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  1. My gardener has been feeding a calico colored cat in San Juan Cosalá. It did have a collar on but it was under it’s arm and cutting into the skin. My gardener got close enough to almost cut the collar totally off, but it was still hanging on by a few threads. The cat is returning to eat and the collar is completely off now (whereabouts unknown). The cat is very skittish and the gardener cannot catch it. The cat is missing the last third of it’s tail. If you think this could be your cat please call Carol 331-512-6432
  2. Found Fri, August 23, in Villa Nova Small female, light brown and white chihuahua. OWNER FOUND!
  3. FYI I have personally gone to the football field with Ellie, she does pick up her dog feces and lots of the other garbage laying around. I put my dog’s poop bag in a garbage can, the same elderly gentleman immediately came over and dumped the garbage can over, spilling the garbage on the ground. He handed me back my dog poop bag and proceeded to throw the rest of the garbage in THE LAKE. So before everyone jumps on the band wagon remember there are always two sides to the story.
  4. From Ellie: Well, once again I had the morning from hell. I took my dogs to the football field by the lake and was immediately greeted by the old guy who is suppose to keep the place clean. There was more garbage then eve,r whole field covered with torn balloons, plastic, beer bottles and cans. I felt intimidated as there were now two men there harassing me, (the old guy toting a camera), he came running across the field rocks in hand, then started throwing rocks at my dogs. He proceeded to get a long stick and was trying to hit them and me. He also started taking pictures of our altercation, (sharing only his point of view) which I am sure because of some gringos, will appear on Facebook. So before all you do-gooders attack me again, you were also mentioned in his attacks, HE TOLD ME AND HAD ANOTHER MEXICAN MAN TELL ME, THAT CANADIANS AND AMERICANS ARE NOTHING BUT FUCKERS, AND WE SHOULD ALL GET OUT OF THEIR COUNTRY! Any way , good lesson learned, I will never go to that football field again and will now without any guilt, never help poor Mexicans, sick ones, children or beggars again, the only help any one will ever get here are the animals.
  5. This is a response from Ellie, there are always two sides to every story. TO ALL THE PEOPLE WHO RESPONDED ON CHAPALAS WEBBOARD ABOUT WOMAN THROWS DOG FECES ON CARETAKER. please listen to my side of the story. On Saturday, like many other days I took my dogs to the football field to exercise. A few weeks ago when I started going there I noticed tons of garbage everywhere so brought large plastic bags and every day filled it with plastic bottles, beer botles and other items, I also collected garbage at the edge of the lake, where this man would never go. THIS caretaker harassed me the whole time I was there, following me everywhere and taking pictures of me and my dogs. He told me the day before and again on Sat that he wished that foreiners would not go there with their dogs,because THEY dont pick up after their dogs. I was so furious, tried to show him my poop bag with the poop I collected, but he would not stop to listen, so through the bag after him, unfortunately, it hit his shirt. A few older MEXICANS who are always in that park, thanked me every day for collecting the garbage. By the way the garbage I threw on the field was the garbage I collected at the lake, thought he might wanted to see what I did. By the way I could not respond on CHAPALA WEBBOARD FOR SOME REASON, SO DO HOPE THAT THOSE PEOPLE WHO SO NICELY CONDEMNED ME WILL READ THIS
  6. I have recently rescued four black lab puppies that will ready to go in a few weeks. Three males and one female, approximately 6 months old, they are being treated for Demondex mange right now and will also be neutered/spayed in a few weeks. Very loving and sweet dogs! Jake is the largest at 16k right now. Weight gain is just under 2 lbs a day currently, so I expect he will be the perfect size for you by a year of age ? Caswanink@hotmail.com
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