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  1. My tinaco is 7000 liters. Pipes have to be bigger than that.
  2. One of the big problems in Mexico is payment for service. NOB we have Medicare or private insurance that will provide for such service. I don’t think there is such a source of funds here in Mexico. Patient’s relatives may want the best for them but after weeks turn to months and expenses continue funding hospice care becomes a problem.
  3. I just took that route 2 months ago. I was hesitant to do it but I was pleasantly surprised that there is a heavy police presence throughout that route. I crossed at the free-trade bridge and there was little wait time. Last week I crossed at Progreso(Las Flores) and the lines there were very, very long. This was on a Saturday.
  4. Your hemoglobin is 17 because you have adjusted to the altitude. Others who haven’t might feel weak after they donate.
  5. I have a phone here to use Telcel and buy minutes when I need them but I also bring down my T-Mobile phone and use it as if I was NOB.
  6. What’s keeping you from coming down and seeing for yourself? Or are you just an armchair traveler?
  7. That sounds more doable for me. I’ll send you a pm to see what you think.
  8. If not coming to Pharr how about a ride going back?
  9. I had the distinct pleasure of having one son who worked for Dell (worked there for 11 yrs) and another son who was a Mac Genius with Apple. After many years of trying both systems we all ended up with Apple products.
  10. As you get older patience and skill diminish and the extra money you pay is worth the enjoyment you get out of it.
  11. Switch to apple products and you’ll notice a big difference
  12. Have you tried selling it here on Chapala.com? Maybe an interested person will buy it off you and help you get it back NOB.
  13. Lakeside7 seems to have an agenda which he never fully explained but wants everyone to listen to his rant. Let’s all pat him on the back and tell him how sorry we feel and go on to Gringal’s topic
  14. A Mexican going to the US would feel the same way.
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