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  1. How about muriatic acid. It’s cheap. Test it on a piece of tile and see if that’s what you want.
  2. I took the GDL-SA bus last year. Most of the traveling is at night so there’s not much to see.
  3. Try taking ETN to Reynosa. Then Reynosa bus station to Mc Allen bus station.
  4. The mindset is different. Price wars are lose/lose for everyone. Everyone is just trying to fit in as best they can.
  5. It’s been years since I took that so I’m out of touch. I’m very glad to hear you say that.
  6. That used to be my favorite route. Good roads. No tolls. But then the narco trade increased and that road became desolate and with long stretches with little traffic. some towns along the way like Valle Hermoso would have shooting skirmishes. So we switched to taking ETN bus that has overnight service GDL-Reynosa until Reynosa also started having problems. Now we use the Anzalduas bridge.
  7. I use the map feature of my IPhone NOB. Does it function in Mexico. Is it reliable? i come to McAllen through Monterrey. Once you pass Monterrey on the toll road I find that the road signs are terrible to nonexistent. You have to ask directions on every toll booth that you pass. There is a pay station around Cadereyta where you have to take the far left booth or else you end up going into Cadereyta. And there is no sign that tells you that.
  8. This covers most of the route: https://www.chapala.com/webboard/index.php?/topic/83027-driving-directions-laredo-to-lakeside/&tab=comments#comment-614111
  9. Here in Texas the dentist I used to go to was so busy that he had temps come in to help him out. You never new who you were going to get. One time I had the wrong tooth drilled and filled. They never acknowledged their mistake.
  10. This has always been a “buyer beware” society. This applies to all transactions, even medical. You use a service provider based on word of mouth. The level of competence is going to vary greatly in all fields. Use these web boards to inquire or to do searches on the service provider you’re interested in.
  11. For us slow-to-catch-on bozos would you please let us know what RFC means.
  12. Went to Morelia with my nephew in his white CRV. I came out and there were four(4) white CRVs parked in a row. I had to wait for him to catch up to me and point out the right car.
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