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  1. Is Mexicoafterlife a reincarnated Bobby Brown? He hasn’t posted for a few days and when he does he answers himself like this one. And they’re both obnoxious and dumber than a stone.
  2. If you don’t know what the problem is then you need a complete workup. Most who have chronic problems know what they need.
  3. Watch out for this guy. Keep him away from guns.
  4. No matter who you believe in that person is also making millions. Your heroes are no more altruistic than mine. Get that shit off your eyes so you can see better.
  5. Try the Stressless brand. Someone had a used one for sale last year.
  6. I’m agreeing with and adding to what Ferret said
  7. This guy is unreal. Where did he come from? Thinking only his lifetime has substance. Very myopic view of the others and the world. How can he learn with those blinders he’s got on. I thought they only put them on horses.
  8. Aren’t you defining yourself. Highly trained sheep seems is what you did for a living.
  9. North Korea has had 820,000 covid cases in 3 days. Kim Jong-un is investigating the pharmaceutical companies.
  10. There are one million Covid deaths who had ties to the pharmaceutical companies and they should be investigated.
  11. Full disclosure: i have no financial or legal connection to any pharmaceutical company.
  12. For anyone wanting to know more about Michael Yeadon: https://www.reuters.com/investigates/special-report/health-coronavirus-vaccines-skeptic/ Here goes MC again scrounging around lookin for someone who backs his beliefs. That’s like an old whore going to shanty town looking for business wanting to find anyone. Anyone.
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