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  1. Next thing you know they’ll be using old people as greeters
  2. I may be wrong on this but I’ve seen owners with project cars being out of circulation for several years then they renew the license, pay back taxes and use the car again. Couldn’t you do the same. Mexico will never know what happened to the car.
  3. That’s the store all macho men are looking for.
  4. Retired RN here. I wouldn’t have hired myself right out of school. All I knew was theoretical and what I practiced under direct supervision. After being hired 2-3 months later I picked up the rhythm of the job and later I was able to start making my own decisions.
  5. I was attending college in Southern California during the hippy era, the Watts riots, Vietnam war demonstrations, etc. and I sympathized with those involved. I started coming down to the Chapala area in the mid 1970s and met some young people who also expressed the same sentiments but for different reasons. To me young people’s problems here in Mexico are more complex and exasperating. It’s hard to pass judgement on those involved.
  6. Most of these students outgrow these tendencies. It’s sad to see the same actions being carried out NOB by more mature citizens.
  7. Someone please answer acd. He’s being ignored.
  8. We have to do what the preppers have been saying for years. Stock up on essentials, have precious metals, have little debt and money under the mattress. Learn to be frugal.
  9. Monetary easing has been increasing every year since it started. Every administration can be blamed for printing more money than the last. This exponential rise is just the end result of what would eventually happen. it couldn’t have ended any other way, regardless of what the Fed says. Now they’re trying to figure out how to end it without bringing down the stock market.
  10. Has nothing to do with any Jefe Puppet. Since the bank crisis in 2008 there has been massive money printing going on and this is the consequence of it all. It is disingenuous to act surprised and start pointing fingers. Everyone knew it was going to happen sooner or later.
  11. https://www.valleycentral.com/news/us-to-reopen-land-borders-in-november-for-fully-vaccinated/
  12. Someone should start a photo collection of all these scam artists.
  13. He could have put a rock in there somewhere and removed it once you paid him.
  14. If you cross Anzalduas bridge at 6am you can make it nonstop tp Chapala in one day.
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