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  1. Saw a notice that the Ajijic recycle pick up by zone starts February 18th. We're between Revolution and Colon so will have recycling on Mondays ….
  2. I read on a Facebook page that the truck that they use for recycling has broken down and will take a day or two to be repaired....
  3. I contacted the Canadian Government - and NO a Canadian who still is considered a resident of Canada (regardless of their Mexican status) can not drive a Mexican manufactured and plated car in Canada. Here's the email trail - start at the bottom. Even if the vehicle was manufactured in the U.S. you have 30 days to import it into Canada and transfer the plates, etc. to which ever province you're in …. You may not get stopped at the border, but if you're ever in an accident, you aren't insured because you're illegally driving the vehicle. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ From: Motor Vehicle Safety / Securité des véhicules automobiles [mailto:MVS-SA@tc.gc.ca] Sent: January 31, 2018 10:10 AM Subject: RE: Canadian driving Mexican plated car in Ontario Unfortunately no, as Canadian citizens it would not be possible to enter with the vehicle into Canada. Thank you, Anita L. Information Centre/Centre d'information Transport(s) Canada Motor Vehicle Safety/Sécurité des véhicules automobiles 1-800-333-0371 or (613) 998-8616 MVS-SA@tc.gc.ca From: Sent: Tuesday, January 30, 2018 2:58 PM To: Motor Vehicle Safety / Securité des véhicules automobiles <MVS-SA@tc.gc.ca> Subject: RE: Canadian driving Mexican plated car in Ontario Hi, We were not thinking of leaving the car in Canada or changing the registration on the car bought in Mexico. We would like to leave it registered as a Mexican car and just drive it in Ontario for 7 months a year. As Canadian residents is this possible ? From: Motor Vehicle Safety / Securité des véhicules automobiles [mailto:MVS-SA@tc.gc.ca] Sent: January 30, 2018 2:09 PM Subject: RE: Canadian driving Mexican plated car in Ontario Importation - Vehicles less than 15 years of age and bus manufactured before January 1, 1971 purchased in countries "other than the United States Thank you for contacting Transport Canada. Buses manufactured before January 1, 1971 purchased in countries "other than the United States" are not admissible. The information below will explain the limitations. Vehicles including buses manufactured for sale in countries other than Canada and the United States, do not comply with the requirements of the Canada Motor Vehicle Safety Act, CANNOT be altered to comply and thus CANNOT be imported into Canada. That is because the Canadian Motor Vehicle Safety Act and Regulations require that all vehicles and buses imported into Canada must comply, at the time of importation, with the Canada Motor Vehicle Safety Standards in effect on the date the vehicle was manufactured. Therefore, the vehicle you are describing was sold in another country, hence certified by the manufacturers to standards of the country where it was sold. The vehicle was never certified by the manufacturer to Canadian standards at the time of assembly. Exceptions to the import restrictions from countries other than the United States When Canada Border Services Agency requirements are met, the following circumstances allow people to import vehicles purchased in a country other than the United States: the vehicle is a regulated class of vehicle fifteen (15) years old or older as determined by the month and year the vehicle was manufactured. the vehicle is a bus manufactured before January 1, 1971. the vehicle does not belong to a regulated class of vehicle under the MVSA. the vehicle meets all MVSA requirements, and was acquired NEW abroad via a manufacturer’s foreign buyer program for Canadians abroad (proof of compliance is required). the vehicle meets all United States requirements and acquired NEW abroad via a manufacturer’s foreign buyer program for North-American buyers abroad (additional restrictions apply). the vehicle is a returning Canadian compliant vehicle originally owned in Canada (proof of compliance is required). the vehicle is a returning United States compliant vehicle originally owned in the U.S. (additional restrictions apply). To summarize, when a vehicle or bus is sold in a foreign market other than the United States, it's assembled to specific standards for that market. This creates an automatic exclusion for importation into Canada because these standards at the time of assembly are not Canadian or U.S. compliant, and there are no provisions in the law that allows for these vehicles to be modified to meet our standards. For additional information, please reply to this e-mail or contact us by phone at 1-800-333-0371. Information Centre, Motor Vehicle Safety Transport Canada / Government of Canada MVS-SA@tc.gc.ca / Tel: 1-800-333-0371 / TTY: 1-888-675-6863 Centre d’information, Sécurité des véhicules automobiles Transports Canada / Gouvernement du Canada MVS-SA@tc.gc.ca / Tél. : 1-800-333-0371 / ATS : 1-888-675-6863 Sent: Tuesday, January 30, 2018 9:07 AM To: Motor Vehicle Safety / Securité des véhicules automobiles <MVS-SA@tc.gc.ca> Subject: Canadian driving Mexican plated car in Ontario Hello, We are Canadian residents, but winter (5 months) in Mexico , we’re thinking of buying a car which would be licensed and insured in Mexico and would like to drive it back each spring and drive it in Ontario for the other 7 months. I can only find information on temporary or visitors driving a foreign plated car or a Canadian driving a US rented car in Canada, There is nothing specific about a Canadian Resident driving a foreign plated car. Virus-free. www.avg.com
  4. they do weed out "fake accounts" so if you haven't used your facebook page much, have no friends, etc. or don't seem to have any relationship to the Lakeside area they may not accept you. I recommend that you post a couple of photos of Lakeside only to your friends (even if you only have a couple).
  5. We received our temporary visa last year and want to renew them for 3 years. How long does it take at the office in Chapala from the time the paperwork is submitted?
  6. A rather alarmist title for this topic. It's shocking and sad, my husband use to work at the intersection and walk along there to go for lunch, so this hits close to home. But as the Chief of Police said, "while it's early days, they don't believe that it was an act that would be of a national security concern (I,e, a not a foreign influenced or religious fanatic attack). Here's a good column from the Toronto Star by Rosie DiManno. It does sum up how I think a lot of Torontonians feel, and maybe we are nieve. Their first assumption when hearing about it was that it wasn't intentional, maybe someone having a heart attack???, that we're relieved that the attacker was arrested, and not shot (even though it may have been a suicide by cop situation), that terrorism isn't just carried out by religious fanatics. Toronto will rally around, we'll wait to see what the motive was. This morning they said on the CBC that he was an awkward young man, he was a student in Computer Science at a local College (and it's exam time). https://www.thestar.com/opinion/star-columnists/2018/04/23/toronto-van-tragedy-bonds-city-in-blood-but-no-one-will-say-the-word-terrorism.html I may get thumped for this but when something like this happens I'm glad that people's first thought were that it wasn't intentional, do you remember your first reaction on 911 to the first plane going into the tower? That it must have been an accident???, mine was " wonder if it was a traffic reporting plane", and now when we hear of something like this happening in Britain, France, or the USA, our first thoughts are "I hope it's not a terrorist or religious fanatic". Toronto is a little nieve, but I hope we can stay that way.
  7. And be careful after heavy rains, in Ajijic everything that is on the streets gets washed down into the lake. We have the same issue at home (Canada) in the tourist/beach area we live in. During heavy rains the rain water comes off the farmers' fields, etc. into the river and it ends up in the lake and the Ecoli levels go up for a couple of days.
  8. how old is the plumbing and can you flush (small amounts) of toilet paper? can you turn on the microwave without the lights dimming? If you want satellite TV is there a good spot for it pointing South and a little East? Is there a pressure tank for the water or does to flow using gravity from a tank on the roof? Are there ceiling fans in each room (or at least an electric box to put one)
  9. Anyone know what's happening at the old Number 4? The place is being cleaned out and the outside walls are being painted. I asked the painters if it was a new restaurant (in Spanish) but got a" no" . My Spanish isn't good enough to ask if they knew what was happening ....
  10. We try and have direct phone numbers for all of the 1-800 type phone numbers we might need to call in Canada, that way we call them directly with no charge. Sometimes we get caught down here and I have to email or have a life online "chat" with them to get a non toll-free number.
  11. When I google Walden Farm and Mexico I get "WalMart". Does anyone know if the Walmart carries the products or are they available somewhere else?
  12. yes, you can open an bank account with a tourist visa, but you have to show proof of residency with your name and an address on it, something like an electric bill and if I remember from two years ago as a foreigner we had to show our passport and declare that we weren't American citizens (we have to do this in Canada too as there are implications for all banks having Americans opening bank accounts)
  13. I filled it out, but one thing - the survey portion rating from 1 -6 doesn't actually show which button is 1 and which is 6 (at least on my computer and operating system). I assumed that 6 was the one om the far right
  14. We're from Ontario and have the same process as peteben. we opened an account with Bancomer on a tourist visa, but you have to have something like an electricity bill with your name and address on it. We use XE.com to do the transfer of Canadian Dollars from our Credit Union in Canada to pesos into the Bancomer branch on the Ajijic Plaza. The offer a good exchange rate and a low handling fee, Electronic transfers or wire transfers are much more expensive. They're fine for a large one time transfer (Like transferring the payment when purchasing a property), but for monthly expenses, XE.com is a reliable, cheap method. Our Property Manager/Contractor has his own Bancomer Account and we can transfer money from our account to his. Just an aside... we use a Marriot Credit card when we're down there. They only charge the exchange rate, they don't add a handling fee on top of each purchase (our RBC credit card adds an additional 2%).
  15. we bought one for our cottage - it was a great way to get a queen mattress up anodd set of stairs, and it was very comfortable. We sold the mattress with the cottage
  16. On a safety note, don't put the mixture back in the syrup bottle, just in case someone grabs it for pancakes by mistake. Put it in a difference container and clearly make it in Spanish and English.
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