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  1. Im looking for recommendations on a good furniture refinishing and repair shop in Ajijic.They must be able to pickup and deliver.Thanks for any help
  2. Im on encarnacion rosas lakeside in the village no internet with telecable anyone else expierencung problems
  3. I live in the village of Ajijic lakeside.I'm curious as to what others are paying monthly for water.I would appreciate any imput.
  4. Does anyone know how I would get from Ajijic to Costco by bus.
  5. Thank you John for the telecable phone number.I called the 800 # found out that I had not been credited for Decembers payment.I payed it at OXXO store on time.I was advised to never pay it there and only pay at Telecable office to make sure I was credited for the payment.I am unable to leave my house right now.A very kind friend went to telecable payed the bill again and my service was on in less then an hour.I have heard that Telecable is difficult to deal with.My expierience was pleasant and proffessional.
  6. Does anyone have a phone # for Telecable that someone will actually answer.My internet on Encarnacion Rosas lake side has been out going on 3 days.Im recovering from surgery and cant go to thier office.I use the internet for eveything.I would really appreciate some help.
  7. Hi im on encarnacion rosas I have no internet with telecable.Anyone else expierencing problems?
  8. I had heard that after the first of the year that the new goverment was going to raise the finacial requirments for new residency applications.Has anyone else heard this?
  9. Drew

    Picnic ham

    Ive looked everywhere for a picnic ham in Ajijic.What i want is a smoked ham front leg shoulder with bone.Any ideas where I can find one?
  10. I was told yesterday that it was closed because of the fiesta at the plaza.
  11. I would like to go the antique market on sunday called el trocadero in Guadalajara.Does anyone know what would be the closest stop to get off the Guadalajara bus then continue by taxi?
  12. Does anyone know of anyone who could clean some metel staues I have.One of them is bronze and the others are pot metal.They really need cleaning and polishing.I appreciate any advise.
  13. I also had Denge when I was living in Costa Rica.I concur with you.I have never been so sick.Its nicknamed the broken bone disease because your body aches like your bones are broken.Hope you both continue to recover quickly.Good luck.
  14. I would assume each task would carry a different charge.I would contact Ruth she is a very friendly person.She would be happy to help you out.
  15. If anyone out there needs help with transportation,finding help getting things brought from nob.Or any difficult task.I would highly recommend Ruth Shaffer & Jose Miramontes.They are honest and really hard working.Contact Ruth at 33 22542489 or Jose at 3318626888.I had a great expierence with them.
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