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  1. My brother and his wife flew to Spain and from there he made arrangements for tours to the Holy Land, Rome, and Portugal. He said it was much cheaper that way. We live in s. Texas so we cross over to Reynosa to fly to other parts of Mexico. Same thing is done in Tijuana.
  2. ...and people being considerate with each other.
  3. Mrs. R should direct here anger at her home country. If they had provided for her she wouldn’t have had to flee to another country.
  4. Do you ever read the number of homicides every week in Chicago? The thousands of homeless in Los Angeles would love to enjoy your lifestyle here in mexico
  5. I do live with Mexicans in Jiquilpan, Mich. I rarely see a gringo there.
  6. I’ve lived in Los Angeles, Houston, Chicago, Gary, Ind. and there’s no way I would swap Mexico for those places.
  7. This person was confused before she got here and it only got worse afterwards.
  8. Mainecoons, when driving south into Cd Victoria there’s a route on the west side going to SLP and a route going on the east side to SLP. Which one do you take?
  9. This person has not visited the site since she posted.
  10. Coming through Pharr you could take the opportunity to explore the Rio Grande Valley. There’s shopping and south Padre Island and eventually the SpaceX facility.
  11. Maybe if you could offer other starting points you might find someone
  12. Ditto on Anzalduas. I go to Free Trade Bridge the night before, get all my paperwork done, and then cross Anzalduas ar 6am without having to stop.
  13. Yesterday’s news was that one of Brownsville’s bridges was closed because migrants had decided to camp out on the bridge. Last Feb. the Progreso bridge was using only one lane because of the migrants. On another note I had heard that Mexico was requiring car insurance but when I crossed they didn’t ask me for it.
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