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  1. Jreboll

    Looking for a proctologist lakeside.

    You don’t see too many proctologists around. Most of their work has been taken over by gastroenterologists.
  2. Jreboll

    Looking for a proctologist lakeside.

    If you have symptoms try medications that will relieve them. You don’t want to try anything more aggressive than that.
  3. Jreboll

    new highways SL Potosi & Monterrey

    Your times are impressive. My nephew just left and made the Anzalduas-Aguascalientes-Jiquilpan in 12.5 hrs. I remember when it used to take me 18 hrs to make the same trip.
  4. Jreboll

    new highways SL Potosi & Monterrey

    I just took it a month ago. It may be longer but is so much simpler. I used to go through downtown years ago and I don’t miss having to put up with the traffic. Just be careful when you get to Cadereyta. You can easily get confused and end up going into the city instead of going towards Reynosa.
  5. Jreboll

    new highways SL Potosi & Monterrey

    Why not take the toll roads going through Monterrey?
  6. I asked a very generalized question. Doesn’t serve any purpose to answer a question with another question.
  7. Transfer on Death deed? What are the tax ramifications?
  8. Jreboll

    New confusing coin

    Bah humbug
  9. Jreboll

    What is wrong with this webboard>

    Don’t blame the messenger. I’m having same problems too
  10. Jreboll

    New President in Mexico

    What do you call “Trumpism”. It seems anytime someone critizes his style of governing they are branded “socialists”. “Communism” is outdated, lets go with “socialism”. What do you call when corporations, banks, and the top 1% suck up all the wealth of the country?
  11. Jreboll


    I lived in LA, Houston(where I got held up at gunpoint),Chicago, and Gary, Indiana(when it was called the crime capital of the US). I don’t remember people “willing to fight and possibly die”to drive criminals out. Your bravado is admirable but very naive.
  12. Jreboll

    Peso Rate Alert

    All these analysts use their political bias to cloud their judgement and influence others
  13. Jreboll


    I understand his wife is well educated and not just a trophy wife. I’m sure she’ll be participating in some way.
  14. Jreboll

    Peso Rate Alert

    Where’d you hear the news?
  15. Jreboll

    Peso Rate Alert

    There’s at least a dozen countries having problems with value of their money. As far as I know AMLO is only running for office here in Mexico