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  1. I had my hip replaced in 2012 with Biomet. NYT had just come out with a report on some problems being caused by metal to metal prosthesis so I let my dr. know that I didn’t want one like that. So far so good with the one that I have.
  2. This is what I’m talking about: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/31883543/
  3. Some drugs potentiate or attenuate the effect of other drugs. Also some patients go to more than one doctor at the same time. Some doctors will minimize or ignore the effects of drugs that they’re unfamiliar with. Theyre just interested in taking care of the symptoms theyre faced with. look up the dangers of polypharmacy and learn something.
  4. I’ve heard of pharmacists who specialize in undoing the harms of poly pharmacy. They advertise as such and are available on consultation.
  5. It’s well known that ........... ol of this thread. acd is following ......... commands completely so let’s shut this down MOD5 : I HAD TO DELETE A LITTLE ABOVE
  6. To acd Bitchute is the paragon of medical journalism. He never questions it and accepts AND disseminates its truths so all can read them. There acd, is that what you want to hear?
  7. You’re right about that. American hospitals have mostly gone digital but I’m sure those in Mexico still collect them.
  8. A doctor cannot present a study without divulging if he has anything to gain, no matter how good a product it is. This lady does say what her interests are but her subject is ethics and she is being unethical, thus going against her principles. professional people have higher standards and she herself brings it up by giving her credentials. If she wants to cry about her situation she should do it without trying to make it into an ethics lesson.
  9. If you’re trying to teach a lesson in which you’re the affected person and trying to sway opinion to your side, that’s not ethical, that’s proselytizing. She’s going against her own principles, she is not being ethical.
  10. Have you tried the local hospital? We used to have bins where all the old xrays went
  11. Someone knocked on my door last week wanting to buy my old car. Car dealerships have sign saying “we will buy your car, you don’t have to buy ours”. And now with thousands of cars flooded due to rainstorms people are desperate for any car. as the saying goes “when US sneezes, Mexico gets a cold”. Hang on to your cars wherever you are.
  12. “Hurricane Nicholas just hit the gulf coast” There, i just took another jab at the US. I hope I didn’t hurt your feelings.
  13. It’s been well known for many years that the US govt hasn’t been truthful about it’s inflation rate. We shouldn’t expect the Mexican govt to be any different. Those of us on fixed incomes are the most affected.
  14. If you’re serious about taking ivermectin get into these discussions to discuss dosages and protocols: https://www.peakprosperity.com/forum-topic/ivermectin-dosage-advice/
  15. There’s nothing wrong with using ivermectin but timing is everything and following recommended protocols. If you feel symptoms and think you may be infected, follow the protocol right away. Do not wait to get your lab results. Be up to date on Vit d, Vit c, and take your zinc, and antibiotic having said, you only need to go through that scary scenario once. Then you’ll realize it’s much safer and more effective to just get the shot.
  16. You’re not the only one waiting. There’s others like me also waiting for things to improve. I used to spend half of the year in the Chapala area but now it’s going on two years that I’m waiting.
  17. That is true if you have pedal edema, swelling of your legs, varicose veins, etc., but if you have poor circulation it is not necessary. One is a problem on the venous side and the other is a problem on the arterial side.
  18. Now let’s just get a big black stud to get you pregnant ( yes, I’m being racist).
  19. In the old days we used to push around a 2000 pound machine from room to room. Nowadays they have laptops that can do that.
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