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  1. The USDMXN rate is about 19.14 (per Forex.com) at 5:20 am Lakeside, up about 3% in 3 days. This is in the context of worldwide 'financial' hysteria surrounding the spreading virus. Gold, expressed in dollars, is 1684/troy oz, a new record in some currencies. The mortality rate of the virus seems to be about 2%.
  2. Just to note that in almost 50 adult years in northern California, I don't think I've seen more than two or three Mexican plates, and I've been looking. Really, plates from the southern and midwest US are almost as rare...
  3. ddm, appreciation for your persistence in dealing with ilox, and sympathy for your frustration. I myself have delayed building about a mile west of the RC because of uncertain internet service. I will be down there in about a week and will try to thoroughly survey the situation. May I ask, what internet provider do you rely on currently, and what speeds do you reliably get? And how far west of the RC are you? In the unlikely event that I learn anything consequential over the next few weeks, I'll try to let you know... Thanks
  4. Well, now three years after the introduction of this thread inquiring about the current cost of building Lakeside, what's the figure for "midlevel new construction" per sq meter? Thanks.
  5. Has any eyeglass provider (including Guadalajara) consistently done a good job with progressive lenses? Thanks!
  6. In the States, there is a sub-type of 5w-30 fully synthetic which is labeled as 'European' and AFAIK is REQUIRED for major German marques.
  7. The neat trick is to maintain small pieds-a-terre in two or three convenient garden spots around the world. My theory is that the reason rents were so low for so long in SMA was that everybody wanted a piece of the place, but to own 'quality' more than to use, or for income. I hope to keep my acre of redwoods on the rugged Mendocino coast, because like other parts of northern California, it's world-class beautiful and property values are a fraction of the sort of similar SoCal spots like Laguna Beach. Actually, one reason I made an impulse purchase of a small lot at the top of the hill in SJC is that it reminded me of Laguna Beach in terms of weather and of the Berkeley hills because the profile of Mt. Garcia is indistinguishable from that of Mt. Tamalpais looking west across the San Francisco Bay. I don't know, but this SJC lot purchased three years ago for the price of a good used car probably has already doubled in value, given the pace of development heading west. These are platforms for living, in some sense, and good weather, Mexican culture and fine vistas are not primarily 'investments', just as the generally high education and creativity of northern California is a great luxury, even when set in even a small postcard, like a typically tiny Parisian apartment. (There appear to be a lot of good deals on offer in Italy, even on Lake Como, though the weather there, on paper, doesn't seem ideal...)
  8. Well, the population of California is a couple of million more than Canada, and about 38% are considered 'hispanic'... The aging demographic will beat a path to quality senior services in select spots world-wide. The zeitgeist may be informed by the subliminal realization that the USD is doomed due to financialized capitalism that needs to feed off of the endless money printing justified by both monetary and now fiscal policy. Providers of such senior services might keep in mind that the income streams expected by such declining clients might seriously decay in coming years.
  9. Thanks again - seems the Mexican mint only produces a certain quantity annually, resulting in what would appear to be a 25% premium over, say, troy oz silver Maple Leafs. In the States, only AMPEX seems to currently have the 1 oz Libertad in stock, for under $23 BU, and for small lots there is an additional tax levied by California. But 'a bird in the hand', wot... (In case anybody hasn't seen one, the 50-peso 1.2 toz pure gold content coin is a beautiful beast, larded with alloy...)
  10. Will be visiting Lakeside soon, and would like to pick up some 1 oz silver Libertad coins as gifts for neighbors' kids. (Illustrated: https://www.jmbullion.com/mexican-silver-libertad/) Sometime in the distant past, think I read that one or more of the big banks (supposedly) had them to sell. If so, which one(s)? Also, few years ago I was rambling around what I think was the eastern end of centro Guadalajara and passed by what seemed to be maybe a block of small coin/precious metal exchanges with their characteristic safety glass windows. Anyone know the name of the street, and/or have any warnings to offer? Thanks.
  11. After performing some lightweight due diligence online, I posted to this board in November, 2017 "Comments posted to the ilox FaceBook page are 'mixed': (LINK NO LONGER LIVE) See https://es-la.facebook.com/pg/iloxmx/reviews/?ref=page_internal One recurring remark: "Worse than MegaCable."
  12. Thanks for assurances re local stonework. I'll never forget my first trip to SMA in the early 80's when I was walking in a a high-end neighborhood and came across a craftsman installing a lintel for a beautiful portal and while chatting learned that it cost about USD$200 (then). IMhO, this typical art form can represent Mexican design at its' best, and if respected could last centuries. Well worth some extra (doomed) dollars, so long as one is careful and patient in contracting... Thanks again.
  13. May I ask, when discussing stonework Lakeside, with good quality control, can it match the (apparent) quality of this stonework from SMA ? (I know where some good portal sculptors work on Obraje in SMA). Thanks.
  14. It would be interesting to know if any prospective Ilox customer who visits their office is ever told that they are out of the Ilox service area. And are new subscribers applying now still required to pay a year in advance?
  15. tug, please report back with any findings derived beyond this thread - so often, as you anticipate, postings generate a churning cloud of dust and no useful information. (I'm interested in a property in the wild west end of SJC and decent net is a necessity.) Thanks and good luck.
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