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  1. It is not just YOUR garbage, but the garbage throughout the village that is disgusting.
  2. Walmart re-stickers their chickens and probably all their meats. To lazy to re-package their old chicken. Disgusting!
  3. johnnyg

    Easter Ham

    Easter is a Christian holiday, not a Jewish holiday. Jews do not celebrate Easter. This time of year is holy for Christians.
  4. johnnyg

    Easter Ham

    Where is the irony?
  5. I bought chicken yesterday at WM and checked the date sticker that stated 9-July-17. However, I failed to notice that the date sticker under the one I checked, was dated 5-July-17. So, Walmart is 're-stickering' their chicken, and I would assume their other meats as well. Of course 're-stickering' is easier then re-packaging. Shame on Walmart, I'll purchase my meats elsewhere.
  6. Mexico does not allow the import of U.S. Potatoes. So we are stuck with the lousy Mexican potato. http://www.rachellaudan.com/2010/09/mexican-potatoes-why-are-they-so-lousy.html
  7. I purchased four months ago a Mabe IO 800 from Tio Sams. Very satisfied. Oven maintains the set temperature.
  8. I imagine the hundreds of small homes that were built east of Jocotepec have a contributing factor to the constant traffic congestion.
  9. The figure head of Mexico, Pres. Pena Nieto'a approval rating in his home country is 12%. "Reforma poll finds president’s approval rating sinks to 12%"
  10. Ajijic water truck....766-3753 Chapala water truck.....765-2725
  11. If this in the Las Salvias area, I too am getting no water. I went to Simapa this a.m. and they said their pump was getting no electricity and it would be on in 30 minutes....that was 4 hours ago.
  12. The last sentence is more conjecture and prejudicial.
  13. Two sides to most every story. I too would like to hear what the supposed perpetrator has to say.
  14. From the AP concerning Mexico's gas shortage: http://hosted.ap.org/dynamic/stories/L/LT_MEXICO_GASOLINE_SHOCK?SITE=AP&SECTION=HOME&TEMPLATE=DEFAULT&CTIME=2016-12-31-11-46-40
  15. Rosario Marquez, Ocampo15B, Ajijic. Been doing mine for years. Speaks English.
  16. Here is a calculator that will get you through that daunting task: http://salariominimo.com.mx/calculo-de-aguinaldo/
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