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  1. If you think it's that cold,etc. you have never been in it so why bother to comment on something you have no experience with.
  2. No mystery. He and many other scientists and scientific organizations have done a lot of research over the years. Many people swim in it and not just Mexicans. i believe a couple of pictures are worth more than your constant negative words every time a lake topic comes up. Have a nice time swimming in your Raquette Club pool,cedros, but why don't you have it checked sometime for the urine to water ratio.
  3. In these troubled times of the table of knowledge persons who are also, no doubt,self appointed A listers not knowing where to go, perhaps some of us lesser lights can suggest to them where they can go.
  4. Being table of knowledge persons, one would thing that where to go would be a no brainer for them.
  5. Will Bloody Marys be served free at this gathering?
  6. Ned I removed the misquote. Moderator 2
  7. The population from Jocotepec to Tlachichilco is roughly 80,000. the hospital in Chula Vista is already under construction. Does anyone really think that the demographics in this population can support one, let alone 2 PRIVATE hospitals here.
  8. I believe at some time you indicated this type of occupation in Ottawa as one of your border promotions.
  9. How shall one describe your syndrome which you seem to share with, fortunately, a very few others, so thankfully contagion is out.
  10. What I understand is that you have a habit of taking quotes out of context sort of like the CBC is known for . Is that where you served as an intern in Ottawa to get your ground work in your alleged stellar media career.
  11. What part of this regarding food stands of all sorts escaped you Mr Comp guy
  12. In this instance, it is quite clear to anyone that has experienced both, that the Chapala tianguis is superior in all respects to the one in Ajijic. That is a fact not an unsubstantiated slam as you put it. Would it make you feel better, if I suggested the Chapala tianguis is also superior to Jocotepec's,Mezcala's, San Luis Soyatlan's and Tizapan's. Want more senor al berca?
  13. Wrong order. Apple vs. PC, Beta vs. VHS. Ajijic vs. Chapala. The logic is based on more moaners and groaners from Ajijic than Chapala on almost everything so it must, by inference, take a back seat to Chapala.
  14. The Monday tianguis in Chapala has more and better sit downs,stands and better prices too.
  15. And you can get excellent menudo rojo downstairs in the restaurant at the south west corner.
  16. It's been known right from the start that a PV group who have a hospital there are the money bags behind this one.
  17. Since it's inception, it's been called the Don Valley Parking Lot for good reason.
  18. My friend has been to Salas, done that 'nough said, and he and his wife swear by Dr. Briseno.
  19. And if you go to the plaza in Jocotepec you will find it surrounded with some of the best birria restaurants in all of Jalisco. The mercado there is one block over.
  20. Voltaire was born in 1694 and is attributed with the statement about common sense in the year 1764.
  21. Your hero Frank Wright is a plagiarist who slightly retooled the original by Voltaire in 1764, " common sense is not so common.".
  22. You would be better off seeing him at the Monday tianguis Chapala where he has more product and better prices as do all the vendors that attend both. Here he is and his family in Chapala.
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