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  1. They also have an app for iphone, but for me it cost $3.99 CDN.
  2. I don't remember seeing it and am usually on this Board every day. I used to have an account with Monex. I am now glad that I don't any more, and I didn't lose any money while I did have the account.
  3. I use Tasedan, 2mg. Was recommended by Dr. Leon. It works for me. Tried Melitonen (sp?) and it didn't work for me.
  4. Here is another. The Raptors beat the hell out of the Golden Warriors last night. The first two quarters had me convinced the Raptors were going to lose, but boy did they bounce back in the last two. Go Raptors Go!!!
  5. Re the above message. The place in Joco that has concrete pavers (and we have bought some there) is located on the left side of the road as you are driving into Joco. If you keep a lookout once you have passed the Pemex station on the right-hand side, you should see the store on the left side and they usually have a few pavers near the sidewalk (banqueta). Hope this helps.
  6. A friend recently sent me this information on current fines for traffic offences. These have increased dramatically in the past few months, so be aware. Sorry, too long a list to provide translation but sure you can find on google translate. 1.- Por estacionarse en Línea Amarilla $715.00 2.- Estacionarse en lugar exclusivo de Bomberos $3,440.00 3.- Estacionarse en doble fila $3,440.00 4.- Por obstruir cochera $1,136.00 5.- Estacionarse sobre la banqueta $3,440.00 6.- Estacionarse en espacios designados para personas con discapacidad $3,440.00 7.- Abandonar vehículo por fallas mecánicas $2,048.00 8.- Repara vehículos en la vía pública $2,048.00 9.- Poner objetos fuera de nuestra casa para apartar estacionamiento $2,389.80 10.- Estacionarse en intersección de calle $715.00 11.- circular con luces apagadas después de las 7 PM $2,799.48 12.- Utilizar o circular con faros distintos a los de fábrica $2,048.00 13.- Circular sin luces de frenado $4,779.60 14.- Parabrisas roto o estrellado que dificulte la visibilidad $2,779.48 15.- No contar con limpiaparabrisas $1,024.20 16.- No contar con espejos retrovisores o laterales $1,024.20 17.- No contar con llanta en buen estado $1,024.20 18 - Portar topes o tumbaburros $2,040.40 19.- Transitar con el vehículo en malas condiciones mecánicas $1,024.20 20.- No contar con extintor $682.80 21.- No portar llanta auxiliar $1,024.20 22.- No contar con señalización de emergencia $4,086.80 23.- Utilizar polarizados $2,048.40 excepto los permitidos 24.- Uso de Perifoneo. Trompetas de sonido $1,775.28 25.- Uso de pantalla o celular a la vista del conductor $1,911.74 26.- Transportar a un menor de 12 años en asientos delanteros $2,048.40 27.- No utilizar cinturón el piloto o copiloto $3,414.00 28.- No ceder el paso a los peatones $3,072.60 29.- No ceder el paso a menores de edad $3,414.00 30.- Pasarse la luz preventiva $4,438.20 31.- Pasarse la luz roja $4,779.00 Hay que extremar precauciones.
  7. Spanish would definitely be an asset in SJC. You don't have to be fluent but a general knowledge of the language would be helpful especially if you are living and shopping in the town.
  8. Make sure you get on the bus marked "directo" otherwise it may make stops along the way, especially at Ixtualacan (sp???).
  9. Well, the bank representative told me I had a chequing account, although I was under the impression I had cancelled that some time ago and reverted back to a savings account. Writing cheques in Mexico is very difficult as I had many rejected, so that is why I went back to a savings account. What put me off was the 4000p minimum balance with no interest and when I mentioned this to the rep. he suggested just getting a basic account which has no minimum balance. Since it was opened I have not deposited anything into it yet. You had better ask at the bank about depositing cheques. I never do that so do not have the answer. Sorry.
  10. I recently changed my Bancomer account to a basic account; the rep. told me I had a chequing account and that was why I had to keep the minimum 4000p balance. There is no minimum required on a basic account.
  11. Our Telmex line was not cut by Ilox. However, when we did renovations to our house approx. 4 years ago, we had work done to our main telephone line using a conduit so that phone, satellite and internet all came in at the same place. This made it extremely easy for the installer of Ilox to get us set up. He was here less than 1 hour, where I have heard comments that installation took around 4 hours. So I guess it depends how your telmex line is installed currently. I still don't understand why they would have to cut the Telmex line.
  12. I have had three done through Dr. Leon's office. His office arranges a team to come from GDL on Saturday mornings and they perform the procedure in the Ajijic Hospital. You are totally sedated so feel nothing. Yes the prep. the day before is the worst part, but you can't avoid it. I seem to recall that my last one cost somewhere around 5000 pesos. A previous one showed a polyp which was removed and analyzed for 500 p. The new San Antonio Hospital is new and is bound to cost more than existing places.
  13. My recommendation is for Dra. Claudia Camocho, however, I read somewhere on this forum that she having another baby and may be on pregnancy leave at the moment. She is the best opthamologist here.
  14. I think it is time to start a new thread, if that is what is is called, as this one is getting very long. We have had Ilox now for approximately a month a half. We live in Villa Nova and are very happy with the service. We are getting between 45-100 Mbps consistently. Have not tried it yet with my VPN but will eventually. There was an outage the latter part of this week and we were without service for about 4 hours in early evening. I emailed Ilox (don't bother phoning as if Ilox is down and you don't have a Telmex line then you are out of luck. I used the noc@blablabla address and believe it or not I had a response from them in less than half an hour saying that they were having problems in Ajijic and that our service would be reconnected asap. In 2-4 hours later we had service back. They are new and I expect a few breaking-in problems. However, we have to give them a chance. They are new here and Telmex has been here for years, with IMO, lousy customer support and service.
  15. I hope the Shaw people don't read this board, because it is illegal to use Shaw down here, although most experts do. I thought the only person that could activate a receiver was the owner of the Shaw contract. That has been my experience with the last two people I used to get the Shaw service.
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