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  1. I have some clients back in the states that have asked me to bring them the best Vanilla & Tequila (available in the Lakeside area). Any suggestions on brands and where to get them? Thanks!
  2. Mike...give me a buzz when your back at 740-819-3096...thanx!
  3. I've tried reaching out to Mike a few times over the last few weeks but been unable to hook up with him
  4. I'm needing some help with setting up the computers at our home in Vista Alegre (across from El Tio Sams). Please e-mail me if you would recommend someone OR you're experienced and available at ken@callkencorbin.com THANKS! Ken
  5. We supplied X-Ray's to her for review prior to the injections. Both of us had experienced a substantial reduction in pain in our knees. Not everyone will have this success and she'll advise you, prior to the procedure, of your chances
  6. Dr. Jessica in Ajijic does a GREAT job on the PRP. Both my wife and I had it done with excellent success. 1st time for me and 2nd time for my wife. After the 1st injection, she actually had some cartilage re-growth. My pain in the knee has subsided and I hope to have the same results.
  7. With a tourist visa and, while driving into Mexico from Laredo, can anyone give me specifics on where to get my 6 month sticker? Thanks SO much! Ken
  8. The question I have is: "Can I bring in 2 U.S. plated vehicles in my name with a Temporary Visa? Thanks ... Ken
  9. First time thru everyone kept waving ... and before we knew it, we're on the way to Ajijic (of course illegally without a sticker). Had to get Atty Spencer to help get us the 6 month tag. NOW, we need to go back to Laredo and then re-enter to get another tag. Can anyone give me suggestions on: 1. Removing the current tag that expires at the end of this month? (do I remove it or does the Mexican govt do this?) 2. Where do I go to get the new tag? Thanks so much!
  10. My wife and I visited 3 times during the dry season, made a purchase and finally moved down a couple weeks ago. We we're here in the winter (great weather) and also in May (where it does get warm). What an INCREDIBLE difference between the two seasons; dry and rainy. The biggest is the mountains seem emerald green during the rainy season. They're spectacular and maybe that's the reason many people prefer this time of year. It's not rained during the day since we've been back; only in the middle of the night ... although it is warmer. Anyway you look at it, you'll likely make the move like most people do.
  11. With the dogs and all the "stuff" we anticipate not getting across the border into Mexico until late morning. It will be our first drive and looking for recommendations on where to stay on the way down to Ajijic. We're NOT the least bit fluent in Spanish and will have 2 dogs. Any help is appreciated!
  12. We have two dogs; a Boston Terrier & English Bulldog and moving to the area. My work required that I occasionally travel and looking for a good, reliable pet sitter or boarding facility for our "babies" .... Would love your thoughts and suggestions. You can also e-mail me at ken@callkencorbin.com Thanks so much! Ken.
  13. Sonia .... if one of the vehicles is put in my wife's name, will that work? (even if she has the permanent visa and needs to go to Chapala to get the paperwork finished)
  14. We have two vehicles, both in my name, and the "plan" was to drive both down with some of our personal stuff. When we visited the Detroit consulate they suggested my wife get the permanent visa (we had all of the paperwork and everything flew by within one hour). Any suggestions?
  15. A couple of questions and I appreciate everyone's input. We're driving down in a couple of weeks and bringing some of our "stuff" in two vehicles as we cross the border in Laredo: 1. I will have a tourist visa. Do I need to fill out anything in "advance" inventorying items in my personal vehicle? (computers, dishes etc). Our movers will be taking care of everything else from Laredo to Ajijic. 2. My wife just received her permanent visa from the Detroit consulate and she'll be driving the other vehicle in "my" name. She'll finish the paperwork on the permanent visa in Chapala when we arrive. Is there anything special she'll need to do carrying our personal belongings into MX? Thanks for ALL your help!
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