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  1. Does anyone have contact info for someone who can help me. Perhaps Ariana Grande? I believe she helped us last time, but I have lost her info
  2. I need to renew my Mexican driver licence. Does anyone have contact info for someone who can help me?
  3. Anyone know where to buy koi food? My supplier in Ajijic can’t get it anymore, and my fish will soon be hungry.
  4. Anyone know where to by koi food? My regular vender in Ajijic can’t get it any more.
  5. If you want to use air jets in the hot tub, they lose a tremendous amount of heat per minute, and solar would not be able to keep up. People get around this by having a separate gas or electric heater to maintain temperature when using the hot tub, or a separate insulated high temperature hot water tank to provide supplement heat. I talked with Ron Magen at STI about a year ago, and did not go ahead at that time. It sounds as if they have some new options, and I should talk with him again.
  6. Our neighbor who had the heart attack is young, in his mid forties. I can easily offer rides for them. His son has been bringing him over twice a day to use our blood pressure monitor. It offers a good opportunity to talk a little.
  7. Our Mexican neighbor had a heart attack a few days ago, and is now home. His son is our gardener, and he also is a gardener. Can anyone offer me advice on how we can support them over the next few months? Are there ongoing services offered here for heart attack victims. They speak no English. We live in Riberas.
  8. I think the reason you do not see the robots here is economic. We have taught our gardener how to clean the pool. It takes him about 20 minutes to do it, so it costs about $1 in wages each time. At twice a week, it would take almost 10 years to pay for the robot. However, if you included the extra electrical costs, you would never pay for the robot. I am much happier to provide extra work here for the local population by using manual cleaning.
  9. I know of at least 4 places that sell rainbird products here. Is that what you are looking for? The garden centre in Riberas, Hernandez ferreteria, another place on the carretera by El Torrito, and another place up on mountainside in Ajijic. There is also a big difference in prices.
  10. I buy lomo ahumado at Tony's butcher shop. It is smoked back bacon, Mexican style, but very similar to Canadian back bacon, that we get in Canada.
  11. Maincoones, The plants I am using are water lilies, water hyacinth(lirio), water cabbage, reeds, and the miniature plant that looks like ringed black and green bamboo. Does anyone have any duckweed?
  12. I have a simpler idea. What is your pond ph? Measure it at three different times in a 24 hour period, including one at night. I was shocked to find my pond ph is 8.2, even though I am adding 6.9 water for top ups!
  13. Thanks Snowyela! I talked to him as you suggested. I asked him what was normal for Sunday? He said he was not expecting anything more for working today (Sunday). When I pushed him what other employers would do, it appears that if someone is asked to work on a Sunday, double time is common. Even though I did not ask him to work today (he asked me if he could work today) I think I will pay him double time for today to help him out. He is a fantastic worker.
  14. I did not ask him to work that day. He wants to work, I think he needs the money.
  15. If our gardener works on Sundays, should we be paying him double time for his hours that day?
  16. I keep about one third of my pond surface area covered with plants. Over time, some of the leaves die, and fall to the bottom of the pond. Gradually the water has become tea coloured, which I understand is caused by tannins in the water from the leaf degradation (I can't think of the right word just this second!). Apparently activated carbon clears the water. I am experimenting with just a simple bag of charcoal hanging at the inlet to the pond, which I washed thoroughly before adding. It seems to be working, my water is slowly clearing. So, this may also be protecting me from any chlorine spikes? Where have any of you sourced activated carbon, which would be even better, albeit more expensive?
  17. If it was caused by excessive chlorine, thanks for the warning to the rest of us with ponds. I am aware that municipal chlorine facilities can sometimes malfunction. If a spike of chlorine occurred at the time any of us are topping up our ponds, it could be deadly to our fish. So from now on, I will check for chlorine in the water with my simple pool chlorine test kit before adding water. However, the reason I think this problem is rare, is that most people have a storage tank where household water goes first, and sits, normally giving the chlorine time to evaporate, which I understand takes 24-48 hours. Comments? Maincoombs, what was your level of chlorine in the water?
  18. I hurt my back exercising. I forgot I am not a spring chicken anymore. Anyone know of a place where I can get a TENS treatment locally, it worked wonders years ago when I had a similar problem.
  19. Do you want chemical control or organic control? The chemicals work, as does the rice trick. Cutting ants have been discussed lots at both the Lake Chapala Garden Club, as well as the Organic Vegetable Gardeners group. There is a link on the Lake Chapala Garden Club with more detailed instructions on how to use rice. My understanding from first hand accounts I have heard from dozens of gardeners who have shared their own experience with cutter ants is that the rice trick works for most people, but not all. FYI, the ants do not actually eat the leaves, but take them back to their nest that they then farm to produce a fungus that they eat. They have apparently been farming this way for hundreds of millions of years. So, the basis of some of the chemical controls is a fungicide that atacks their farming operation. Hope this helps. Good luck.
  20. Garth


    I have an artichoke plant I am growing. It is getting large. I planted it a few months ago from seed. It appears to be very happy, with no insect damage so far.
  21. Mainecoons, the floating plants along the lake come and go with the wind dirrection. If there are no lirio today, wait a few days until the winds bring them back. I got all my plants along the lake shore in Riberas. I just put them in a wheelbarrow, and carried them to the garden. I added some large rocks at one corner to adjust the height of the reed plants, which are also floating, but needed some support to stay vertical. In terms of skimming off algae, are you talking about string algae?. If that is your problem, you have to remove that manually, a UV bulb will not help. I made a mistake when I talked about adding oxygen earlier. What I meant was that I added flowing water via the waterfall to add oxygen to the pond. Anytime we add fresh water to the pond, we reintroduce a source of phosphorous etc to the pond. And of course if you drain your pond, you loose a good portion of the nitrifying bacteria on the bottom and sides of the pond, and on the rocks. Those bacteria are what process the fish poop waste. Everything has to start again, and that takes time. In terms of the UV light, I just took one off my water system.. I bought a new light bulb here a few months ago, so they are available locally.. Go into one of the water system treatment places along the carretera to buy a UV light system. , Apparently it has to be sized correctly for the size of the pond.
  22. This is a timely question for me, I just had a koi pond built a few weeks ago. It is 4 meters by 5 meters. I plan on stocking it in a week or so, after my algae bloom slows down. I have added lirio, lake cabbage, and the tall reed plants from the lake.. My understanding is that the plants give shade, and help to cool the water, which helps to reduce the algae population, as others have said.. I also understand that the other purpose of plants is that they are in competition with the algae for the phosphorous in the water, and that is how they reduce algae problems.. You can by chemicals to add to the water to block light, or to block phosphorous absorption, but I do not want to do that. Like you I am having trouble finding a source for water plants, particularly for my waterfall feature. I am also going to try adding some papyrus at the edge of the pond, it is abailablke locally. I have small fish that came with the water lilies, they seem to be surviving fine. Maincoons is your pond very green? In the day time, plants and algae produce oxygen, but at night they consume it. I have read that sometimes fish die in the middle of the night because the dissolved oxygen content is too low. Are you adding oxygen, or do you have too many fish for the size of your pond? I have just added an ultroviolet lamp to my pond, which is the gold standard for controlling algae without using chemicals. Two other crazy ideas I am trying, are to add a Pleco fish, the ones that grow huge, but consume large amounts of algae, most say they get along with koi, others say not to do that.. I am also going to get some clams out of the lake, and put them in a pail of sand on the bottom of the pond, and let them filter algae.. I also have a sand filter on my pond, but since algae is only 3 microns in diameter, no filter will remove it, until it has been killed by the ultroviolet light, and then eventually clumps together to be caught by the filter. I have also heard that the barley works good, because it produces an enzyme as it decomposes that hurts the algae. Anyone know of a local source for barley? This is mostly what I have read. Anyone else have more real world experience than me, that could give us more advice?
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