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  1. "I'm only a retired licensed professional sanitary engineer." I once met a very nice guy with that job description who claimed to be in "the used food business..."
  2. I researched and cited that FB material when the Ilox project was first announced in one of the many threads it generated here. It provided an element of negative anecdotal evidence from users in other regions, and was worth reading at that point, even if it represented a minuscule sample and didn't prove anything. Should local Ilox service degrade over time, it will be common knowledge online. Actually, I registered a domain for Ilox and other users to focus a more intensive and sophisticated discussion in one place, and to help Ilox with spreading the word. It was called LakeLux.org, and I offered it to anyone who would pursue such a project, as an english users group, liaison to Ilox, etc. (I'm in California and don't speak much Spanish.) Was rather surprised when a couple of people with authoritarian tendencies got upset when anyone dared to politely question without prejudice anything about the unfamiliar corporation requesting money from a large number of people. All hail tkessler for his efforts and important results - the process didn't proceed precisely as he predicted, but it appears to be a triumph.
  3. See http://www.selfstorageajijic.com/ (without recommendation).
  4. As specifically as you would be comfortable with, could you please mention where in CH you are located? Some time ago, I heard that only certain areas in CH enjoy that class of bandwidth, and I have interest in a lot which if it is served by decent net speeds might get more interesting. Thanks.
  5. Just for context, consider this survey of national corruption worldwide: https://www.visualcapitalist.com/visualizing-corruption-around-the-world/ And please note the position of the Nordic Model of democratic socialism, as the right-wing in the US launches McCarthy-era rhetoric in preparation for the next election.
  6. Just to note in the spirit of Public Health that during my two visits Lakeside around this time of year, in both cases I developed the deepest, most persistent and unique cyclic cough I've ever experienced (with the possible exception of one winter in West Bengal in the '70s). It turned me into a fountain of phlegm and with my primitive Spanish put me in a situation where I sometimes didn't know how to beg off shaking hands with friendly locals. It occurred to me that this might be a unique allergy to something Lakeside, or due to air travel from California. For me, this is a serious issue to be resolved.
  7. I'm 67, and coincidentally I have been thinking about it for the first time. If my MD concurs, hopefully I can get by with just one. Then, queue "Who let the dogs out?"
  8. A female human might end up in bed...where leashes are optional.
  9. Right. My grandfather rode his motorcycle into his '70s, and maybe the BMW growl would attract chasing dogs, so he would mace them as required, on the fly. How this would condition the recipients' future canine behavior, who knows.
  10. "I built my house with double brick walls and double pane windows" + ""windows...face south" = the first principles of 'passive solar' design, where the orientation and geometry of the house plan allows light to seasonally warm structural thermal mass such as masonry within an insulated space. Ideally, heat is absorbed during the day and released slowly at night.
  11. I believe the Racquet Club is served by telephone/power poles (rather than buried lines). May I ask, will Ilox be installed in RC properties at the top of the hill that have subscribed? Thanks.
  12. "Capitalism is the unequal distribution of prosperity. Socialism is the equal distribution of poverty." Scholars have suggested that the Nordic model is close to what Marx had in mind as the next stage of historic socio-economic development. The Norwegian sovereign wealth fund holds and manages about a quarter million dollars per capita for its' population. Public debt in the US totals roughly the same amount, per capita,
  13. All hail mudgirl and her intelligent and boots-on-the-ground approach to engineering her own satisfaction. Precise and eternal vigilance, design and technical expertise focused where appropriate and consistent personal involvement - hopefully all contributed to the daily pleasure creative people enjoy seeing good ideas and values concretely realized. Adding design domains including telecom, solar and energy systems, future-proofed viewsheds, and impenetrable security also contribute to an optimized quality of life. A world-famous source for design ideas from the late 70s, is "A Pattern Language", useful IF you're a fanatic with time on your hands. (I studied with one of the co-authors and I haven't more than browsed it. But I will use it carefully in my own pending project.) See: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pattern_language The full text is free online (at over 1000 pages) at http://library.uniteddiversity.coop/Ecological_Building/A_Pattern_Language.pdf
  14. "Modern ventless fireplace models are strictly regulated by federal agencies and standards groups for safe operation in your home. But the debate about their safety does continue. In fact, Massachusetts and California, as well as Canada and other countries, have outlawed gas and propane ventless fireplaces." See: https://www.houselogic.com/organize-maintain/home-maintenance-tips/ventless-fireplaces-what-you-need-know/ And some heat will escape through venting, but these systems are as efficient as they can make them, apparently 70-80%. See: https://mendotahearth.com/pdfs/brochures/Efficiency Broch.pdf I'm in the design phase for a small house Lakeside, and will at least build-in the required propane and electrical connections for a tasteful little wirelessly controlled vented fireplace, even if radiant floor heating is installed.
  15. Directing and projecting the heat with an integrated electrical fan is key. (I'm not sure that the unit I cited above is the full air-tight, fan operated package most such units are). I've replaced an old heataltor built into a large stone fireplace with a proper gas insert system, and the later can heat a house at the push of a button. The welder who helped cut out the heatalator mentioned that a lot of such replacements were being done here in the redwoods, where many houses are older and it can get quite clammy as at times the trees make their own gravy (condensing fog off the Pacific to water themselves).
  16. I've never seen it done, but if there is a convenient propane source, a small gas insert might fit in even a kiva fireplace. It would be much more efficient, effective, convenient and cleaner than wood and with some adaptation, might look good too. Just an idea. See (without recommendation): https://homeandhearthoutfitters.com/fireplaces/gas-fireplaces/gas-insert/enviro-q1-gas-fireplace-insert
  17. Don't have personal experience with GW, but one site states, "Don’t store greywater (more than 24 hours). If you store greywater the nutrients in it will start to break down, creating bad odors." See: https://greywateraction.org/greywater-reuse/
  18. Audi is a division of the VW Group and AFAIK shares most of their technology, e.g. the ubiquitous 2.0t engine. Audi builds the current Q5 SUV in Puebla for the world market. (My older A3 is just a VW GTI in a nice sportscoat.)
  19. So would the best solution be efficient propane fireplace inserts (sealed, with electric fans), and/or for new construction, radiant floor heating? Are such systems used anywhere in Jalisco? Thanks.
  20. For the recent BIG MAC PPP - GDP index, see: https://www.economist.com/news/2018/07/11/the-big-mac-index See also Cardiac Surgery index...
  21. To celebrate AMLO's birthday, the USDMXN is trading around 20.50 and trending up. It's my amateur experience that regime-level themes are relatively persistent, as international hot money measures every situation in terms of creating further profit trends.
  22. 'Chillin' must refer to cooling a powerful CPU for enhanced performance - thanks again!
  23. Chillin, I have an excellent 90s' Class B RV with low miles I've thought about bringing down Lakeside. Do you happen to know of anyone with appropriate experience for an RV renovation, or just a good body/paint person? BIG THANKS
  24. Thanks to all who have lived to tell the tale and posted here. You've motivated me to do a bit of research and this 'Nature' site discusses the well known mosquito vector: https://www.nature.com/scitable/topicpage/dengue-transmission-22399758 Another writer notes: "Aedes mosquitoes...prefer humans to any other species for their blood meal and will pursue people into their homes. They are sip feeders, which means they may bite you multiple times (producing multiple welts) before they are done. These mosquitoes are also harder to control because their eggs can survive in as little as an eighth of an inch of water. That means they can find tiny pools to reproduce in overwatered lawns, or a discarded coffee cup lid." That said, are certain neighborhoods Lakeside recognized as particularly active mosquito zones? Thanks/Belated Happy Halloween
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