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  1. If I thought this vaccination was going to give me a magnetic personality I would have gotten one years ago.
  2. I see we’ve also forgotten our covid crisis.
  3. This thread has run its course. Every conceivable answer has been given. Wheres the moderator when you need him?
  4. Same here. Senor Rust from south Texas ate away my beautiful car.
  5. My first car was a 1968 MGC. Drove it all around Mexico. Loved that car. Does that count?
  6. Science has nothing to do with politics. Your ignorance of science doesn’t make you a better Republican.
  7. MC, don’t you get tired of getting hit with the truth? It must hurt. Methinks you must be a masochist.
  8. I don’t think MC knows what empirical evidence means.
  9. The Delta strain first appeared in India where they were using ivermectin instead of getting vaccinated. Do we really want to follow India’s example? your senility may be a sign of COVID-19. Have you been tested?
  10. Unlike the USA Mexico does not have a very litigious society. I doubt you can accomplish much that way. Most Mexicans will accommodate their neighbors if the request is reasonable.
  11. Now you’re hitting MC below the belt. (If he ever wears any)
  12. I loaded up on the ivermectin meds as soon as the information came out. This was only a temporary fix until the vaccine became available. India was using this protocol until the virus overloaded the ability of the population to combat it. We saw what happened afterwards. you do not achieve herd immunity with ivermectin. Only vaccines will give you that
  13. In science knowledge doesn’t arrive in an orderly fashion. There are discoveries that never provide any discernible benefit for ages. Just look at the ideas of Galileo or Da Vinci. We were very lucky that mRNA knowledge was available when we most needed it. Those who died during the 1920 pandemic weren’t so lucky. We are and we can’t allow the doubting morons to prevail or we’ll go right back to the dark ages.
  14. He asked for sage input!
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