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  1. That and problems too numerous to mention. Scotia here in Mexico made the contract with the new ATM company and Scotia Canada had no control over that.
  2. Several of us Canadian Scotiabank customers, with accounts in Canada, gave up on that machine when it was changed to a grabber instead of push/pull, and opened up accounts with Intercam for our pesos. I haven't used my Scotia debit card since.
  3. Duck and pork lard are waaay good too and you don't need to warm it up.
  4. So many windmills to tilt at. "What shall we do?" quoth Don ezpz Quijote forever more.
  5. A friend of mine was in Superlake and an obvious snowbird said to her husband"there's no butter here" as they stood in front of the fridge, so my friend told her the packages that say mantequilla on them are butter.
  6. You can't do that with the cultured butter because it goes off or totally bad quickly. Note that where available in stores NOB it is kept in the freezer section. Here Walmart ,etc. only with the other dairy products
  7. Yes and so is Mexico. I had the pleasure of growing up in a diverse ethnic city.. I guess computergoy did not get out much in his youth because I know Bytown ,the capitol of Canada is also diverse
  8. Indeed , I thought everyone knew that.
  9. Speak for yourself as far as what North Americans grew up with. Read carefully next time. I said "that style made in Mazamitla" and I was referring to European cultured butter as per Lurpac.
  10. I eat it fast enough that i don't need a preservative other than keeping it refrigerated. And salt does not enhance the butter flavour of butter.
  11. The only decent commercial butter available around here is Lurpac. It actually has a flavour of butter because it's European cultured and available unsalted. I don't care because that style made in Mazamitla and available in more than one place in Chapala is butter perfection. Probably less than the commercial but I don't care even if it isn't because it's butter perfection and I can get it in any size. Fantastic thickly spread on Melba toast. Pre-salted butter is heresy.
  12. I have been here as long as you and my friend who you keep trying to mix up as me has been here 12 years and unlike you he has worked with governments of both parties and has first hand knowledge and I have had the pleasure of meeting some of the people you continue to trash simply because you've read some politically motivated bs and your fanciful negativity. every slightest thing on this board is your segue into your out to lunch diatribes. i told you already that I have only been to that bar once and my friend hasn't been there in over a year. you remind me of an ex-wife who when an argument started about a specific thing would bring up all 10 years of confrontations instead of sticking to the topic at hand which in this case is traffic lights and slowing of traffic at Superlake. You are the one who has proven over and over again that you know very little of what you speak.
  13. They even listen to non-hysterical and, those that don't tell them what to do, foreigners about mostly IMPORTANT issues. The 2 PRI governments run by brothers here have done quite a lot for their poorer constituents. The first brother had a hard row to hoe getting funds for major things from opposition fed and state governments And how many times do the members on here have to be told that traffic lights are under state control? By the way,the area in front of Superlake ,although used for parking, is not a parking lot. it's a lateral one way heading east and does not belong to the store. As bad as it is now,which is nothing more than a minor annoyance remember what it was like before the planter barrier and all the yahoos just coming out from there along the full length of that lateral. now if they behave themselves and drive east[some don't behave and go the wrong way] the only way to get out reasonably is with that light that you are all complaining about.
  14. You are exceedingly intelligent to disregard all the naysayers.
  15. It's only sterile briefly when it is first expelled. At that time it's good for washing out a wound instantly, directly from the source.
  16. For someone who's still taking classes , you're doing rather well computergoy.
  17. Wet suit,dry suit, scuba gear. Look at all those little kids in my picture cavorting in the water in full gear,never mind just aqua shoes.
  18. To have it custom made around here even with drawer is not expensive. I've seen them in various sizes at bazaars and on the lateral divide at the Wed. tianguis as well. No need to go to Tonola. I got 2 similar to this picture at that once a month bazaar warehouse sale in Riberas. I can't remember what I paid but to me they weren't expensive considering the work and condition.
  19. The bottom photo is gringos and Mexicans on a New Years day spending 20 minutes in the water supporting Cruz Roja to the tune of just under $200,000 pesos . i took the picture and was told by them ,that the water was considerably warmer than the air. During the hot season in May one year a group of us were having libations at the Beer Garden and all went in for a refreshing dip and swim.
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