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  1. Does anyone know if there is such a thing as an expedited passport replacement for a Mexican citizen? My wife has lost hers and we are supposed to leave for Canada on the 17th.
  2. Last time in PV I bought some at Farmacia Guadalajara. They were called "NiQuitin" 21mg. Haven't looked locally yet.
  3. I agree with Sue, Gustavo Marquez, he's done numerous jobs for me over the past several years and I've always been very happy with his work.
  4. Another thumbs up here for Gustavo. Have used him several times and always pleased with the work and cost.
  5. Tizzy, call my friend Blanca at 322-121-3876. She drives a newer Honda Fit, she's completely bi-lingual and a wonderful lady. She may be a little less expensive as she does this for something to do and enjoys meeting people.
  6. I have a casida available for those dates. We are located in Vista Alegre, about 3 blocks north of the mall. You can view it at: www.3dvimaging.com click on "Casa Martyn" Once the "model" loads you can click on floor 1 (bottom right hand corner) and walk around the property in 3D. Rents for$300 per week USD, includes everything but maid service. Randy Martyn email: mexpat60@gmail.com
  7. Romaro at the Chapala Country Club is very good. I believe he charges $200 pesos per hour and speaks very good English. The golf course is located about 10 KLM east of Chapala
  8. Just wanted to say Hi.

    My name is Randy Martyn.

    In my previous life, I owned Wheatland Fireplace in Regina but have been living in San Antonio (Vista Alegre) since retiring 6 years ago.

    I was happy to hear you were able to enter Canada with a Mexican plated car as I had called Transport Canada a couple of years ago and they told me a Canadian citizen could NOT bring a Mexican car into Canada.   Seemed a little strange to me so I called several times and always the same answer.

    Maybe things have changed since then.  Oh well.

    Go Riders ! 


  9. I too must cast a vote for Dr.Eloy Barragan. I had a complete make-over done by him over the course of about a year, crowns, implants, root canals, etc. Several appointments at a time, between trips back home to Canada. I too was terrified of dentists, which is why my teeth were in such bad shape, but I actually fell asleep in his chair one morning while he was doing 3 root canals on my front teeth. Highly recommend him
  10. how many bedrooms, how many baths?

  11. Here's one option for you. You can contact me through the website. (Edited by moderator to remove open posting of rental offering. These should be sent by PM to the OP only per the rules on rentals stated above. MexPat60, this time I copied and sent your posting to the OP via PM. Please do this yourself next time, thanks.)
  12. I have had Gustavo working at my place off and on for the last month. Great workmanship, respectful and hard-working crew, "5 star" in my opinion. He will be my go-to guy for all future needs.
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