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  1. Dra. Angelica Andana off the Carretera in Mirasol, near the gym.
  2. Alejandro and his team do excellent work. He will also drop by to see your chair first and give you an estimate.
  3. There is a furniture store next to Sunrise Cafe on the Carretera in San Antonio (can't think of the name). They have good quality furniture. There is another called San Francisco in Chapala on the SE corner of Francisco Madero and Hidalgo, right as you enter Chapala. May not be as good quality as the one in SAT but passable. Otherwise, try any of the local bazaars. Good idea to rent Air BNB and have a good look around first.
  4. She said it's a small yard so that most likely won't matter.
  5. Try the one in Chapala. The Director there is from the Ajijic branch. I have had better service there.
  6. I think the address for the place on Colon in SAT is 123.
  7. Take them to the Ecology Dept. at City Hall in Chapala. They also take old batteries as well.
  8. Yes, but I can imagine using my cloth bag 131x or more. I have used mine for years before they wore out.
  9. Ours in Villa Nova was out this morning. Came back on just around lunch time but the speed was not fast enough to open Amazon Prime. Right now I have 63 Mbps on my laptop and 32 on my cell phone.
  10. I agree totally. Ajijic is in a mess as far as maintenance is concerned. Someone has to speak to the Delegation representative and if that does not work, send a delegation of people to meet with the Mayor of Chapala. Any work that has been done recently in Ajijic has been funded or led by expats. As long as this keeps up, Chapala will just sit back and say "let the expats do it".
  11. Try emailing noc@mail.ilox.mx. Every time we have had a problem with service outages, I have always received an answer.
  12. I support you as well insofar as Luzma Grande is concerned. She helped me get my first Mexican driver's license. It was a breeze with her being there.
  13. I think that the only time when it becomes an issue is when the owner of the lot/house wants to sell the property. Then he/she/they have to pay up past dues to the Fracc. I believe it is up to the Notary to check this out and ensure that all unpaid dues are paid before closing, securing a certificate from the Fracc. stating that all dues are up-to-date. When we bought a lot in the Raquet Club many years ago, the owner was behind in dues and had to pay up before the closing of the transaction occurred. I had heard at subsequent meetings of the owners in the RC that they were having their lawyers take the worst offenders to court to obtain payment, and were quite successful in obtaining a lot of $$$ in past dues. If it is a small Fracc. though, it may be more difficult, because lawyers are expensive and fees may go up as a result of the process.
  14. There is a men's clothing store in Centro Laguna (across from Walmart). They are down near the Cinespace theatre. Have not been inside, just looked in the window. They have good Mexican clothing store in GDL called Pavilion's. They are on Calle Revolucion, not too far from the Centro of GDL. Sorry I don't have the address. Try googling.
  15. Ilumina in San Antonio has some ceiling fans. The owner of this store has another store further east (I can't remember the name). If you don't find anything at Ilumina (they are right next to Sunrise Restaurant on the Carretera (lake side), then ask whoever is behind cash about that other store. Think it is in Riberas.
  16. He was here to change our filters yesterday. Said he is very busy. It is basically a one-man show, with someone supposedly in the office to answer the phone and take appointments.
  17. I updated to Windows 10 about a year ago, +/-. I have never had any problems with it, and I don't seem to get notices of updates. Does Windows 10 do updates automatically when it re-loads when I close and restart my computer, which is about once a week. I don't get any messages saying "wait" it is updating? When my computer became really slow, I reset it and was very happy with the results. Windows gave me a list of the applications I should re-load and it has been working very well since. My computer is 5 or 6 years old, and is a Toshiba.
  18. I agree. I was reluctant to upgrade to Windows 10, but when I did I have not had any problems in the 2 or 3 years that I have been using it. My next laptop will be an Apple.
  19. The chocolate at Panaderia Scandinavia was supplied by the fellow (forget his name) whose shop was located in the set of locales in West Ajijic, starting with Ancla, then Jitomates and then the chocolate shop. He said he was looking for a buyer of his business because there was not enough business. His chocolates are wonderful, and if he has not yet gone out of business, I think you should be supporting him as well.
  20. Forgive me moderators for putting this question on the wrong forum and thanks for moving it.
  21. I guess everyone on this thread has not heard that the Chapala Tianguis has been relocated temporarily to outside Cristiania Park, not far from the east end of the Chapala Malecon. I think it will be there for about 6 weeks while they are doing water and sewer line repairs on the street that is usually located, not far from Soriana. It does really help to be on the Gobierno de Chapala Facebook site to keep up with what's going on, especially in Chapala.
  22. There are 3 Thai restaurants in Ajijic that I know of, Simply Thai, Pian and Tepetate. I am just wondering for those that enjoy good Thai food, which of these do the prefer, or others if there are any. Thanks.
  23. I second Beto Munoz of El tempisque. He has done work for us. Very reasonable prices, good workmanship and on time.
  24. We have had Ilox now for about 3 months and are very happy with it. We have phone and internet at the same cost as Telmex, i.e. 599 pesos per month. Internet download speeds vary between 45-90 Mbps. Before, with Telmex, we were getting 6 . I don't pay much attention to uploads, as I hardly ever upload anything. Their office is located behind the restaurant Scallions, which is on the lake side of the Carretera and Revolution. After signing up, we had it installed within a month or so.
  25. I second M & J, but agree, poor location unless, of course, you live in the village.
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