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  1. Bought at best buy NOB. 89 dollars. TOM TOM. Works fine and brings you everywhere.
  2. Hi Joyfull.


    tell your friend to try Dr. Claudia Camacho. I had my eyes done with her and she is the best ophthalmologist i have gone to:) 

    Hope your friend will get better soon.

    Thanks for sharing this story. I also had bad experience with Dr. Rios before I went to Dr. Claudia. He is very rough and does not really care about the patient. But thank god I did not do the surgery with him!!!

    Have a good evening.

  3. I had surgery with Dr Claudia Camacho. Amazing Doctor. Amazing Treatment. The best ophthalmologist i have visited. her tel: 765 7777
  4. i agree to mikechapala.... had cataract surgery with Dra Camacho. AMAZING treatment. Outcome great...
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