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  1. 37 minutes ago, Mainecoons said:

    MC gets out a lot more than Pedro/Ned but he doesn't ride his 550 pound bike on dirt.  There's a good reason the real dirt pros use the much smaller displacement and lighter rides on the serious dirt and those bikes also have knobbies.

    You have to have much better off road skills than I do to ride something as big as the BMW R1200GS, my ride, on serious dirt.  This is called knowing one's limitations.  It is a fantastic touring machine that is OK on easy dirt but it is also fitted from the factory with basically street tires which makes it even more difficult on real dirt.  If I was really a big dirt fan I'd have a second ride, probably a 250, just for that. 

    Pedro/Ned if you could somehow just manage to get past the Iron Horse you'd begin to see some of where you actually live and not just the town of Chapala.  But somehow I doubt either you or your bike could do it.  I'm about to hit 30K kilometers on my ride in the last two years, how about you?  :D

    OP I know a couple of guys who are really expert on dirt and can put you in touch with them.  They are good enough to ride the big bikes on it and have found many great back roads within just a few hours of here.  Truthfully some of the paved roads in this state are so bad the dirt is probably smoother.  :)



    I, ned small, do not ride anymore,haven't for 30 years but do enjoy helping to work on them. And how many times do you have to be told that neither one of us go to the Iron Horse. And is it your intent to make fun of my friend's physical condition. He still rides with clearance from his doctors and with help from his moto friends although he almost died about 3 months ago. He says he is sorry to disappoint you by still being here.  By the way have you worn out your welcome with the moto riders just like you did with the bluegrass musicians?

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  2. 2 hours ago, tomgates said:

    Thanks! When I use pork shoulder it is for pulled pork bbq or carnitas, and the fat is essential to keep the meat from drying out.

    I use 2 butchers for pork shoulder blade steaks and showed them what I wanted with a picture like this. they always cut a thin one and show it to me to make sure it's what i want. It's important for quality flavour, tenderness etc. that the blade bone is in. The cut is similar to a portion of beef chuck. both are on Madero in Chapala. #1 across from the Pemex on the corner and the other on the east side,north of the glass place and south of the car parts and chicken place where the divider on Madero ends. I also get my costillas de cerdo from them cut the way I want.


  3. 1 hour ago, MarkEliot said:

    Gato Negro (black cat) used to be the best bar in Chapala Centro. They had strippers, prostitutes and great music. Two gay guys bought it a month ago and I stopped going. Couldn’t handle guys grabbing each other’s behinds —- but if that turns you on that’s the place for you

    Poor you, any other homophobic advice you might have for us? Have you found a new bar complete with hookers for your pleasure?


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  4. 7 hours ago, Bandol said:

    On Hidalgo in Chapala, one block to the east of the main intersection, and right on the corner with Aquiles Serdan is an office with a large foot painted on the door.  The two podiologos in there will probably be able to help you.  I prefer the doctora and have used her for years.  I have no idea what her qualifications are or where she got them.

    They are husband and wife and only technicians not doctors but you can get a nice bunion scraping and pedicure.

  5. 2 hours ago, RVGRINGO said:

    The best “oftamologos“ will be found in Guadalajara, not so much at Lake Chapala.

    Why say that when you haven't been here in years? One of your wife's good friends had excellent results from surgery performed by an ophthalmologist who maintains an office above the immigration office in Chapala but yes she performs the surgery in a specialty clinic in Guadalajara.

  6. 3 minutes ago, CHILLIN said:

    That's funny coming from you Ned - another border promotion from how many years ago?. So long ago wouldn't be surprised that you weren't' extolling the benefits ofBuffalo meat!

    My friend is raising organic veal and I told you the best place to find it.

    You have told us he is raising "cattle". Veal calves are not sent to feed lots,therefore your friend is not a source and you are far from being a source of veal information.

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  7. 21 minutes ago, CHILLIN said:

    I tried to buy some from our part time gardener, who is raising 9 Vacas at this time, all totally natural. The problem is he falls in love with them, looking up to him with their big calf eyes. He sings to them too, he swears that makes them happy, and they swing their tails  to the music. He can't bear to slaughter them, he says when they are ready for the U.S. and Mexico feedlots (at this point they need more expensive feed to fatten them up) he loads them on the cattle truck, gets his cash, and says goodbye. Only in Mexico, huh?

    You posted this before verbatim  and it has absolutely nothing to do with veal. Are you bored Gary?

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  8. On 5/13/2018 at 9:36 AM, bmh said:

    The French and Italians used to have great veal but the quality has gone down hill too.. I do not know why but the first thing I used to eat when I went back to France was veal roast..No more the quality is different, it does not taste the same so I gave up even in Europe. I make the veal dishes with pork now..

    The pork tenderloin is excellent for Wiener, Pariser, natur schnitzel and medallions and is available here at every butcher,Soriana and Walmart.

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  9. 41 minutes ago, ComputerGuy said:

    Fine, Pedro, a steer. Yep, I slipped: your favourite thing! How about if I said beef cattle, would that make you happy? And truly, who gives a cowpie toss? Only you and your continual ranting. Show me your certification in the butchery business, and then lay off.

    You already told the OP his chances of getting veal locally; now you are just repeating yourself, only in your typical flowerly vitriol. Completely unnecessary, and done only to continue with your own sturm und drang.

    How about. I was an advertising account executive  for a major meat packer so slipping and misnomers, etc. were not options. Angus has used WIKI to more or less say the same things that I have been saying.

    Just ned small,not Pedro.

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  10. 2 hours ago, ComputerGuy said:

    Here's more interesting information than the BS you started, Nedro, with your massive authority on pink and red: virtually every animal raised for slaughter is still a baby at time of death. Cows, before they reach sexual maturity at the age of 30 months. Chickens are 12 weeks old, tops.

    I might add that the OP was looking for veal, not a pissing contest.

    Veal is the topic and most of the persons in the article that your buddy Gary has linked are trying to change the criteria that has been established long before you and I were born Senor computergoy. They have moved away from true veal and are selling a scam for all intents and purposes. And sticking further to the topic , the OP has a snowballs chance in hell of finding the real thing around here.

    By the way a steer is not a cow and that is generally what is slaughtered for beef. It's a neutered bull and if you had any sort of experience ,which you clearly haven't, you would know that and have had prairie oysters at spring branding. Cows do not have such an appendage.😀😀😀😀

    Just ned small

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  11. 23 hours ago, CHILLIN said:

    Veal is no big deal in this part of the world. The proverbial "fatted calf". The dairy farmers have to breed a milk cow once to produce milk. When the cows produce a male calf, they are sold off, just after weaning, and scoured. Some farmers raise the Toros to a bigger commercial size, they often keep one calf back, and fatten it up for family consumption.


    No personal knowledge about veal then? But it's interesting that you did your usual google just so that you could comment. Calf once weaned is no longer a producer of veal no matter what the PC chefs and organizations say in that United States article. Yes they can be in a pasture where mother cow can feed but once the calf starts doing the same it is no longer veal meat producing.

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  12. 13 hours ago, camillenparadise said:

    Ask for "ternera". I am craving some vitello tonnato right now myself!

    Depending on who you're talking to,that can just mean  regular heifer or calf to them, both of which are too old to be considered as a veal source which comes from a milk fed calf no more than 20 weeks old. Economically,I can't picture anyone selling the real thing around here because the live weight of the animal would not exceed 500 pounds.  The true veal meat is very light pink to almost colourless. I was fortunate that there was an Italian butcher in Edmonton that sold it because Safeway never did but tried pawning off non veal as the real thing. Thankfully the Italians really like their veal dishes.

  13. 7 hours ago, More Liana said:

    THAT is bolillo.  I could bite the monitor.  Who's coming to Mexico City, who'll bring me a dozen?


    18 hours ago, Alpha1 said:

    Found some nice bread at the small grocery store close to restaurant 133.



    buns .jpg

    although when you buy them,they are attached and they count them as 2 as in picture,  I said before just about anywhere for $10 pesos for the whole and I don't care what foreigners google about names , my Mexican friends call them bolillos. Since they don't have any preservatives,why would you want them from here to Mexico city.More Liana? They will be fresh for my desayuno hoy.

  14. 1 hour ago, Wookie said:

    Ned Small, could you give the name or location of the 3 abarrotes near you?  

    If you don't live in upper Lourdes  it would not matter to you. On the the hand if you go to breakfast at Delicias, the tray one is to the east side of it.


  15. It's hard enough to get true veal NOB. the meat needs to be light pink and if it is any shade of red it's not veal. If you want it to make wiener schnitzel use pork tenderloin sliced thin and pounded. That actually has more flavour than veal and has the same consistency.

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  16. 50 minutes ago, Tiny said:

    That sounds like the bread, plus a couple of other kinds, that is delivered every morning to the local corner markets here in the city. It is kept a bread bag during the day. Toward the end of the day they either don't sell it or tell you " no good". 

    Don't you have that Lakeside?

    I said we did in this thread already. Look way way up near the beginning. I  have 3 abarrotes close enough to me that I can get them still warm at about 8AM. they are even served by different bakeries so that there is a slight difference in the product. Here 2 keep them in a large basket with a towel on top and one on a tray on the counter.

  17. 44 minutes ago, Alpha1 said:

    Thank you for the suggestions. The budget is somewhat restrictive so I don't think a "custom" carving is in the works. In fact the original was purchased from the alebrije guy who shows up from time to time and displays his work on the carretera just east of Plaza Bugambillias.

    So what's the rush if that's the original carver ask him to do another the next time he's here and it will be exactly the same. Just need to have a look every Wednesday I would think.

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  18. 2 hours ago, johanson said:

    I shouldn't say this, but it is the truth. I love it when I kid around in a friendly way meaning no harm, when Nedro takes it negatively and then attacks me. Especially as I meant him no harm when I posted what I did. He is so sensitive.  My relatives in Calgary said that this often happens with Millet Oiler fans. ::P:P

    You have no relatives in Calgary just like you have no "family" cottage on Vancouver Island.  Pedro is from  Millet and I, ned small am from Edmonton and  I laugh at you for your feeble attempts at hiding your passive aggressive behaviour when confronted by  your intellectual superior. can i post your more current photo taken only  about 6 years ago at a meet and great with your friends on the other local board? I like to kid around in a friendly way too meaning no harm of course.

    ned small

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