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  1. I usually cross at Anzalduas which to me is more convenient and the lines are not long. On the Texas side a freeway connects about ten towns in a row so you can take your pick of motels. I’ve lived in this area most of my life so I feel safe staying just about anywhere here. If you need a co-pilot I’m usually available.
  2. One thing that hasn’t been mentioned. There are free clinics in some towns NOB. No questions asked, completely free. You have to buy your own meds and some perform basic tests such as EKGs, sonograms and minor endoscopic procedures.
  3. There’s a popular saying in Mexico. “If United States sneezes Mexico catches a cold” right now United States is sneezing
  4. Very true but so many are quick to inject political reasons into it.
  5. We never did hear back from Bevan.
  6. Could you ask what bus it was? I took Omnibus from SA to GDL last year and it was packed and was stopping very frequently. Trip took more than 20 hrs.
  7. The point I was trying to make is that a lot of us older folk carry a lot of health baggage with us. Most of us have problems with medical issues that have nothing to do with the surgery being performed but many times cause flare ups in times of stress or other medical alterations. It can be something simple from a diabetes exacerbation to some thing life threatening like a pulmonary embolus. In times like these it is nice to be in a full service medical center that has capable personnel to draw from.
  8. Again, good doctors is not enough. If you’re ever in Cancun you should go check out the facilities. Good hospitals in GDL or DF doesn’t mean Cancun has good hospitals.
  9. Thanks, but no thanks. A few years ago my sister-in-law threw a blood clot while vacationing in Cancun. Not only were they not able to help her, they gouged her for 10000 dls for an overnight stay. They shipped her to Merida the following day where she lingered for a few weeks before finally dying. Any medical institution that does major surgery should have capabilities to take care of any complications that might occur. Having a good surgeon is not enough.
  10. He could be doing it in a cruise liner with American tourists. What’s so significant about that?
  11. Did it ever occur to you that some of us don’t like to fly?
  12. Also, many are Mexicans who worked in US and returned home.
  13. Never thought of that. I thought she might want to use it as a table top with a tile design on it.
  14. That’s used to protect wood 2x4s in American homes. Why would you need it here?
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