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  1. I live in Villa Nova, two blocks from the Carretera. Our internet service with Telmex has been terrible for about the last three months. We did have a technician out a couple of months ago and he ended up giving us slower speed than we had before, which was around 8 mbps, whereas we now have 6 (not sure if mbps is correct, but I mean megabites per second). Today for example, it was very slow this morning around 11 am, as it usually is, it picks up in the afternoon, sometime we loose service altogether and have to reset the modem. In the evening we keep our fingers crossed to see if we can get through a complete episode of Netflix. As soon as Ilox gets close to us, we will subscribe and say bye bye to Telmex. Not sure if we will even keep the landline.
  2. I just tried it because I was wondering the same thing. It worked for me. Thanks.
  3. Sorry, but I don't think you know where Villa Nova is. We are in west Ajijic, just past the school with the big yellow wall. San Antonio is the other side of Walmart.
  4. Harry B. "This experiment applies to the village only". Would you happen to know if Villa Nova is considered part of "Ajijic village"?
  5. Thanks for the info re Santiago River. I have often wondered what the lake empties into.
  6. I seem to remember someone saying there was a lady in SAT on Colon who did good work for reasonable prices. I seem to remember 123 Colon, but you may have to search up and down the street. There may not be a sign for her place either.
  7. Same with me. Scotiabank ATM is working very well, except when it runs out of cash!
  8. There are actually 3 Chapala Haciendas. Two are on the left side of the highway headed towards Ajijic, while the other is on the right hand side. It appears to me from driving by, the two on the left might be more quiet, as the other one is very close to the highway.
  9. I think you mean Amutio which is next to Farm. GDL. There is no Bancomer there. It is Actinver.
  10. Have been using Teresa at the O'Rourke office on the Carretera (Centro Laguna). She has provided service for about the last 8 years for home and auto. Had claims for both and handled very efficiently. She is very personable and provides excellent customer service. Highly recommended.
  11. I pay my CFE bill using my Bancomer account and do it via my cell phone. They have an app which makes online banking much easier. Do the same with Telmex. No problems yet and have been doing for several months now. Before I used my Bancomer account via my laptop.
  12. I second the recommendation to use Skype. It is easy to download either on a laptop or ipad. Will save you a lot of hassles and cost.
  13. I second this recommendation. Unless you can arrange a well-trusted driver who will pick her up in GDL and bring her to Ajijic, then I strongly recommend staying overnight in GDL, preferably at the airport hotel, unless she can get a shuttle to a nearby hotel. There are lots along the highways before the centre of GDL.
  14. I sent something from here to Calgary. Could not trust the tracking system. The parcel eventually arrived there in about one month +/-.
  15. How do you change this for quotes for CDN dollar? Thanks.
  16. It was not days ago, it was months ago prior to the Mexican elections.
  17. Could also be related to Chapala's annual fiesta in honour of Saint Francis.
  18. Found someone to take my paint, but good to know that I can contact Maincoons in the future when I have more.
  19. Okay, will do. I think I saw reference to the Garden Guild in last week's Guadalajara Reporter.
  20. We think we may have some in the garage, but want to check first to make sure. Pretty sure we do, but some of it may be 3 years old. Most of it will be water based if that is what you are looking for. If you can send me a private message with your phone number, I will get back to you either tomorrow or early next week and we can discuss further. Thanks.
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