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  1. No she hasn't and she is still an excellent Ophthalmologist who updates herself at conferences all over the world.
  2. Perhaps the OP can enlighten us in that respect because only Federales have the official authority to issue traffic tickets where he was given one and it's highly unlikely,under their mandate to operate here at present, that they would bother with such a picayune misdeed.
  3. The Municipio Transitos park one of their "trucks" every day in front of their office in the yellow on Hidalgo,old city hall. Any state trucks which are not "federal", that you see in town are passing through from their office and aren't allowed to ticket except on highways and not in any of the towns. There is still no announcement of when tickets can be issued by either one so somebody got mordidad in Chapala and Federales can issue traffic tickets and their trucks are dark blue and clearly marked as such but they are here for security and won't bother you for traffic violations.
  4. Libel is not a crime and threats like hers are seldom criminally prosecuted and that's why it has become a civil matter.
  5. Be thankful that you have never had dealings with Jorgenson. You don't believe in being forwarned is forearmed? This has nothing to do with face book nor the nebulous first post. She even has the gall and /or stupidity to libel a well known lawyer.
  6. Yes in Zapopan because that's the only vid my friend had of the band Tequila Blues and other carnations of same. Some members he's known for many years. They have played in this area too. They are ALL Mexican and even here they play to mostly a Mexican crowd. Here is my friend the token hoser harping with them to about 200 people 90% of who are Mexican and they boogied waaay past the witching hour for old gringos and hosers. Waldo Haro beside him learned some English from doing gringo music
  7. Why would you post something that is clearly not true. If I were Spencer I would drop you as a client.
  8. She wants their rental and Spencer is going after her for her nasty threats to them so now she's stupid enough to libel a lawyer.
  9. Of course but as a member of facebook Ms. Garnum you have access to Spencer's page where it's quite clear that he is not representing CRIMINALS in this matter.
  10. I'm surprised that this is still up because it has been reported to facebook as libel. In any event, Jorgenson has never had any sort of relationship with Spencer. Why have you posted this unsubstantiated bs? Are you a friend of the sociopath?
  11. Mr maincoons took it upon himself to suggest that local gringos are at fault for foisting gringo music into bars around here. And I suggested that gringo style music is now part of the Mexican culture played by Mexicans for Mexicans as per that video. Not my fault that you are unfamiliar with south side Chicago blues.
  12. The above was taken directly from Spencer McMullen's facebook page where he also explained what is going on with this and numerous people are commenting as well. She took some things off her pages after my friend reported her to facebook.
  13. You people don't go on facebook so I guess you won't find out that Lisa Jorgenson has done an unbelievable vile thing to get an elderly couple's rental place for herself. Spencer posted her disgusting threats in a facebook pm to them and now represents them. By the way neither facebook crime account is very good and hers is just the usual scam full of bs as is her personal page.
  14. The low life not the lawyer has gone way over the line this time if that's even possible but it is totally rotten what she is doing to an elderly couple. It is nothing to joke about.
  15. Exactly! And don't forget a snowballs chance in haitch. Tilt, tilt.
  16. I guess that you didn't bother opening my video and I suspect that you don't have any real contact with Mexicans, especially those under the age of 60.
  17. Speaking of fallacies,the vast majority of musicians who play what you call gringo music are Mexicans and in most venues that they play in the vast majority of patrons are Mexicans.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hQmHemqFRDo. Perhaps before you speak of something you should get out more to avoid fallacies. Thanks to my friend I know this band well and as a token Canadian they even let my friend play with them sometimes. do you see even one gringo in that bar listening to them play gringo music?
  18. Actually not here either along with menudo rojo or blanco. Delicious any time!
  19. He's been there since the day he opened that office for private practice even when he was the jefe at Cruz Roja. Why make this post about moving when he hasn't? You probably don't want to come all the way to Chapala from the Raquet Club anyway unless you have moved closer.
  20. Anyone who has followed the Mexican and English media for at least 1 year or maybe more knows that Chapala started negotiating with the state to take over traffic policing within the municipalities but not the state highways between. It was finally granted towards the end of 2017 to start January 1, 2018. visually one can no longer see state operating in the munis and no munis on the state highways.Neither one has the ability to issue tickets in this area because the state has not cleared up that issue yet. ALL the media on this backs up what i said so what pray tell backs up your present misinformation. anyone that has read your many comments on this board about governments and specifically this one has not seen any empirical evidence produced by you when asked to do so. Instead the thread is miraculously locked.
  21. Yes of course lock it, because he won't get a warning point nor time out for a clear violation of a board rule.
  22. Who's clueless,it is to laugh! Of course Public Works did it, but under the direction of the Municipal Transitos just like the state did befor. As a purported civil engineer who should know who does what have you ever seen uniformed Transitos climbing poles with all the tools performing a public works function?
  23. Really? Does he actually have an attorney's cedula now to practice as a lawyer?
  24. How about the new Chapala Transitos not getting the authority to do it until January 1 of this year. Did you conveniently forget this in your haste to falsely disparage this government once again like the proverbial broken record. So go ahead now and mention all the zillion other things that you keep regurgitating like your cat's breakfast.🤤
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