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  1. I asked my friend about this who was a product manager for an Ophthalmic Pharmaceutical House. His recommendation even for humans, is drops and not ointments for easier avoidance of contamination of the applicator by touching and they are much easier to use on pets. most vets started using drops in the late 60's because of this. The generic is Cyclosporine and the OP's product is Merck who makes both ointment and drops. Merck is not a specialty pharma house but Allergan is and their product name is Restasis 0.05 and 0.1%. He doesn't want to be a homer so has not mentioned his former company which is in the forefront of ophthalmic research and manufacture in the USA along with Allergan, so his recommendation is Allergan drops for pets with DED. The Merck ointment dosage seems rather high.
  2. How would you know what to pay CFE in advance since usage fluctuates? And paying Carlos Slime in advance should be rewarded with a dunce cap.
  3. Another person using this account? Agree again.
  4. Wow! I agree on everything that you have said and to my knowledge the first time. Bang on !!!
  5. Please do not use my name ned or my friend Pedro's name in vain on another local board in reference to a violent whacko there. I have never been on that board and my friend hasn't been on this one nor that one in years and neither of us are prone to violence and border promotions. You will never make it as an investigator but rumour mongering seems to be your forte. Perhaps you should change your user name to include 'DARK' instead of sunshiney.

  6. Honeybee wants a CHAPALA logo. The vendors on the Chapala malecon would have that and if you want the real coat of arms done Oh Shirt does those.
  7. In Chapala you don't need a car because we have a mercado at our central plaza and many shops all around it as well. some people use the collapsible carts if necessary. You just picked the wrong town to live in without a car. I don't have one yet and have been here almost 10 years.Once a month I go to Soriana or Walmart by cab primarily for big cleaning containers and bulk paper goods.
  8. The Mexicans and all their ninos always waved approvingly especially when it was cranked up to full volume close to the Ajijic pier. It was a Corvette engine.
  9. If all else fails the local cojete maker uses what appears to be a 3 ft.- 1/4 in. dowel for those
  10. Several years ago Fred Reed wrote one of his satirical pieces on just such an issue. My friend took this photo of him on the airboat and Fred still owes him royalties of a 6 pack for using it. Do you think Fred photo shopped it?
  11. Just curious as to what you plan on using them for.
  12. It's always great to see factual evidence generated by a professional researcher and free no less.
  13. Are you referring to the confused person[now 2] that need medical attention because they put up that symbol about my post that Lurpak products which are butter are fully stocked on Walmart's dairy shelves again?
  14. Apparently there is a person on this board that may need some medical attention because they used the confused symbol for what I said.
  15. All lurpak products were on the shelves in dairy this morning at Walmart. More of the sin sal which is better anyway.
  16. Apparently 'nough said wasn't enough about your description of what a true community activist is but you have described a couple of people on this board to a "t" and community activist does not describe them and their agendas. There are several people in this area and not on any local board who's actions are truly altruistic. Yes I am a cynic.
  17. That is not the description of a "community activist". 'Nough said
  18. I find it hard to believe that any paint store here would not carry poliuretano both gloss[brillo] and satin[satin].
  19. Some people have lost the ability to function in real life.
  20. How many times does gringohombre's comment have to be reposted before you understand it, mr. maincoons? ned small not Nedro
  21. Apparently Mr. maincoons did not read this about[gasp!] Mexicans enjoying this facility and not just gringos and hosers. Does the first and last sentence apply to mr. m as well?
  22. Adrian is reliable but is dealing with a possible detached retina at the moment. He still did answer his cell Friday though.
  23. eezedpeezed is terribly knowledgable and will no doubt affect the government's handlings here because of that NOB expertise as they always do in such a case.
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