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  1. Arroyos

    Mercado Libre Experience

    Bisbee Gal - I am glad you had better luck than I had. I have ordered all sorts of minor things from them and never had a problem, however, there was never need to return anything.
  2. Arroyos

    Mercado Libre Experience

    I ordered an air cooler early in the new year. When I started to have problems with it and let them know by email, never had a response from them. Emailed again and the same thing. So I would not buy any large or expensive items from them in the future that might require a return, so I would be leary about ordering an iphone. I would go to BestBuy in GDL and get their 2-year additional guarantee. Have done this in the past and never had a problem with anything that went wrong with a particular item bought there. They always gave good service and replaced with a new item if they could not fix.
  3. Arroyos

    Mexican Driver's License

    There is a book with all the questions and answers called "Guia para el Examen Vial". The web link in the booklet shows http://semov.jalisco.gob.mx. That site might indicate where to get the book. Otherwise, if you are a member, perhaps check with Lake Chapala Society.
  4. I have been down here full time since July 2009 and cannot get private insurance here because of an existing condition. So I have been paying as I go and have had a couple of hospital stays and a few minor surgeries. I find that the cost is not overwhelming, but I do realize that if I do get seriously sick it could cost a lot of money. So if you are a 6-monther here, which from your comment above indicagtes, I would suggest just paying as you go and if anything serious arises then get back to Canada for treatment as quickly as you can. Medical evac. insurance might be worthwhile, but you will have to decide that.
  5. Arroyos

    Bottled water

    Instead of buying bottled water and thus putting more plastic into our already polluted world, why not have either an under-the-sink filtration system installed or a whole-house filtration system. The latter means you are also filtering the water you shower with. I have a whole-house system as it was here when I bought the house. It costs 800 pesos for a carbon and sediment filter every six months, and 900 pesos once a year for the UV bulb. Don't know what the filter costs for the under-the-sink system.
  6. Arroyos

    INAPAM card

    I gave up on this a long time ago.
  7. Arroyos

    Ticket infraction radar photo

    Sorry folks, I forgot to put down the link. Please excuse me. https://gobiernoenlinea1.jalisco.gob.mx/vehicular/index.jsp
  8. Arroyos

    Ticket infraction radar photo

    The link below will show you whether you have any infractions against your vehicle. Is good to check every month or so, depending upon how many times you go to GDL. If you just drive around Lakeside, you will know when you get a ticket from the officer that gives it to you. On this website, all you have to do is put in the number of your license plate and the last five numbers of the serial number of your car. Hope this helps.
  9. Arroyos

    Humidity levels

    As Johanson stated, it is more humid here in the rainy season than in dry season. I don't find it any more humid than other years. In the winter it can be 20% or lower. Right now on my hygrometer is fluctuates between 60-65 percent. I am sure in Puerto Vallarta it is more like 80-90%
  10. Arroyos

    Pet Peaves

    After reading all these, including my own, my only comment is: isn't it wonderful to live in Mexico. I wonder if we all gripe as much back in our own respective countries!! I bet we gripe more.
  11. Arroyos

    Pet Peaves

    Not that it will do any good, but I agree with all of these, although I must admit that I occasionally enter through the Walmart exit door. If you haven't done so already, perhaps you should post this on some of the Ajijic Facebook sites; I bet more people would see it. (Mexpat Chapala; Gringos Ajijic, etc.).
  12. Arroyos

    Magnesium Bis-glycinate 200

    I do eat bananas regularly as well as drink at least 2 litres of water per day. So will try the other suggestions as well. Thanks for all your comments. Much appreciated.
  13. I was in Canada recently and my sister told me she has recently been taking the above over-the-counter drug and has found it really helps with lessening cramps in the legs. I looked up on the internet and could not find the same drug. Many magnesium glycinates, but none with the bis in front. Has anyone come across it down here or something similar that relieves cramps generally in the body, but especially in the legs and feet during the cold weather. I think it has something to do with my age as I am a little over 70. Thanks.
  14. All the wonderful sounds of Mexico. I agree that all people thinking of moving here should be shown this video. I don't mind the noise and would appreciate a drop in traffic if less expats lived here.
  15. Arroyos

    Scotia Bank ATM

    What if one does not have a Twitter account and does not wish one. Is there an email address?? For Scotiabank cardholders, if you have to use another machine to obtain, advise Scotiabank and they will refund you the fee from the other machine. I believe I saw this on this forum some time ago. Have not had to try yet though. I find the access to this machine not a problem if you are heading east. I try to avoid going if travelling west, but is still possible using Walmart lot.