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  1. My late father in the 1960s and 70s did original research at UC San Francisco that led to the now common drug-drug interaction data bases, as well as the protocols for automatically reviewing drug patient usage records. Decades of case outcome data and statistics (with which I am not personally familiar) continuously accrue, documenting, among other facts, Mudgirl et al.'s points about various forms of drug resistance, which were always theoretically expected. Here in northern California, anyway, professionals tend to be serious, sincere, careful, competent and capable of quite subtle cognitive nuance, going where the evidence and best current professional practice lead them. One of my professors in grad school at Berkeley was famous for developing the idea of 'cognitive authority' which describes, among other things, how even sophisticated academic discourse can be led down a path some limited distance before the paradigm gets rattled and replaced (T.S. Kuhn was one of his own dissertation advisers). Trump, antivaxxers, ZeroHedgers, etc represent what happens when the development of such belief "systems" occurs among that half of the population with two-digit IQs...
  2. And what about antibiotics? Make America Gangrenous Again!
  3. From 'Medical laws and ethics of Babylon as read in Hammurabi's code (History, circa 1770 B.C.)' in The Internet Journal of Law, Healthcare and Ethics. 2006 Volume 4 Number 2. See: http://ispub.com/IJLHE/4/2/10352 "Method: Studying the translated preserved copy of the code and review of literature in Law and medicine to indicate the relevant items which cast a light on the status of law in Ancient civilization of Babylon in Mesopotamia. Results: There were 282 laws, dealing with all aspect of public life, citizen's rights and limits and the Babylon Kingdom's justice system. The Code of Hammurabi described a scaled fee schedule for surgical services, which was linked to the outcome of the surgery so if not met, resulted in severe penalties, required documentation of diseases and therapies, included prescription benefits. The code fully explained patient's rights according of proclaimed King's Code."
  4. I've gone out my way over years of travel to find excellent and reasonably priced medical and dental care worldwide, outside of the financially absurd US system. Dentists aside, health professionals with US experience and appropriate US board certification and English proficiency have always been identifiable in advance (emergencies would be another scenario). As an experiment, I just looked up a neurosurgeon in Guadalajara who was a member of the American College of Surgeons (https://www.facs.org/about-acs). One record came up (name redacted here) using the web site member 'search by country' function. See https://www.facs.org/search/find-a-surgeon?city=guadalajara&country=Mexico&specialty=Neurological Surgery (record below). Now, this gentleman must be at least eighty, so he might best serve as a consultant for further references and case management, but his ACA indicated experience could represent a decisive factor in a dire emergency. And the ACS itself is no guarantee of perfection, but at least the razor sharp self interest of US surgeons in this professional marketing vehicle can be leveraged, and the MDs I've met offshore have been great. "Valued Fellow Since 1964 Hospital Appointments - Civil, Mexico-Amer and Univ Guadalajara Hosps. Active My Board Certification - American Board of Neurological Surgery"
  5. Just had mine renewed in California - $110, plus photo finishing if required. Return postage was included, and the process took maybe three weeks. US State Dept. web page gives only general information about out-of-country renewal. See: https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/passports/apply-renew-passport/outside-us.html In the '80s, had a renewal in Guatemala City which only took a few days, and I was also able to renegotiate 'up' my Japanese girlfriends' US entry visa (dealt with a Princeton man). Order a 50 pager - same price and within ten years there will be international bounties on gringos' heads...
  6. Thanks, but I'm in California...but I look forward to wrestling with the 'glass serpent'...
  7. I may be renting in the RC shortly then building nearby and would be interested to know what the current terms would be for ilox installation and monthly service for those who did not subscribe early. Thanks.
  8. The first tier Ilox Joco "backup power" may involve batteries or they probably could have topped up its' fuel to keep the photons flowing. That they could install a generator so quickly suggests that it runs on diesel or petrol rather than propane, which might require fixed tank installation. Recently went through several days w/o power here in the redwoods which love to fall down during storms, and you learn to have two generators tested and ready and a tablet+PC media center preconfigured in your car so you can track down a wireless signal. During the Enron induced brownouts in California, there was a cartoon around showing a '30s style jalopy truck stacked with computer gear while the driver tells his friend on the silicon valley sidewalk, "Heading to Oklahoma - here tell they got electricity there..."
  9. OtoC - Thanks. Research conducted on this site about a year ago seems to indicate that Alejandro (Alex) Salazar Gutierrez or his brother Alvaro Salazar Gutierrez could be good choices, among others.
  10. There is/was a lot of new construction going on in a neighborhood about a km to a mile due west of the Racquet Club where I bought a small lot. This new foundation shown seems typical and was set in a less steep area. If/when I build on a much steeper site, would anyone care to recommend an experienced local engineer for foundation and structural design? Thanks.
  11. The exchange rate for Mexican pesos per U.S. dollar (USDMXN) has just fallen below 19. This means the peso has gained about 7% against the USD since last November.
  12. The printed version of the 'family' manual is probably provided with the installation, but just for reference, assuming it's current (2015): http://tecwi.com.br/manual/fiberhome/AN5506-01-02-Series-GPON-Remote-Terminal-Product-Manual.pdf
  13. MC suggests: "Let's start a thread specifically for reports from those who are connected and using the ILOX service´╗┐." It might be worthwhile to develop a simple sort of 'form' which such qualified contributors could copy and paste into their postings. Just to illustrate, MCs' suggestions so far would look something like this: <indicates additions> ............................... Please tell us about what was involved in connecting: <Your location - City and cross streets> <Scheduling of installation service: Process, Dates> Setups: <presumably, indoor interface technicalities resulting in 'first light' and registration - a published instruction sheet in English might help> Speed: <suggest standard metric and methodology, i.e., fast, speedof.me, etc> Service reliability/interruptions: <patterns to look for> Payment issues: <a correct common use of terms should naturally evolve, along with specific suggestions and advice> Comments on your experience as an actual connected user, <and suggestions, including for refining this form>: .......................
  14. A very tidy and flexible arrangement for streaming and controlling video programming (once you've resolved any international skulduggery re your relevant subscriptions) is to exploit the power and platform of one or more PCs (inc. iOS, Linux, Android etc.) using a Bluetooth keyboard with integrated touchpad to run your computer(s) which can then be kept out of the way while remaining attached by HDMI cable(s) directly to large video screen(s) See: https://www.amazon.com/slp/bluetooth-keyboard-with-touchpad/8kf84dv8jfkv77c This is a standard Home Theater PC approach. 4K requires a recent CPU or strong video card, plus ilox-class service (one hopes). Personally, I use two or three matching Sandy Bridge era laptops I bought used because they're small and modular, build like tanks, are configured to purpose, and I don't move them. Using a free MS program such as Mouse Without Borders (Windows), with one such keyboard you can seamlessly control up to three computers (just pretend you've got one wide screen) each with its' own video monitor configured for some particular purpose, eg., one computer has fast graphics driving Windows on a large high quality screen with its' link to a 5 speaker audio system, another is stuffed with RAM and drives more typical browser based work with a smaller 40in HDMI screen closer (but more than a meter away - very freeing, imo.) This requires that the computers be on the same home network/router, and one keyboard can be operating (via Bluetooth) for each computer, controlling all the PCs (so I have a second keyboard/touchpad by my bed so I can conveniently check forex rates and other random tragedies in the middle of the night.
  15. "I'm only a retired licensed professional sanitary engineer." I once met a very nice guy with that job description who claimed to be in "the used food business..."
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