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  1. It would be interesting to know if any prospective Ilox customer who visits their office is ever told that they are out of the Ilox service area. And are new subscribers applying now still required to pay a year in advance?
  2. tug, please report back with any findings derived beyond this thread - so often, as you anticipate, postings generate a churning cloud of dust and no useful information. (I'm interested in a property in the wild west end of SJC and decent net is a necessity.) Thanks and good luck.
  3. Just out of curiosity, based on reasonably recent experience, how much does a minimal vehicle rental run per week Lakeside, all in? Very rough calculation seems to indicate that due mainly to insurance requirements and rates, an airport rental might cost US$50/day. Seems high... Thanks!
  4. OP aka Shorty probably has a Nexus 7 (w or w/o LTE), as I do. Perfect size. Fine instrument, but getting old. Here is a website demonstrating the replacement of the battery. See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BzknIzaAijQ Used to design and built my own computers, so I looked forward to working on my N7, but came across a brand new but year old model of Amazon Fire HD 8" tablet I could stuff to a total of 90 Gb, all for $60 (as I recall). Bit bigger than the N7, probably faster, not as handy, but easier to read. Crummy camera.
  5. A couple of years ago I bought a lot in San Juan Cosala, and the next January (2018) I was visiting Lakeside, so I could conveniently pay my property tax in person using original documents. This year, I wasn't able to make it down to Lakeside and haven't yet paid 2019 taxes. The amount of tax is de minimus and is not the issue. But are there any problems involved in deferring the payment date this long or longer, even into Spring, 2020? And are good scanned copies of the simple paperwork from last year acceptable for the payment process at the Municipality office, in case I can find someone local to perform that errand? (The staff of Joco Municipality were delightful, and I was the only customer.) Thanks. (In case anyone's interested, the Joco website is: http://jocotepec.gob.mx/ - they don't appear to support online payments.)
  6. 1 United States Dollar equals 20.11 Mexican Peso Aug 28, 9:00 PM UTC Aug 28 (Reuters) - Latin American currencies weakened against a firm dollar on Wednesday as investors shied away from riskier bets amid global growth worries, while strong demand for oil helped equities in the region rise. Adding to a bout of data signaling global slowdown, Mexico's central bank, Banxico, reduced its projected growth for Latin America's second-largest economy for the fifth time in a row for 2019 and expects a smaller expansion in 2020. Banxico also cut its inflation forecast for the end of 2019 to 3.2% from 3.7% on the back of growth risks arising from global trade disputes and struggling state oil firm Pemex, whose ratings downgrade poses a big threat to the sovereign debt. The Mexican peso MXN= shed 0.4%.
  7. "You're gonna need a bigger pot". (Luxembourgh Garden, Paris - 6 mt Phoenix Caneriensis, moved indoors during winter.)
  8. The topic is "Thoughtless trades people". For a very general idea about using, for example, a simple phone message template or app to provide a specialized, convenient and timely source of actionable information, particularly for those familiar with such technology but not its' most efficient use, see: https://captology.stanford.edu/about/what-is-captology.html
  9. I pity the school where a basic XML document is more than a class project...the basic technical functions involved are built into the software and only require thoughtful analysis and multilingual 'labeling'. The magic is in the top level design that provides obvious utility and invites adoption. A study of the adoption, use, impact, etc. of such a tool might merit a serious study - a friend got a PhD in something like the anthropology of education from Stanford for an impact study in Micronesia over several years. <racism?> In the 80's, Jean Lave at Berkeley came up with the idea of "cognitive apprenticeships" ...</racism?>...
  10. It would be wonderful if such a practical and humane (and thereby intelligent) approach could be codified as a sort of form (on paper but better if accessible and interactive online also) providing in a casual and friendly way all the relevant information and basic interface tools, relevant to the tasks at hand, updated as conveniently as possible.
  11. A more constructive response might be to contact someone in authority for deciding the footprint of the Ilox network and get, first, an estimate and then their clear intention to deploy if some subscription formula is satisfied or perhaps a special fee offered to compensate Ilox for the extra distance to Fort Apache. Then canvass around your enclave and perhaps beyond to meet that quota with 'prepayments' for confirmed prompt installation. And widely share your findings; there may be dozens of such edge cases, and an extra 300 mt of fiber doesn't cost that much to install to reach more remote users. See:https://www.indeed.com.mx/cmp/Ilox-Telecomunicaciones/salaries "So the number of prepaids really should not be the determining factor." Except that it seems to be.
  12. "We are expected to believe that Telmex put fiber optics in a farmer's field, when they can't even get it right in a city or town?" We've had a fiber connector on our ranch fence for twenty years now, and AFAIK it is still 'dark', and similar above-ground sections of it were almost certainly destroyed by grass fires in one or more of the conflagrations around Napa and Mendocino. Until the dot com bust in 2000, northern California had speculative fiber installations in all sorts of remote locations, on the way to somewhere. The idea of 'blaming' farmers for normal operations (unless contractually obliged otherwise) is classic.
  13. I know nada about the social services or other insurance schemes serving the broad Mexican population. Do the costs mentioned here for common medical procedures apply to the ultimate out-of-pocket prices the average Mexican would have to pay (whose per capita GDP is around US$10k per year, while US per capita GDP is US$65k...)? Thanks.
  14. Of course, especially if discreetly parking in a reasonably sized RV later in the evening in an appropriately quiet area near the 'engagement', napping till morning could be straightforward. The price of fuel from RA could make such an evening out uneconomic, however.
  15. A few years ago when a family charitable trust centered in Silicon Valley was looking for worthy projects to fund, I suggested an interactive and immersive software/DVD/Web based curriculum preparing particularly Spanish speaking students for work in English oriented but general gerontology and hospice. If it was my field and I spoke Spanish, I'd definitely look into the possibility...
  16. Yes, "penetration is dependent on frequency". I'm trying very, very casually to scare up plans for new brick construction, for an integrated whole-house system of deep-set conduit terminating in a master panel of some sort. Hoping to avoid WiFi or other kluges. All preliminary to even starting architects/engineers' plans. Certainly in India, there must be some version of such blueprints available. (It's remarkable how much construction worldwide is just like Mexico, reinforced concrete post-and-beam.) Thanks all. (I'm also the :() who suggested a formal 'consumers' union' for Ilox users so as to promote accurate and useful communication with the company, I think it was ComputerGuy who laughed at me, and I'm sure he was right. What can you do - donate CRM software? But we each have to engineer our own satisfaction...)
  17. Torturing poor old WiFi is no fun - even whipping it with loose cables. Has anyone ever come across designs and diagrams for installing whole-house Ethernet/coax/fiber cable networks safely penetrating NEW Mexican-style thick-as-a-brick construction? Other than just chiseling surface channels and then plastering it over? A lot of new designs for the US feature (apparently non-proprietary, e.g. not Alexa) voice interfaces that can direct 'console control' to any room dynamically...Thanks.
  18. Apparently, there was/is a commercial circuit linking second-hand (Goodwill) stores in central California (where maybe a third of the population is 0th or 1st generation out of Mexico) back south of the border. Particularly women will buy bales of good quality used clothing (presumably as much as they can get across the border) at what really are very low prices. How they market their plunder, who knows - package it in Tupperware?
  19. Thanks, y1. I've heard that some local masons find their demonic formula for mortar more 'workable' in some respects. I may go so far as to have commercial mixes and bricks from reputable sources assayed. Quality control uber alles.
  20. "How Does Efflorescence Happen? For efflorescence to happen, you need water and salt. The salt comes from a range of sources. First, it may already be present inside the brick, stone or concrete. Or, the source may be the grout or Portland cement holding surfaces together. Finally, it could be present in the water itself in areas with hard water." (Though presumably not from 'hard rain', which is a metaphor AFAIK.) See: https://www.thebalance.com/definition-of-efflorescence-1798544 Briefly, for completely new construction Lakeside, could one take extra precautions (and strict control of project materials) to insure that a structure would never suffer the blight of salitre? Is groundwater a major culprit Lakeside? Thanks.
  21. Bearded1 - Haven't been to either area in a decade or more, but if an 'eco-ethic' finding expressions ranging from the rhetorical to the practical is key to your preferred lifestyle, you might look into both Costa Rica and the Lakes district of Chile.
  22. Right, and this resulted in vast improvement to previously dismal xDSL service to CH, especially to those homes closest to the new development across the highway. But initially at least, homes furthest away from the new point of connection reportedly didn't see enormous benefit, since xDSL really loses speed with distance over 2 km or so. But this illustrates that lakeside areas hugging the north shore currently suffering with poor xDSL service can similarly hope that Telmex can economically boost their performance by plugging their existing copper lines into gear attached to a new fiber line. This topology would probably fall into the Fiber to the curb/cabinet/node categories. But I'm sure it's more complicated than that...
  23. In any event, based on postings on this board when the Ilox project was just underway, Ilox reportedly stated that it will not share conduits with any other utility, for reasons Rick and others indicate. At the time, there was some mention of 'to the gate' (of a frac, say) wholesale (maybe gigabit?) interface that might have left a frac or neighborhood to its' own devices as to final distribution, billing, etc. AFAIK (which isn't much) this idea never was developed (into xG neighborhood wireless networks, bespoke point-to-point circuits or other technical solutions) where wanted and feasible. Perhaps after the Ilox dust settles and Telmex offers alternatives, there might be enough residual demand for such special solutions.
  24. Tug, may I ask, as precisely as you care to specify, where are you located west of the RC, and what kind of measured internet performance you currently experience from which provider? I ask because I have a lot about a mile due west of the center of the RC, and am looking at a house further west in El Limon, and decisions to buy or build could depend on long-term net coverage. Thanks. ps Just in case you missed it, some commentator on these threads noticed Ilox crews 'inspecting' El Limon maybe a month ago - why don't you ask Ilox about their plans in your specific area...
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