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  1. Are they easy to grow here and where did you find one? Is it possible to get a cutting from one. I do not know much about growing lilies, but would love to have my own Easter lily plant. Private message me if you don't mind, with more information. Do they need to be planted in full sun, half sun, partial shade, etc. Thanks.
  2. I have had two colonoscopies at the Ajijic Hospital, and through Dr. Leon's office. The team is also from GDL. I appreciate the comments of those who prefer to have it done at a hospital in GDL, but it was my choice and I was happy with it. The first one involved removal of a polyp and Dr. Leon recommended I have another the next year, due to the size of the polyp removed, to make sure it had not grown back. After the second one at the same hospital I was given a clean bill of health and am good for another five years.
  3. I will have been here 10 years in July, and have never found an Easter lily. I also miss hyacinths, daffodils and tulips. However, we have the beautiful primavera tree (yellow), jacarandas (purple), followed by lluvia de oro (golden rain) trees, which I believe are the last Spring flower here. So I am very happy with Mexico's flowers, even though I miss the ones from Canada.
  4. We had ours installed yesterday and so far so good.
  5. Have not read all these posts, but we had Ilox installed today and I later tried to use my Strong VPN and it doesn't seem to work. Anyone out there that now has Ilox and a VPN that works with it?
  6. They were in Rancho del Oro on Saturday.
  7. When we were in the Raquet Club we used Rafael of Agua Mundo (I think that is correct name, but not positive). He is located in the same set of locales as Vinos America; he is at the east end right next to Bobby's new restaurant. He gave us excellent service. I believe he does not have any employees and is the owner/manager of the store. Also has pool supplies at his store. Very please with his service and his English is pretty good.
  8. Just out of curiosity, what is the Canadian law about Mexican plated vehicles in Canada. This is news to me and I would like to be informed. Thanks.
  9. I agree that they are not cobblestones, but I have heard they are called River Stones or River Rocks.
  10. In my humble opinion, the stones should go in the lake and we should have cement streets. Slowly Chapala is moving that way, e.g. Morelos. Have you ever driven through Tlaquepaque. What beautiful roads they have. So easy to walk and drive on. Let's forget these river stone streets. They are a thing of the past.
  11. As far as I am concerned, Telmex has had their chance to do something about better speeds and they blew it. I am fed up with their slow speeds and I don't care what they promise, I am going with Ilox.
  12. Was wondering if anyone knows whether Pablo's Garage in West Ajijic is still open. We dropped by this morning around 10:30 a.m. and it was closed.
  13. I like Strong VPN very much. However, given our slow speed here in Villa Nova, 6 mpbs, when two of us are streaming at the same time, and one is on VPN as well, it slows down everything tremendously. Once we get fibre optics I am sure I will use VPN more.
  14. We have always used Zeta Gas since we moved here in 2009 and have never had any problems.
  15. You are very generous and it sounds to me like they are a bit greedy.
  16. My friend showed me some comments re Ilox on Facebook and they obviously do not keep their site up to date. The comments, however, were not favourable. So if you can find them on Facebook, please read comments.
  17. My friend has a large curved monitor that he is selling. I am wondering how you plan to mount it. His has a desktop mount and it is approximately 49" and he is asking 21,000 pesos. If you want to explore further please send me a message.
  18. There is also one in West Ajijic, where the two military command posts used to be located, in a building right next to what looks like a soccer field on the mountain side of the Carretera. Apparently it is unmanned, so you just take your bag of stuff and leave it there, and presumably it gets dealt with sometime in never never land.
  19. The recycling centre is where the military set up two posts quite a few years back. You can't miss it. It is on the mountain side of the Carretera going west, quite a bit before you reach Piedra Barrenada. You will see a building with trash outside in bags. There is what looks like a soccer field right next to the building. The last I heard was there is no one there and you just leave your recyclable material there in bags or boxes. I hope they improve the situation there in the future.
  20. I got roja from the Pemex near Soriana yesterday. Good luck. We tried elsewhere recently without luck.
  21. It has been very slow in Villa Nova now for the last two weeks. Goes out frequently. I can't wait for Ilox either.
  22. CFE poles are usually made of cement, whereas telephone poles are wooden.
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