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  1. Anyone want to go to Oregon? https://www.cnbc.com/2020/11/04/oregon-becomes-first-state-to-legalize-magic-mushrooms-as-more-states-ease-drug-laws.html?&qsearchterm=oregon
  2. Thanks for the update.
  3. You have to work with what you got. What works in Sweden will not work in many other countries. The science of herd immunity is very well studied and there’s no diversity of opinion. Swedes have paid a heavy price for their experiment. See how the Chinese have made remarkable progress:
  4. I keep hearing “herd immunity” as one of the answers to this developing problem. We can see that Sweden which has no lockdown ineffect has a 7.3% population antibody present. You need 70-90 % to have herd immunity. Clearly Sweden’s model is not the answer either
  5. That snork tells me you might have the covid virus. Careful! i have never complained about my treatment on this board. I feel a lot of loving here.
  6. There’s an old story that when Texas rangers would capture Mexicans they would just dig a hole in the ground and put them in there. Someone asked, “what happens if they try to climb out? And the answer was, the others will just pull him down”. And that’s where we’re at. The real corruption is at the top “we just don’t want them Mxcans taking advantage of us.”
  7. Oh, now we have another complainer of Mexican corruption.
  8. Of course I could talk of corruption elsewhere but I’m not supposed to so we’ll make believe it only happens here.
  9. I could tell you a similar story I used to visit Monterrey and I would pass through a small town where a cop would be in the same corner always. If someone would pass by with Texas plates he would blow his whistle and if you stopped he would walk on over and extract a mordida from you. Regular visitors would keep on driving. He didn’t have a car so he couldn’t follow you. If you ever told locals that a cop stopped you they would just laugh at you.
  10. Corruption happens in different ways in different countries, some not so obvious that the average Joe Sixpack wouldn’t notice it.
  11. The problems you point out are ubiquitous in all countries but you seem to be trying to politicize it here. You may not notice it but others have mentioned that about you.
  12. You want to use this forum as your bully pulpit to critizise the Mexican government. Wait until word gets around and see how far that gets you.
  13. I thought I had a handle on this but there’s so much market manipulation going on that it’s impossible to know the reasons.
  14. Edited by Mod for off topic political reference. Don't do it again.
  15. There are so many suppositions and wrong conclusions in the things that they say that if you don’t see them I’m not going to go over them point by point. Mainecoons, stop being so dumb and do some reading so you can learn something.
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