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  1. ...plus the current headline of the online FT (even though the information came out yesterday, reinforcing the USD/MXN run): Mexico unveils tariffs against US agriculture and steel products News sends peso sliding more than 1%
  2. As of Tuesday 7am (12:00 UTC), the Peso (MXN) is trading about 20.3 per US Dollar (USD). Reason probably is recent announcement: Trump may be moving quickly towards separate bilateral talks with Canada, Mexico Separate talks with Canada, Mexico may help NAFTA talks move more quickly Expects to hear a response from Canada on possible bilateral talks later
  3. The basic idea was to point out that almost any HDTV, which most people have, could probably be used, in a pinch or regularly, as a PnP screen for a laptop. The elaboration was to share a system configuration which I truly enjoy. I didn't mention that one of the matched refurbished laptops I use has a bum keyboard, yet works fine in this arrangement. Also, here in California anyway, 40" HDTVs are remarkably cheap, possibly less than a new 17" laptop screen. If I were in Dan's situation, I would (if possible) go online with the relevant model number and on a mere hypothesis as to the likely problem, get an idea of the relevant part's cost, availability, etc., even in the States. Some might find that kind of curiosity odd, but one would hope, not offensive, even if he had to plug in a HDMI cable to do it.
  4. It doesn't address Dan's problem as posed, but most current laptops feature a HDMI port and operating systems that should more or less automatically recognize a HDTV display plugged into the computer. Especially when paired with a wireless keyboard with a laptop style touch pad allowing the user to sit at any comfortable distance and angle of repose, I find it a productive setup. I've networked three laptops, one each displaying on a separate HDTV but controlled by one keyboard where the cursor travels across the separate screens using the Windows 'Mouse without Borders' utility. I measured it once and it gives me about two square meters of screen space and three CPUs selected for their 'area of expertise'. I used to have a 17 in unit that constantly overheated - now the laptops sit running with their screens closed, stacked against the wall, always on. Gorgeous UX.
  5. Here in California, using the facilities of the regulated phone company (ATT), our little local ISP in the redwoods offers a service termed xDSL 'bonding', where the two phone-line capacity of most domestic connections is exploited to double xDSL performance. All four copper wires contained in a standard home phone cable (two twisted pairs of two U.S.standard color coded phone line wires each) are attached to a special modem as if they were two phone lines (which they are). This 'bonding' results in one xDSL connection at twice the speed of one such line. I don't know if this provides a second phone number and service. Given that xDSL service degrades with distance from the phone company hardware line-card facility, a lot of people could benefit from this option were TelMex to offer it responsibly.
  6. May I ask, which town/barrio south of the lake? Thanks
  7. One reason I became more interested in Lakeside a couple of years ago was GDLs' planned participation in an IEEE 'smart cities' (IoT) worldwide initiative, and Jaliscos' ambitious "Creative Digital Cities" plans. (See/ http://ccdguadalajara.com/en_US ) Last time I looked into them, neither of these seemed to be scaling, except for the participation of a few fine academics. But I can't really tell much about their progress from here in California or during brief visits. The social and economic, as opposed to purely technical, orientation of these programs is appropriate, you'd suppose.
  8. There is a project well underway to induce a telecom company to lay fiber and provide decent internet/phone/video right along HW23. See this thread on this webboard: High Speed Fiber Optic Internet at Lakeside - New Option! By tkessler, November 1, 2017 in Ajijic/Chapala/Guadalajara
  9. Courtesy of Google, a rough translation of b.mans' interesting posting above: "The issue with developments is that in fact they must have available ducts to enter us If in the current ones they have: CFE because it is dangerous for our staff because they are power lines and often have water inside due to leaks. TELMEX because we are both service providers and respecting theirs is theirs and ours is ours is a national policy. The possible solutions for you and the subdivisions with similar cases would be: 1.- Use the perimeter wall of the fractionation if there is 2.- Search the area to arrive 3.- Use continuous roofs if the houses are one after another 4.- Create a registry with a duct available for Ilox to arrive and use it ... They are busy meeting and reviewing their situations and looking for alternatives that are more viable. This company has worked in conjunction with Ilox on the subject of registers, pipelines, etc ... They can be a help topic in the complexities that arise in CFE's unprocessed developments. RMS ELECTROMECHANICAL ENGINEERING ING. JESUS MONTES CASTELLANOS 3313488300 If you want to talk with him and be able to raise the problem, here the point is very important and it is already quite clear that as ILOX works and what conditions there must be if there are no services can not be given and I am glad that you are interested in solving those small problems."
  10. When I was Lakeside about a month ago, I visited Rosario Marquez at (reading from her card here) 15 B Ocampo, as other have said, west of Colon about half a block, and on the north side of the street. No sign, just a small open storefront. Her repairs to my classic rayon tropical shirt were about $5, though this is nothing like fine reweaving or other surgical procedures, which may or may not be possible with rayon. Here efforts will at least help stop the spontaneous holes she explained are typical of the material. Also had two new tropical shirts copied in cotton from a classic one I brought in, supplying my own materials and buttons. The labor was $23 each - great for custom work, expensive compared to Laos, for example. And not one female has admired my new shirt covered with images of dinosaurs in their jungle habitat, where Rosie took special care in matching the bodies etc.
  11. When I left Lakeside three weeks ago, all I brought with me was a nasty cold. And up here in the redwoods, snailmail has been subcontracted to those lumbering banana slugs...
  12. May I ask, what on-line materials advertise this event? And someone please post a detailed report after the fact. (It is for scenarios like this that I think it would be a good idea to have an 'interest group' represented by a web site to counteract the bad habits of the unaccountable caudillos of industry, and spread both the word and to coordinate best practices among users.)
  13. I occasionally like to handle the Truth, so let me add that one reason Tico ladies are regarded as more European in appearance relative to most Latin American countries involves the low density of native inhabitants in that region when it was settled, plus probably tragic epidemics. A favorite vegan dish is simply 'pinto', white rice with black beans with Worcestershire sauce and fresh black pepper and perhaps some salsa. Great coffee in CR, and dirt cheap Ticos are in my experience extremely nice, as are many Thais, but TL's economy is something like 30% tourism and that shapes the space. And Thai ladies wouldn't win any contests in San Jose.
  14. May I ask, how does one join Costco in Mexico? They provide an online information entry and subscription form, but how is the Cosco ID Card produced, presented to the new member and activated, given the situation with the Mexican mail system? (My scheme is to sign up and be 'carded' during a single visit to the store...) BIG THANKS
  15. That's why anyone who wants to flexibly take a larger position in pesos (MXN) might consider an online foreign exchange account. Spread is typically .6% or so for each trade, and you also earn decent 'rollover' interest when long the peso. I'm building a house eventually, so I am 'saving' in pesos, but want the ability to sell or buy it opportunistically until I need the funds for real. NB - Current rate is 19.57/USD
  16. True, tho Gob. Diaz (somewhere in this interview yesterday) claims the CPI inflation rate will revert to target @ 3%+/- 1. within a year. If L-O actually wins, I plan a peso fiesta... See https://www.bloomberg.com/news/videos/2017-12-20/banxico-s-diaz-de-leon-on-policy-inflation-target-video
  17. As of 1:20p.m. Thursday (19:20 UTC), the Peso (MXN) is trading about 19.50/USD, due to an unfolding political scandal which is thought by forex traders to possibly favor Lopez Obredor. See: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2017-12-21/fresh-scandal-shakes-mexico-s-ruling-party-before-election
  18. "...the salmon mousse..." See: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GzejK4-qZ2E
  19. 'The Great Influenza: The Story of the Deadliest Pandemic in History' See https://www.amazon.com/Great-Influenza-Deadliest-Pandemic-History/dp/0143036491
  20. dboisclair asks a key question and appears to have an answer. The next logical question might regard recommendations for engineers, architects, contractors, etc, again, perhaps just for general background and to consider options. As someone who is planning to build a small house on a steep hill Lakeside, I have searched this webboard and similar sources for over a year, going back into archives and using whatever relevant information was found to frame tangential searches of all manner of online sources. All this is a kind of preliminary orientation alerting me to hidden 'gotchas', which I despise. I have come across and saved reports of incompetent surveyors, which, in conjunction with no use of 'metes and bounds' on deeds, could conceivably contribute to profound 'original sin', along with claims about prominent architects who are said to "cut corners", tales of contractors creating conditions where salitre would result, or seismic stupidity, plus other problems with design, materials and methods which could have been avoided thought informed vigilance. Add to these issues questions about the neighborhood, local building codes protecting the viewshed, designing out the possibility of burglary, determining dependable internet access, barking dogs, having only minimal Spanish, hedging the Peso during the twilight of the USD, and the knowledge that I will not be able to truly control all such externalities, along with a thousand design decisions which I take upon myself as someone who almost became an architect, and what you have is an ultra complex decision system fraught with uncertainty. So identifying the right local professionals is key, but the whole Rubio Goldbergo scenario ultimately is on little old me. My ability to take my time, visit and live in the area in advance of the decision, know what to look for at each critical phase, be on site constantly and visually document construction, as I have during visits for the foundation systems of neighboring homes under construction, provide better odds of an ideal outcome, which is impossible, but which for me justifies the effort because I'm learning something, growing my brain just for the exercise and may end up living in a sculpture of my own design in a setting reminiscent of the SF bay and Mt. Tam views I grew up with in the Berkeley hills , at just the cost of the artists' materials. Or I could forget the whole thing and buy an existing place in SMA, where I've spent a lot more time over the years. The only way I can decide is to look into everything, figure out what the appropriate checklist would be, and then tick each item off. By the way, there is some intimation in posts on this webboard over recent years that there is some sort of scam (my term) involving the recommendation of contractors, and the local labor economy seems very highly networked.
  21. I have a 'pure passive solar' designed house around Napa, and the question and distinction jrm# makes is fundamental. My solar 'water' heating system is based on a black metal vessel housed in an insulated enclosure built into the roof elevation which is itself optimally oriented to the southern course of the winter sun which shines through the double insulated glass of the southern face of the enclosure. Works swell, though you'd have to verify every technical spec for Lakeside, and I'd guess such a system really could be based on an enclosed black tinaco or two. However, if this were feasible Lakeside, you'd think a lot of local folks would be doing it, which perhaps they are... Always a good idea to check one's work before inflicting it on innocent bystanders - just found this: http://ireport.cnn.com/docs/DOC-793728
  22. So what's wrong with the existing telecom providers, under whatever 'public utility commission' operates Lakeside? I noted in this discussion thread on 1 November, "Comments posted to the ilox FaceBook page are 'mixed': See https://es-la.facebook.com/pg/iloxmx/reviews/?ref=page_internal One recurring remark: "Worse than MegaCable." I have no idea how utilities are legally regulated and such regulations enforced Lakeside (I'm in California), and the idea that proper 'service level agreements' could be negotiated is based on the claims that ilox makes about it's industrial clients, and the technical ease of implementing them. Apparently mini-wholesalers of ilox Lakeside service are signing up, so there is quantifiable aggregation afoot. It may well be, some random user commentaries aside, that the legal basis and technical performance of ilox is excellent, and any user apprehension about a reasonable user investment unjustified, and the legal construction of an organized user base entirely redundant. But what if uncertainties based on experience of local conditions deters enough users from finally committing funds?
  23. Tom, As others have said, major thanks for your ongoing efforts towards this important project. This now extended discussion thread illustrates that there is always noise attached to the signal, but as such dialog evolves, facts can be developed and documented. Mention has been made here of public meetings and perhaps other fora for formal discussion of the proposed fiber service, and it struck me that a proper web site for authoritative news and documentation, including video of meetings and general critical conversation could be justified. So I have just registered the Domain Name 'lakelux.org', just in case it might prove useful. (Most folks will get the 'lux', and 'ux' stands for 'user experience'.) This D-Name will gladly be donated to any principled organization that might form, though they will likely have a better idea of their own. Any such web site would of course require some local management and maintenance, and some expense, but could serve for various purposes promoting service quality control, perhaps even billing, as follows: On the outside chance that the practical and legal form for the funding for this fiber project, whatever it is, proves in any way problematic, perhaps some thought should be given in advance to the idea of forming a 'buyers club' which would, as a whole, contract with the provider, control escrow, negotiate and enforce service levels, etc. Anything to induce the highest standards of transparency and efficiency, so lacking in the existing telecom services. Modern networks can self--report an amazing amount of detail about their own performance in real time, for free.
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