an average monthly balance of over $21,500 UDS (12 months). OR Applicant's employment, pension or bank statement with a monthly income of over $1300 USD (6 months)." These figures are much lower than anything I've heard or read previously. : - )
  10. THX RV. No excuse for dirty clothes now.
  11. Thank you both. That's s good start.
  12. Anyone know of any Laundromats Lakeside? I'm not having any luck finding any.
  13. How much is the boat ride? And the times?
  14. I just visited my US Verizon store yesterday. With the Verizon plan and phone I have, for an additional $5.00/month I get 100 talking minutes and 100 MB of data, good for Mexico and Canada. I'll be visiting Lakeside for a week in Oct. Hopefully this will be adequate.
  15. My US bank said I can get pesos from them for the exchange rate. I`ll double check before I follow through. Plan B, get them at the airport.
  16. Sonia, was the client of yours applying for PERMENENT or TEMPORARY Residency?
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