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  1. Antivaxxers also keep shifting their arguments. Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine are no longer their go to medication of first choice. They seem to be reaching out for weirder and weirder alternatives. and even though their arguments keep shifting they are very vigilant in watching for anything Fauci or the CDC says that they can criticize the physiology of breathing is very mathematically precise. Measurements can be made of every aspect of the breathing cycle. You can immediately determine when a « supposed » expert starts coming out with anti mask statement if there is any validity to what he is saying.
  2. « The secret is that the cartels are growing with slave labor and use a lot of herbicides and insecticides. The rumor now is that they are introducing a new strain, when actually it is the same old crap, dusted with Fentanyl. An addictive poison.« thats what’s keeping us old timers away. It’s not the same anymore. Some of us have arrhythmias, digestive and respiratory problems and who knows what’ll happen if we start lighting up.
  3. Some nurses used tons of talcum powder on their patients. Years later they find a link to ovarian cancer
  4. Wow, i was a respiratory therapist for about 5 years and I had never heard of such bullshit. « Hypercapnic hypoxic »? Wow, amazing, what words! Someone went way out of their way to impress the functional illiterates who would read this. Metabolic shift? Nasal block? Cracking sensation? Halitosis? That’s bad breath, gotta watch out for that. very impressive study! PT Barnum would be proud.
  5. You’ve been fighting this vaccine since it started, before we even had results. Your credibility is long gone. It’s useless to argue with you. Your use of baseless and empty sources of information causes us to question your reasoning.
  6. Wow, you posted this on two different threads. Your Alzheimer’s is acting up
  7. It must have a lot of pictures. Otherwise you wouldn’t be promoting it.
  8. Glenn Beck tried natural immunity once and it didn’t have the desired effect so he’s trying it again. MC should do the same. https://news.yahoo.com/glenn-beck-says-caught-covid-195843320.html?fr=sycsrp_catchall
  9. Herschel Walker is the latest to come up with a cure for Covid https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/republican-senate-candidate-herschel-walker-180000224.html
  10. Car drivers had no problem complying with seat belts when they started getting tickets and increased insurance premiums for not complying. Something similar should have been done with antivaxxers.
  11. Golden showers are in vogue. Can’t have a sex party without them.
  12. They all jump on Fauci and the CDC if they have an information slip up but Rogan, Lindell, any politician, YouTube influencer can say anything with impunity.
  13. Now all the hookers don’t have to show their vaccination cards to clients, they just show the little blue pill.
  14. There’s another antivaxxer touting drinking your own urine to combat covid. That’s something MC could get excited about. Reminds me of when I used to work at the Edgewater Hospital (since abandoned) in Chicago in the early 70s. All the urinals in the restrooms would drain into buckets. This urine would be collected and used to manufacture urokinase, one of the first fibrinolytics developed. True story.
  15. It doesn’t take much to get MC to start barking. He’s an old roof top mangy dog.
  16. There is also speculation that all this shopping that Mexicans do when coming across our border towns is a way of narcos taking their earnings back home.
  17. I’ve become very cynical listening to all these pundits trying to explain why things occur in the financial markets. They are just like political pundits, each one trying to sway its readers into believing their agenda. Only those high in elite circles know why things occur and which way the wind blows.
  18. Hernia surgery has been practiced for decades in the United States but when Rand Paul needed it he went to have it done in Canada. Why didn’t he stay over there?
  19. I got hep B at 22yo. Once you get it it never leaves you. Vaccination is useless for me.
  20. Years ago I had an aunt in Monterrey who made extra money by giving injections. She used the same needle over and over again. She felt that by washing and « sterilizing » it she was avoiding any danger of cross infections. I took her a box of 100 sterile disposable needles and asked to please not use them more than once.
  21. Doesn’t this follow nature’s law that when two organisms occupy the same niche one of them survives and the other one becomes extinct?
  22. Do you want to take the chance? Hepatitis B is no joke.
  23. Shutters serve the same purpose but nobody thinks of them as crime deterrent.
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