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  1. We have had for several months now and love it. Absolutely no comparison with Telmex.
  2. Pete, For accuracy, Channel 094 is the CTV News Network and 096 is the CBC New Networks. These are national news services, as opposed to the local CBC and CTV channels.
  3. I think what you want is called Maya Sombra in Mexico. It comes in different strengths of shade, based on your desire. We have only bought in GDL in the centro historico. I am sorry but I don't remember the street name, but it runs off Juarez which is one of the main shopping streets in downtown GDL, which runs towards Independencia, and if I recall correctly if you take it all the way down you come into Plaza Liberacion. So as I think about this, if you go to Teatro Degollado, and head a couple of blocks over to the west, you will find the street. It is on the west side, and there other commercial stores all around it. It is a hardware store, but they usually have some of the Maya Sombra out close to the street. You will have to give them the measurements and they will install the eyelets so you can have it installed by someone here, or yourself if you are handy. Hope this helps.
  4. Anybody else going to take their ballot to the Canadian Consulate. I saw the above message to list and missed the boat. If anyone else is going, could you send me a PM and we can arrange to meet so I can give you mine to take along. Thanks very much. I am in Villa Nova.
  5. If you have to get one in GDL, I used Luzma Grande as a facilitator. She is very good at her job. I don't have her phone number, but she posts on Facebook for Ajijic Real Estate as she works there. You can always call there and ask for her cell number.
  6. When we drove by the restaurant this morning just before 9am, the restaurant and other locales in that strip mall were all closed.
  7. I think an Ajijic Archives page is a wonderful idea.
  8. LOL for your excellent spelling Mike.
  9. My friend has used Dr. Jung on two occasions and has been very satisfied with the service he received.
  10. Well, wouldn't you know, last night it finally worked. We also watch without VPN for both Prime Video and Netflix.
  11. Anyone who just needs foot nails trimmed - there is a 'podologo' in Chapala on the lake side just before you get to Madero. He used to be on the corner of the building (ground floor), but is now located one or two locales towards Madero. Keep your eye out for his sign in the window.
  12. Good to know from a resident of Chapala. Then I just say I would like to see them in the village of Ajijic.
  13. For the last two evenings in a row we have been unable to open Prime Video, and yet during the day we can. Tried contacting Prime Video directly, but they told me they could not help as our settings to Prime were through Amazon.mx and we would have to contact them. Well, after spending almost half an hour trying to do it, I gave up. Has anyone else had that problem and found a solution to it? We are able to open Netflix at night so I don't think it is an internet problem, but must be a Prime problem. Any help would be appreciated. By the way, we have Ilox high-speed internet.
  14. I am already registered. They told me that once the election writ was dropped, that my voting kit would be sent to me by courier. I seem to recall them saying that there would be enclosed a return waybill so it can be sent back to them by courier.
  15. So glad the Transitos are doing their job. They could make so much more revenue for the municipality by enforcing the traffic laws, especially in Ajijic. You never see Transitos in the village of Ajijic (or Chapala for that matter). They could make a ton of money there with parking spaces taken up by boxes or whatever else the owners of the businesses put out to prevent parking. I just wish they would also crack down on the use of cell phones while driving. We see so many people driving around lakeside with the damn phone either stuck to their ear, or the driver's head down looking at it. Just my little rant.
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