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  1. (Reading from her card from two years ago here) - Rosario Marquez at 15 B Ocampo, again, west of Colon about half a block, and on the north side of the street. No sign, just a small open storefront. Pretty busy in 2018.
  2. As happyj seems to describe and as I was told by a professional licensed 'termite inspector' in California, the posthole beetle class of infestation of a wooden structure requires expensive pressurized tenting which penetrates far deeper than the tent fumigation required for drywood termites. I had such beetles in a unpainted garage structure, but they eventually went away on their own. I found it worthwhile to secure a professional diagnosis. Lakeside, brick construction might obviate serious structural concerns, but I'm consciously designing a new house down there without wood as far as possible, and only where exposed and not structurally critical...
  3. Here in northern California, at each of two houses, there are recurring but manageable termite situations, one in the redwoods involving flying swarming termites and another burrowing variety in wine country, where the species builds earthen 'tubes' across hard surfaces to bridge between softer tunneling media such as soil or wood. The woodland/airborne variety produce a distinctive, sharply faceted dropping that requires something like a jewelers' loop to see clearly, and twenty years ago I had the place tent fumigated, and AFAIK, they never returned, though they might be throughout the structure and only manifest through their distinctive droppings (at first), that and detached wings which are all over the property exteriors seasonally. There are something like 2000 species of termites, and a bit of research online concerning local conditions is probably prudent, and even interesting when you get to admire gem-cut drywood termite droppings. '
  4. Yes, currency is not only the largest but also the most complex market, like twenty Keynesian 'beauty contests' being run simultaneously, where one or another can motivate a large move for a day or two and then the subject suddenly and usually inexplicably changes... - 'Emerging Market' currencies are often difficult/expensive to actively trade; but the MXN, because it floats and has long 'association' with the US, has been said to serve as a proxy for EM currencies generally, which prosper as the USD declines, as the world economy stabilizes. Sure beats the Brazilian Real, which is getting slaughtered as the fascist darling president of international investors fails on every front. - 4% interest paid (rollover or "carry") on USDMXN. - There is some speculation that Mexico and maybe something like the maquiladoras might replace supply chains displaced from the PRC. (S/SE Asia seems more likely, as Chinese firms themselves branch out, even into India.) - I attempt to keep a healthy MXN position at all times (for the carry and to pay for my planned house Lakeside), but I have recognized that you really have to day-trade the effing thing because capitalist mechanisms such as forex are all about what Marx called 'reproduction', i.e., capital begetting more capital, not necessarily for any human purpose or benefit. Worldwide, central banks themselves are now reduced to issuing massive 'papal indulgences' to paper over the failure of such artificial late-capitalist financialization.
  5. Right - here in the redwoods up the hill from Mendocino any older house such as mine has or will have had a 24 foot tall water tower topped with a large redwood tank, water fed by a well and pumped up by a windmill. We took down the tank, still have the parts, disassembled like a huge barrel.
  6. I'm about to build a house with wonderful vistas Lakeside, and the only obstruction to a perfect view is a neighbors' roof tinaco sitting on a booster frame, as is so commonly found. I absolutely respect his situation, but would gladly fund an alternative system that would lower the profile of this obstruction, yet maintain and hopefully improve his domestic water system, possibly including introducing some very basic solar electric components if necessary to add pressure. There are 'low profile' tinacos available, but again system pressure is a function of height and pipe size. Can anyone provide any quick comments or online pointers specific to this situation? Thanks.
  7. If an auxiliary USB wired keyboard is under consideration, go Bluetooth or similar and select a model with a built-in touch pad. Models like the Logitech K400+ or its' successors are cheap, light and easy on the batteries. Using similar but better models I control multiple HDTVs connected to networked laptops with HDMI ports running Windows 10 from across a room or around the house. It's easy in English, though for all I know there might be a Spaniard in the works....
  8. $21.61/bbl - That's for (NYMEX: CLM20), i.e., WTI for June delivery. In a month, that price will probably be about the same as the current May contract that has imploded.
  9. ICE Brent crude is currently trading at $26. The NYMEX WTI figure around $10 is an artifact of the related futures contract which is about to settle when there is a requirement to take delivery and there is no storage capacity. Petrol prices at the pump should reduce, but not to such absurd levels. Commentators point out that low prices are the greatest motivation for american consumption, now obviously suppressed, and suggest that US refiners could be a good investment into the fall.
  10. Somewhere, some years ago, I got the impression that if a gringo bought or built a home in Mexico that a vehicle plus a trailer-full of 'used' household items including furniture and major electronics was allowed across the Mexican border tax free. This might also be related to Mexican visa status, presumably Permanente. Without expecting a comprehensive answer, if this is this the case, what might such current legal provisions be called, for future research? Thanks.
  11. Just curious - what percentage of the sale price for a home is common as a 'professional' real estate commission Lakeside? Thanks.
  12. Over the last six weeks or so, the Peso has depreciated about 30% against the USD, following the pattern for some other petroleum producing emerging markets, many of whom, like Mexico, have also reduced interest paid on their currencies.
  13. In preparation for wanderjahr in 1976, my pharmacologist Dad put me on a proper course of anti-malarial Chloroquine in preparation for India and southeast Asia (and Bangkok was the worst, with maybe 20 species of mosquito, of course not all vectors for malaria). He had contracted malaria during WWII in Spain, and knew it was no fiesta. As I recall, the large pills referred to above had to be taken for some weeks in advance to bestow some limited resistance to the disease, the mode of action unknown to me. This prophylactic treatment has probably evolved or been superseded by now... See: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chloroquine
  14. At 1520h Lakeside, rate was around 23 pesos per u.s. dollar, an all-time low. See:https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-03-16/mexican-peso-slumps-to-record-low-as-fears-persist-after-fed-cut
  15. Right, thus the Peso is getting whacked doubly hard by the Euro. At 7am, USDMXN is 20.35. (In case it isn't obvious, the reason some folks write posts like this is to implicitly suggest anyone interested hightail it to their preferred cambio. I'm in unfamiliar Centro CDMX and have to scare up an ATM for Mr. Schwab...)
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