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  1. Did you really buy a Hoverboard and then USE the thing?! I was checking to see if you're still alive and am relieved to see you posted two hours ago!

  2. I need cabinets too, as the OP says not fancy but good. Can someone give me a ballpark figure of cost? In the US that is figured on a "10x10" installation. Thanks.
  3. My neighbor seems to be having a mental breakdown. Since his wife left about a month ago he's been getting worse, and this morning he is acting very strange. A day or two ago he hinted at suicide to my roommate. Are there any mental health resources available in the area? He is Mexican and I don't want to get him in trouble, landing in jail or locked in a psych ward or something. I also do not want to get involved with him, but I would like to direct him towards help if there is any. Maybe a priest? I have no idea how things work here.
  4. Thanks, we'll give it a try!
  5. I was a little put off by that too, because quite a bit of work and money go into a good meatloaf. Contrary to popular opinion, unless all you're adding is a lot of stale bread, meatloaf is NOT a cheap meat extender. 25p seems fair. Karaoke, Meatloaf or not, would be a fun extra!
  6. OK, thanks for the non-answers. Why do I bother...
  7. Sadly, smoking outside seems to be common--I wish it were the other way around! Are there any places that ban smoking entirely?
  8. We went to Salvador's and had a good meal. Thanks and Merry Christmas!
  9. Thanks grc, I appreciate your help. Merry Christmas!
  10. Looking for some, a buffet would be nice but not necessary.
  11. I'm going to check out her store today, sounds great! She's on the northwest corner of Constitucion and Enc. Rosas. The link didn't work for me, maybe this will. https://www.facebook.com/Marlowes-Marvelous-Market-911290148942374/
  12. klutzy


    Rabid, ha! Yes I do notice the "argumentative" nature of the board and rarely post because of it. Anyway I hope people will try Opa! The food is very good and the owners are nice--not sure whether they both own it, or the young American man owns it and the woman cooks.
  13. klutzy


    I'm the one who first mentioned dogs. First, I had no idea allowing dogs was illegal; in fact I have seen lists of restaurants that allow them, and there are many. Second, we walked past one day and noticed Opa for the first time. We had our dog with us and asked if it was alright to bring him in. The owner said yes and then immediately asked if he'd like some water; we were very impressed with his kindness and thoughtfulness. We don't make it a habit of taking our dog to restaurants, but when we occasionally do we make sure he is under or close alongside our table and move him if necessary, j
  14. I know this isn't suitable for most folks, but chickens and especially guinea fowl love ticks. I had both for several years NOB, and the day after I stopped keeping them the ticks showed up. Both male and female guineas are noisy, but female chickens are quiet. I'd rather keep a couple of hens than spray poison.
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