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  1. I believe there is a number you can use to block the messages. As "AlongTheWay" suggested, go to Telcel Customer Service and they will be able to help.
  2. I am not convinced it is. We went to the Pemex in Riberas today and they have not had any premium gas for 3 weeks. Will check other stations later today, as we still have just over 1/2 a tank.
  3. There is also a lady in San Antonio, I believe 123 Colon, who does alterations. We have used her once and were satisfied with her work. Not expensive.
  4. Well, for any of you who do decide to seek the advice of an opthalmologist, I also strongly recommend Dra. Claudia Camocha. She comes here on Wednesday from GDL and her office is above the Immigration Office, just before downtown Chapala. You usually have to book far ahead to see her, i.e. possibly 2 months.
  5. That's what Luzma told me as well and I am going with her on the 28th of February for my license.
  6. My friend used Maestro Erick Jung and after about 4 sessions was very pleased and hasn't had to return since. His address is Av. Hidalgo 44, local 213(upstairs), corner of San Jorge. The little strip mall has a few medical professionals there (including Dr. Pinto - eyes), and is on the lake side of the Carretera in Riberas del Pilar. Phone number is 376-688-1127,
  7. Alejandro painted our house in the Raquet Club in 2010, just after construction and before we moved in. He and his crew painted both the outside and inside. He and his team did excellent work and I would highly recommend him.
  8. If you want to drive a little further east, there is one in Chapala, down towards Soriana. It is almost across from the Pemex station, on the right hand side. There is a traffic light at the intersection. They did a pretty good job (it took about 30-45 minutes) on our car about 3 weeks ago and we plan on returning, now that Moyoyo has closed. They were the best!
  9. So sorry that I forgot to include the link in my first message (old age creeping up on me).
  10. I did receive an email yesterday from INM giving me a numero de pieza and a password. I believe I am supposed to follow this (the lady at INM said to check in about 10 days) to see if it has been resolved. When I checked today and it says the matter has not been resolved (my translation). So i will check as I was told to do until it shows that it has been resolved.
  11. Sorry. It is: https://www.inm.gob.mx/tramites/publico/estancia.html
  12. Since acquiring my Permanente a few years back, I moved from San Juan Cosala to Villa Nova in Ajijic. Just found out today from Immigration that when you change your residential address, they must be advised within 90 days of moving. I was way past the 90-day limit, however, when I took the papers in to them today to update my Permanente they were quite co-operative in updating my records (I had to amend the date of my move, and I don't need any smart comments on that issue). What you need to do is to go to the following website and fill out a form under "notificacion de cambio de domicilio", make a copy of it and take to them with original and copy of your passport and permanente, plus a piece of paper you must pick up from them in advance, which is basically a letter to them requesting a change of your address. They processed the electronic form for me today without any problem, and they said I should go back to the web site in about 10 days and just check to make sure the change has been made.
  13. My understanding is the same as yours. However, I will take a "wait and see" position and hope for the best.
  14. We spoke to the owner and he said he is going to try and just sell cars. If that does not work out well, he will go back to washing cars. Those were his comments of a week ago. He did say it is extremely hard to get good help when operating a car wash.
  15. My Canadian license expires in May of this year, so I must get a Mexican license. Does anyone know of someone who provides you with the service of taking you to GDL to get the license. I will have to bone up on the questions in the booklet that I picked up last year, but think I can handle the questions. Hope I don't have to take the parallel parking test, as I have not tried to parallel park in years. All comments appreciated.
  16. I have been paying our cleaning lady 70 pesos/hr since she started 3 years ago, plus a small tip if she stays a little over her 4 hours a week.
  17. Just give what you can afford-big or small, they will appreciate it.
  18. Super La Huerta has started charging for bags. If you wish a plastic bag for your groceries, it will cost you 5 pesos. I am glad everyone is finally getting on the band wagon.
  19. Another earlier post on this site makes to reference in Mexico Daily News to a totally new federal health care plan to be instituted by the new President over the next few years.
  20. The BP and Shell stations I have seen in GDL are the most expensive, at least for premium gas. I am surprised that in Ajijic all of the stations here charge less than GDL. I would have thought with the large population there and the competition, that prices would be lower than here. Go figure!!
  21. All the bazaars in town usually have books for sale, so I am sure that they would be prepared to take at least some of yours. If you have any James Patterson ones, I would gladly take them off your hands if you let me know by PM how to reach you. Thanks.
  22. I have been living here for almost 10 years now and have never been short-changed by any of the cashiers at Walmart. I find that if you treat the cashiers and baggers with respect and are friendly with them, you will not have any problems. I think the problem related to the above comments is that you people come down here and expect to be cheated by Mexicans. That is not the proper attitude. Try smiling and saying hello to them when they are checking you out and I am sure you will see a difference.
  23. Boy, this post really went off topic fast!!! I bought some a year or two ago at the small paint store just east of the Telmex office. They had quite a selection at that time.
  24. I was there yesterday and they told me next Tuesday. Anyone else been there this week?
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