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  1. I've lived in Chapalita for 10 months now. I find it very convenient yet very residential also. Two main thoroughfares nearby: Lopez Mateus and Lazaro Cardenas. Plenty of shops and restaurants within walking distance. Short drive to La Gran Plaza and Gallerias. I've enjoyed living here and will miss it when we move next year to Lake Chapala.
  2. My partner and I moved down to GDL in January and drove from Palm Springs, CA. We crossed the border at Mexicali; we drove to Hermosillo the first night, Mazatlan on the second night. I didn't want to drive for more than eight hours a day. The ride was very safe, mostly well paved toll roads even though there were some delays with road construction. Instead of crossing at Mexicali, you can drive further west to Tijuana. There are two crossings at Tijuana; they are quite safe. From TJ, straight up north via SD to LA.
  3. I'm seriously looking into replacing the existing wrought iron gate in the front of my house with a new solid metal gate to provide more privacy for my front courtyard. Does anyone have any recommendations? The attached photo is the type of door that I'm interested in. I would need a door within the gate for egress without the car.
  4. As an international banker for over 30 years, there are numerous things that impact the currecy markets. No one has a crystal ball, otherwise I would agree with TelsZ4 that we would all be rich if we knew what was going to happen. The current rates have been very good. Anything above 18 is excellent considering where rates were years back. To request a bank to monitor rates for a future currency buy or sell is not going to happen unless the amount is appreciable since any profit the bank makes on a spead is directly related to the value of the transaction. Anything less than a million US do
  5. I've recently purchased a home in Chapala Haciendas. I am asking anyone who lives in the fraccionamiento to provide some basic information about: Phone Service - What carriers are available for landline service? Internet - What carriers are available for internet service? What is the internet speed available? TV - What carriers are available for TV service? We currently live in Guadalajara and obviously service here is very good generally. We are currently using Telmex for landline. We use Megacable for TV and Internet. Internet speeds with Megacable have been around 2
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