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  1. I opted for direct pay from my Visa card to pay Telmex internet bill.The payment was charged to my Visa account on the 28th.I looked online at Telmex today.It does not show that it was payed.I have attempted to call Telmex all day.No one is available.Has anyone had expierence with this.Does it take a couple of days to be posted?Also my bank that the visa card is being charged to is not in Mexico.Possibly that is the delay.
  2. Ok I am the OP.When I got my internet reinstalled at the new house I was given the same phone number but a new modem.After hearing that I should have kept my old modem I went and got it back.I then contacted the tech who installed my new internet and asked him what to do.He said don't worry about it.Just tell Telmex if they ask.That I gave it to the tech already that installed the internet.I gathered from his attitude that it was no big deal.
  3. When you move to a new place are you supposed to take your Telmex modem with you?I was told by my real estate agent to leave it.They just reinstalled my internet in the new place.No one said anything.A friend told me I need to get the old one from my old house because it's mine and registered to me.What is correct?
  4. I have an appointment at the Chapala drivers testing office next Monday.I know all the documents I need to bring.One thing do you pay there or at a bank?
  5. I was also told it is true by a very reliable source
  6. Is it true if you volunteer to give your forgien license up you need not take a written or driving test to get a Mexican license
  7. Hi,I heard the drivers license office is back open in Chapala.I made an appointment online but,am confused about paying.Can I go to BBVA the bank listed to pay before my appointment and pay or do you go after you present your documents then return?Thanks for any help
  8. Is it necessary to renew your Telmex contract every year?
  9. I have not received my stimulus check yet.Has anyone else not received their check? I do not file a tax return and receive my social security by direct deposit in my bank NOB. Just curious if I am the only one.
  10. I am dealing with this situation right now.I used the ATM at CI bank.Using my debit card from my Costa Rican bank.It has been 2 months and still no refund.Everytime I check on it they say it's going to take more time.I filled out a form that Visa supplied to my bank.My bank said that dealing with Visa directly takes a lot of time.Who knows if I ever will see the money.
  11. Can anyone tell me if they have information on where to sign up for voter registration for the U.S. upcoming presidential election.
  12. Thank you Chapalence
  13. Anybody else out of power in Ajijic lakeside.Im on encarnacion rosas no power for 2 hours
  14. Does anyone know how much wait time for home installation of internet with Wizz in Chapala?
  15. Im looking for recommendations on a good furniture refinishing and repair shop in Ajijic.They must be able to pickup and deliver.Thanks for any help
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