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  1. Retailers should do what my local liquor store does. He slightly opens the door, you tell him what you want and give him the money, he gets it for you and returns the change. Everything is done with masks and gloves and he gives you a sanitizing wipe with your change. So, yes, things can go on in a safe and rational way.
  2. No rumors were spread. Take your Valium. Go back to bed.
  3. The point was that we can get a viral infection from felines around us, nothing else. For gods sake this was a tiger, I don’t have tigers around my house. You’re the one that’s reading too much into this.
  4. I’ve got four cats that I feed. Can’t say they’re mine because they roam all over the neighborhood. So it is possible that I can get the virus even when I feel isolated at home.
  5. Here’s a company that’s stepping up in a different way: https://www.inc.com/chris-matyszczyk/a-supermarket-chain-was-one-of-first-to-anticipate-coronavirus-then-it-made-an-extraordinary-gesture-to-help-local-restaurants.html
  6. Some of the bridges in the Reynosa area have gone to 8am-4pm hours. Not all the bridges have the same hours.
  7. You can’t be on the Internet very long before you start seeing conspiracy theories flying everywhere. You also realize you could make up some of your own and start your own group following. But what does all this get you? Sleepless nights? Stick to cold hard facts and you’ll be much happier.
  8. Have you noticed that everyone who stands at the podium with the president spends the first 2 minutes giving effusive comments about the president? All this is not a coincidence.
  9. Are you the perpetrator or the victim? Are you complaining or bragging?
  10. Stop worrying about it. Just transfer it to my bank account.
  11. I’m here in Texas with my A/C on and watching tv or on the internet all day long. I’d rather be outside on the patio, enjoying the weather and the scenery.
  12. This morning gold is up 110 dls per ounce.
  13. Cameron county which is at southern tip of Texas has a 12p-5a curfew. No cars on the roads at that time.
  14. They said maquiladora workers would not be affected. Nor commerce. I don’t know what that means. Laredo and McAllen have huge number of buyers coming in every day from Mexico.
  15. Expecting news tomorrow from Trump that would close the borders
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