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  1. Last May, in another context, I posted the following to this board: "Posted May 4, 2017 Just FYI - From the Financial TImes - "Trump visa crackdown spurs tech moves to Mexico - Silicon Valley expands south for access to skilled engineers struggling to enter US" See: https://www.ft.com/content/7d8e3a2e-302c-11e7-9555-23ef563ecf9a (Limited free access with registration) ... One reason I became more interested in Lakeside a couple of years ago was Guads' planned participation in an IEEE 'smart cities' (IoT) worldwide initiative, and Jaliscos' ambitious "Creative Digital Cities" plans. (See http://esci-ksp.org/project/guadalajara-creative-digital-city/ ) Last time I looked into them, neither of these seemed to be scaling, the participation of a few fine academics aside. But I can't really tell from here in California or during brief visits." Also, a small project out of Guad inviting business contacts with Silicon Valley seems to have gone nowhere - I can't find the web site.
  2. A woman I know, a noted poet, decided decades ago to devote herself to her work instead of the economy and lived and traveled in a Class B RV (legally livable and self contained on a van chassis). She had mobility to visit family and teach along the west coast, and low overhead, to a point, after the initial investment. Not for everybody, but she is smart and practical as serious bohemians tend to be.
  3. Good question - I'm writing from northern California, and the last time I needed an extra heavy galvanized post for a wide ag-style gate on our ranch east of Napa, I couldn't find what I was looking for at Home Depot, etc., even here. But such should be available somewhere, probably in Guadalajara, maybe 'primarily' to contractors. Sorry. But I'd keep an eye out for an existing installation, metal, masonry or otherwise that appeals to you, and make inquiries. Bon chance.
  4. It's an entirely different approach which might require some drip irrigation, but eventually I will be building a perimeter 'wall' consisting of a similarly tall, stout chain link fence with a nice mix of vines and flowers eventually overgrowing it. If security is required, coils of razor wire might be incorporated(?) But tasteful masonry, especially elegant stonework, is typical of fine Mexican design, and if a Maestro still makes $600/mo, should represent terrific long term value.
  5. "The Foreign Exchange Commission, made up of officials from the Ministry of Finance and Banco de México, is responsible for foreign exchange policy in Mexico. At the end of 1994, the Commission determined that the exchange rate would be determined by market forces (floating exchange rate/free float regime)." Thus there is no official rate. See: http://www.banxico.org.mx/portal-mercado-cambiario/foreign-exchange-markets-exc.html Assuming its' accuracy, the site Bournemouth mentions could be an excellent daily guide for retail cambio...
  6. I too would be interested to learn any specifics about the bandwidth currently available in CH. My understanding is that fiber was installed in the vicinity as discussed, and that this resulted in the availability of 10Mb xDSL service provided by TelMex over their phone lines to CERTAIN parts of CH. (I verified this myself in various ways earlier this year when I was visiting.) However, initially, just after the fiber introduction, it was reported that not all streets of CH enjoyed the improvement in xDSL service, and I hope someone can briefly provide an update, mentioning any data-deprived zones within CH. Thanks.
  7. Forex trading 'institutionally' goes on 24/5 between Sunday 22:00 UTC through Friday 22:00 UTC. Even though AMLO is predicted to win, it may take some hours or days to establish that, and its' policy implications, and the inability of forex markets (traders and their robot peons) to react until Sunday night probably is contributing to MXN volatility in prepositioning. AFAIK, forex is the most speculative and dynamic market of all, and reacts to a sort of hierarchy of factors which are taken at least heuristically to be true and consequential, even if they are obviously uncertain. Trump and one of his stooges made offhand remarks against the 'strong' USD and it went down well over 5%. Then it went up again when US tax cuts were projected to promote nominal 'growth' (meaning 'profit'), piling on fiscal deficits but showing a path to even more short term return on capital. (Thus the US among others is actually smash-and-grab capitalism masquerading as a state, and is functionally a ponzi scheme.) Mexico, with a national debt of something like 58% of GDP, (on the moderate side, about half of that of the US), the MXN may appreciate if AMLO spends money, as suggested in BGirls' quote above.
  8. My technique is to say the person sought should be available shortly when they finish some (arbitrarily extensible) task, and while waiting ask the caller what she/he is wearing...
  9. As of Tuesday 7:30am (12:30 UTC), the Peso (MXN) is trading under 19.84 per US Dollar (USD). Thus the Peso has gained almost 6% since late last week.
  10. Yes, but you'd still have your integrity. And of course, any fool can own USD, and many do...
  11. As of Tuesday 1:40pm (18:40 UTC), the Peso (MXN) is trading OVER 20.7 per US Dollar (USD). Thus the Peso has lost 2% in a week, and counting...
  12. CG, Right - mainly pointing out the aesthetics, per the OP. Any contractor who actually had the framing kit required for rammed earth probably would do, but there may not be any...
  13. Perhaps anticlimactically, a few simple points: When i visited Lakeside for the first time, the drive south of the airport reminded me of rural India, and parts of Chapala and SJC are like Indian towns. GDL is nothing like TPE. When I build on my lot exploiting 270 degree lake and mountain views, it will be designed to be burglar-proof, an interesting design problem. For those who remain skeptical about rammed earth, have a look at some Bay Area projects inside: https://www.rammedearthworks.com/
  14. KG, My understanding is that the St. Louis Fed's 'Trade Weighted U.S. Dollar Index: Broad Index' (TWEXB - see: https://fred.stlouisfed.org/series/TWEXB ) has the formulation you describe and is indeed regarded as the preferred indication of the relative current status of the USD. See:also https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trade-weighted_US_dollar_index . Accumulating partial positions in the MXN seems like good advice, though I do it virtually through a forex account where minute transaction costs invite what is probably senseless tweaking.
  15. As of Friday 2:50pm (19:50 UTC), the Peso (MXN) is trading UNDER 20.3 (20.26) per US Dollar (USD)
  16. In the article cited, no mention is made of 'pure passive' solar design, probably because, while the raked roof of one section suggests that design approach, the pattern of windows overall doesn't conform to that model, which faces due south and admits light deep into the home in the winter and shelters it in the summer. (We have a PPS home at our ranch east of Napa, and it works well.) Definitely look into it. In the '90s, I participated in a few strawbale projects, mainly around Marin County, and the mantra was 'broad hat and boots', indicating that earthen surfaces need protection from the impact and splashing of rain. I have heard that some areas Lakeside have shifting soil, a process that has caused some hairline cracks in our 'solar' slab foundation after 40 years. Certainly, be careful, and it also helps to be rich. Bon chance!
  17. Tom's and Ferret's points above are key, but if Fracs and perhaps others could use the 'wholesale distributor' model (which seems to have been posed by iLox only in terms of wireless, AFAIK, which could be an appropriate solution in many cases), any serviceable topology used by the second tier 'distributor' into neighborhoods shouldn't effect iLox, unless they manage QoS closely (a good thing), or esoteric telecom regulations apply. The important question would seem to be if the cleared 'distributor' model could apply to Fracs, and other subscriber rich neighborhoods. Again, I think coordination and standardization among blocks of customers is an important idea, but iLox may have that covered already.
  18. CG, you know whereof you speak, but that's kind of the point... Where there is an opportunity to design, build and own what is and will be a fundamental facility for decades, it could make sense to try to intelligently engineer decent standards and outcomes in that part of the environment where such control is possible.
  19. Just as above, in an ideal situation where capacious buried conduits to each home were built into a well designed Frac, iLox should have no objection to providing a wired node or two to the gate of a Frac, and the denizens of that neighborhood could then contract elsewhere for a router box and to run the internal wired connections, which needn't be fiber (though, as they say, it wouldn't hurt). Telecom gear at that level is rather generic, and can be surprisingly cheap. One Gig is 50 x 20 Mb. Someone Frac-side would have to administer billing and eventually repairs, etc. If enough Fracs were able to follow this pattern, they could cooperate, standardize, buy wholesale, etc. I'll donate the domain name LakeLux.org in the unlikely event such a scenario is plausible.
  20. I don't know anything at all about ATT 4G/LTE/Whatever in Mexico, but here in California they can throttle performance, and they also charge for extra blocks of usage, which can prove quite costly. I'd check my 'terms and conditions' very carefully. (I burn through about 1 TB/mo. due to video.) Otherwise, congratulations!
  21. One detail previously textually copied from one such thread reads, "..Ilox has anengineer that has begun assisting developments with underground ducts. Here is his contact data: RMS INGENIERIA ELECTROMECANICA, ING. JESUS MONTES CASTELLANO Tel. 3313488300." Somewhere mention was also made by iLox of rigging fiber to enter homes from their back fences, for instance, obviating major excavation. The neighborhood where my lot is, at the top of the hill about a km west of the RC in SJC, has buried electric lines. If the system is engineered to modern standards, and it's just a few years old, and it's possible by CFE regulations vis a vis iLox, I hope it may be possible to use existing conduit, since 'conduit' is a dedicated tube often able to contain multiple kinds of cable. Electrical power lines should not interfere with GPON fiber, where they would with ethernet cable.
  22. The most common 'dollar index to which you refer, the DXY, is composed of a basket - "Currently, this index is calculated by factoring in the exchange rates of six major world currencies the euro, Japanese yen, Canadian dollar, British pound, Swedish krona and Swiss franc." The euro comprises about 57%. The influence (as distinct from correlation, you'd suppose) of EM currencies on the DXY and vice versa is probably small. Bloomberg offers a competing dollar index, the BBDXY, which some say has both a stronger statistical basis and wider international scope than the DXY. MXN used to respond mainly to the price of oil, but now Trump is doing laps in the septic tank.
  23. http://magicaltokenstore.weebly.com/token-store.html
  24. Would anyone who attended the iLox presentation scheduled for yesterday afternoon at the LCS care to briefly characterize the event and the information presented? Thanks!
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