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  1. I know of Rotary Clubs in other areas in Mexico who are outfitting paramedic/first responder motorcycles. They carry the what they need for the preliminary response and can quickly respond, including situations in villages when the street is blocked by a propane truck, or the more remote areas where the roads make truck traffic difficult. They can zip through the traffic. Also much cheaper to operate so there can be several in an area, with a true ambulance only called out when needed,
  2. Scotties is on until Sunday …. . Jennifer Jones thumped Team Canada yesterday .If we were at our Ajijic house this winter I'd invite you all over. I would suggest that you contact the Canadian Club and see if anyone who has Shaw is having a party, as you're unlikely to get it in any of the sports bars in the area.
  3. According to the Canadian government … currently, a vehicle manufactured in Mexico for Mexico does not meet the safety standards in Canada and CAN NOT be imported/registered in Canada. A Canadian resident (for tax Canadian tax purposes, not where they actually live) CAN NOT legally drive a foreign plated car in Canada even for a short period of time. Your insurance company will be more than happy to take your money but if you're in an accident you likely won't be covered.... your policy small print likely says something about the car has to be legal in the jurisdiction that it's being driven in. You can not buy insurance for something that is illegal. The new NAFTA may change this in that cars manufactured for the Mexican market may now have to meet Canadian/USA safety standards, but the existing Mexican cars will never meet the current Canadian safety standards, so will likely never be legal in Canada. So basically if you're a Canadian and own a Mexican manufactured and plated care and you want to drive in Canada rent or borrow a car.
  4. I was the one that called the Canadian Government and posted the email trail. And NAFTA 2.0 (as we Canadians call it ) won't change the fact that any car that has already been produced in Mexico won't meet Canadian safety standards, You can always call the Canadian Government to ask them for an update, the contact info is in the emails I copied in. My question is - do you really want to be driving a vehicle in Canada that "might" be legal (personally I think it would be illegal), and risk not being covered by insurance if you're involved in an accident. Why risk it ?
  5. This that use Shaw (yes we want the Canadian Stations) do you have a list of what the numbers for the channels that work down here, I hate to reinvent the wheel if someone has already done this.
  6. Does anyone have a list of the new Shaw Line up and which stations are actually available Lakeside. We had a list of the old line up, and don't want to have to go through that again of someone has a list already. TIA
  7. $1000.00 USD/month during the high season of December - February is not high. for a year long lease yes …..
  8. Our fridge's ice maker also uses the household water which has gone through the UV, sediment and Charcoal filters ….
  9. We are flying from Guadalajara through Mexico City to Toronto. We have our Temporary Visas. Do we go to the immigration kiosk at the Guadalajara Airport or do we go to the immigration office at the Mexico City Airport. If it's in the Mexico City Airport - where is the kiosk?
  10. haven't been on this page for a couple of days, interesting twist on my comment when I said "canned" I should have said "processed". At our stores back in Canada the aisles holding canned/processed food have been reduced …. canned soups, vegetables/fruit and things like beefaroni have been reduced, there use to be 30-40 types of Campbells soup and there now may be 15, there are more dried soups like Knorrs….. they take up a lot less space on the shelves. The huge growth that I see in packaged things is the plastic coffee pods ..
  11. The selection of Campbell's soup in Canada has decreased too. People aren't buying "canned" goods
  12. Has everyone put a complaint on the Facebook Page ? a very good public place to complain !
  13. With the Canadian Federal Election less than 40 days away you can register to vote by mail. You'll need to figure out how to get the kit here in time, or have it delivered to the Canadian Consulate in Guadalajara. Here are the instructions https://www.elections.ca/content2.aspx?section=svr&dir=app&document=page-f&lang=e
  14. We painted the exterior wall, gate, etc - the one on the street of our place what we call "Ajijic Dust" colour … it really doesn't show the dust. It's very neutral, but always looks fresh. We have neighbours who painted the same wall a bright colour with black gates/doors and it always looks dusty and a bit neglected . If I was living in the house full time and I could dust it daily I might paint it a brighter colour, …
  15. Make sure that they know the rules in Jaliso (posted on this web site) before they take to the roads.
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