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  1. To celebrate AMLO's birthday, the USDMXN is trading around 20.50 and trending up. It's my amateur experience that regime-level themes are relatively persistent, as international hot money measures every situation in terms of creating further profit trends.
  2. 'Chillin' must refer to cooling a powerful CPU for enhanced performance - thanks again!
  3. Chillin, I have an excellent 90s' Class B RV with low miles I've thought about bringing down Lakeside. Do you happen to know of anyone with appropriate experience for an RV renovation, or just a good body/paint person? BIG THANKS
  4. Thanks to all who have lived to tell the tale and posted here. You've motivated me to do a bit of research and this 'Nature' site discusses the well known mosquito vector: https://www.nature.com/scitable/topicpage/dengue-transmission-22399758 Another writer notes: "Aedes mosquitoes...prefer humans to any other species for their blood meal and will pursue people into their homes. They are sip feeders, which means they may bite you multiple times (producing multiple welts) before they are done. These mosquitoes are also harder to control because their eggs can survive in as little as an eighth of an inch of water. That means they can find tiny pools to reproduce in overwatered lawns, or a discarded coffee cup lid." That said, are certain neighborhoods Lakeside recognized as particularly active mosquito zones? Thanks/Belated Happy Halloween
  5. It would be interesting to know if 'Old Generation' Slim was in on the hit...
  6. Wed 31 Oct 2018 16:50:GMT Fitch revises Mexico's outlook to negative from stable See: https://www.forexlive.com/news/!/fitch-revises-mexicos-outlook-to-negative-from-stable-20181031
  7. The peso (MXN) is currently trading on some exchanges at over 20 to the dollar (USD).
  8. Right... probably also flows out of MXN and into the Brazilian Real, plus US troops to the border...Markets are such dismal Keynesian 'beauty contests' .
  9. The peso (MXN) is currently trading on some exchanges within 1% of 20 to the dollar (USD).
  10. Here's a nice generic 17 min. video comparing Cu, CPVC and Pex: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ywtnOq1ExqQ
  11. add2, My understanding is that nobody relies on the Mexican mail delivery to the home for anything important. Were your AE deliveries to your door, without pickup notices directing you to a Post Office, or through a delivery agents' address? Thanks.
  12. Forgot to mention that on November 11 ('Singles Day'), there are even better online deals offered. See: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Singles'_Day
  13. I've used AliExpress several times for deliveries to California, with good results. The first time was maybe seven years ago when my Mexican silver money clip broke in half, and I ordered a more 'sophisticated' stainless steel model from Shenzhen for US$3.50 delivered. Took a few weeks to arrive. I have also ordered larger items, such as curtains that have come in multiple boxes. AE facilitates and supervises the transactions, like EBay, and I have never had a problem, except for the well known fact that Asian clothing sizes are tiny for gringos, so go XXXLarge, depending. Many items probably violate IP laws - I doubt that the Trout Mask Replica, Butthole Surfers or Schoenberg Tshirts I ordered were properly licenced. Of course, delivery to Mexico is an entirely separate issue about which I am interested to learn. And just two days ago, the US 'government' started to withdraw from the international mail regime which subsidized such AE deliveries from China, and this could have a major impact on shipping costs to the States, which have been ridiculously low. (I once ordered a specialty data cable for US$ 1.70, delivered.)
  14. Here in northern California, both my houses have US style septic systems which include extensive leach fields. Optimal management involves minimizing water throughput by grey-water diversion, use of appropriate TP that disintegrates easily, no in-line kitchen garbage disposal, no use of chlorine or bar soaps, substituting 'oxygen' based cleaners instead. One house is in the redwoods, which have highly invasive root systems, and I add copper sulfate to the distribution ports of the leach field regularly to discourage their probing tendrils. Properly managed, this type of septic system of medium size can go 15 user-years between pump-outs.
  15. As they used to say in the old USSR, "We pretend to work and they pretend to pay us." See: https://www.indeed.com.mx/cmp/Ilox-Telecomunicaciones/salaries?job_category=install&location=MX%2FJAL
  16. See: https://mexiconewsdaily.com/news/gunmen-attack-jalisco-labor-secretary-in-guadalajara/
  17. The posts here suggesting possibly relevant 'background' involving a former Jalisco Attorney General may be referring to this event in May, 2018: "12 gunmen attack Jalisco labor secretary in Guadalajara - Several people wounded, six suspects arrested after attack in city center" - Tuesday, May 22, 2018 See: https://mexiconewsdaily.com/news/gunmen-attack-jalisco-labor-secretary-in-guadalajara/
  18. In the early '60s our family took an evening flight from CDMX to Acapulco and the props were spitting flame in the dark of night and the stewardess took my five year old brother up to the cockpit where the captain put him in his seat and let him fly the plane. I think it was Mexicana...
  19. " I keep a strap of US $100 bills for special occasions, so have a feel for the size of cash. Based on the photo alone, I was able to estimate that pile at a quarter million. What do I win?
  20. Another approach that won't put a roof over your head immediately but which should guarantee the ability to build to your own preferences at any time, or not (and factoring in any intervening personal or neighborhood enhancements or catastrophes, should they occur) is to purchase an easily buildable lot. If you don't overpay, you are 'vested' in local RE values and taxes are next to nil; imho, such maximum optionality is a kind of luxury in itself. After systematic research online, a couple of years ago for the price of a good used car I bought a tiny lot at the top of the hill west of the Raquet Club in a non-frac subdivision with underground utilities that is developing at a surprising rate, with mainly middle-class Mexican ownership. The hill is so steep that a splendid view of the lake should never be occluded (a key consideration, having grown up in the Berkeley hills - is it widely recognized that the profile of Mt. Garcia is indistinguishable from that of Mt. Tam?) , and I will defer any final commitment to build until serious internet services are stable. I have been stocking up on pesos when the exchange rate is favorable, so am earning twice the US savings rate and waiting to see how the neighborhood evolves, the house having been paid for already, so to speak.
  21. Just came across this technical study of Lake, new to me, seemingly dated about a year and a half ago. The english is a bit tortured, but the data and interpretation seem significant: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/319692488_Water_Quality_Index_of_Lake_Chapala_in_Mexico_and_its_potential_risk_to_public_health
  22. MM, thanks. A year and a half ago, GoDaddy made a hash of a .com.mx registration on the currency/billing side. They are scetchy-er than they might seem, but probably better than average. Basic .MX domains in Mexico appear to run about US$ 40/yr, over twice the generic US rate - not a big deal, but I collect DNames and sometimes TMs when I get an idea and long term costs can accrue. I registered my first DName in 1990 when there were no recurring fees...
  23. SG, Yes, akky.mx seems to offer the option of interest. Seems a bit pricey though. We'll see. Thanks!
  24. Mr. T - The intuition is that .mx would be more engaging to Mexican kids within the target demographic. It might be the case that this is backwards, where students at all levels of preparation might consider '.org' more elegant, considering that the Name itself is in Spanish. I don't know yet and do appreciate the question.
  25. Am in initial stages of setting up a very small charitable organization promoting on-line math education in Mexico, and hope to design the web presence to be as attractive as possible to students, starting with the name of the project and extending to its' Domain Name etc. While I have secured a '.com.mx' version of the likely Domain Name with a major US registrar who could only offer that form, I would prefer the '.mx' or '.org.mx' versions. Can someone recommend a popular 'national' Mexican Domain Name Registrar which is used by local folks because it is straightforward, competent and reasonably priced? There are a number of international registrars offering '.mx' registrations which have appalling reputations due to high back end fees and poor service (from Australia, for instance...). BIG THANKS
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