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  1. I ran across this article today. Apparently the older the device, the more serious the issues. But lots of installed apps crash, even if the upgrade goes OK. http://www.yahoo.com/tech/s/ios-9-comes-hate-133547485.html
  2. With Telmex service, you favor Huawei modems over Technicolor - very good to know. But for Internet service in general, what's your preference - Telmex or Telecable? Are there any other players?
  3. Thanks, RVGringo. I see that Telecable also offers Internet service (10MB?) Can anybody provide a comparison between that and Telmex's Internet? All we have here is Telmex and it's been reliable for the past 5 years but just recently it's become very frustrating - up and down numerous times per day. I'll be in Ajijic for a couple weeks the end of this month to look around but I'm trying to get as many questions answered in advance as possible.
  4. We currently live in La Paz (Baja California Sur) but we are considering a move to Lakeside. Here the most popular TV system is Dish Mexico and Sky is a distant 2nd. There's also MegaCable, but even their own installers don't recommend it! Is Dish Mexico available in Lakeside? I see a lot of posts about Telecable but so far none about Dish or Sky.
  5. My wife and I currently live in La Paz, BCS, MX but we are (seriously) considering a move to the Lakeside area. La Paz has an active Facebook community and we operate a FB page designed to connect local businesses with the English-speaking community of La Paz. Are there any Lakeside FB users or pages that you recommend?
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