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  1. Somewhere, some years ago, I got the impression that if a gringo bought or built a home in Mexico that a vehicle plus a trailer-full of 'used' household items including furniture and major electronics was allowed across the Mexican border tax free. This might also be related to Mexican visa status, presumably Permanente. Without expecting a comprehensive answer, if this is this the case, what might such current legal provisions be called, for future research? Thanks.
  2. Just curious - what percentage of the sale price for a home is common as a 'professional' real estate commission Lakeside? Thanks.
  3. Over the last six weeks or so, the Peso has depreciated about 30% against the USD, following the pattern for some other petroleum producing emerging markets, many of whom, like Mexico, have also reduced interest paid on their currencies.
  4. In preparation for wanderjahr in 1976, my pharmacologist Dad put me on a proper course of anti-malarial Chloroquine in preparation for India and southeast Asia (and Bangkok was the worst, with maybe 20 species of mosquito, of course not all vectors for malaria). He had contracted malaria during WWII in Spain, and knew it was no fiesta. As I recall, the large pills referred to above had to be taken for some weeks in advance to bestow some limited resistance to the disease, the mode of action unknown to me. This prophylactic treatment has probably evolved or been superseded by now... See: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chloroquine
  5. At 1520h Lakeside, rate was around 23 pesos per u.s. dollar, an all-time low. See:https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-03-16/mexican-peso-slumps-to-record-low-as-fears-persist-after-fed-cut
  6. Right, thus the Peso is getting whacked doubly hard by the Euro. At 7am, USDMXN is 20.35. (In case it isn't obvious, the reason some folks write posts like this is to implicitly suggest anyone interested hightail it to their preferred cambio. I'm in unfamiliar Centro CDMX and have to scare up an ATM for Mr. Schwab...)
  7. Gonna be tough to push above 20 range, a tough resistance level. The USDMXN rate is about 20.15 (per Forex.com) at 5:20 am Lakeside, up about 3% in recent days. This is in the context of worldwide 'financial' hysteria surrounding the spreading virus, and now a fast decline of the USD against most majors, as the Fed cuts rates but other Central Banks don't. The Yen especially is rising. Gold, expressed in dollars, is 1684/troy oz, is perhaps now no longer a record in some currencies. But 'exotic' currencies like the MXN and Indian Rupee are falling along with the USD.
  8. tw, Can I ask, as precise as you care to be, where in the RC you are located. I ask because I'm interested in setting up an office toward the western side at the top of the frac, and I don't know where or how high up the hill ilox strung fiber. Thanks.
  9. Joco, Thanks - it's great that some local institution has a good reputation, so far... With telecom services (though not so much fiber), location can be crucial - if Las Fuentes had good net service a couple of years ago, I might have bought there.
  10. Wonderful! May I ask, what net speed is consistently achieved?
  11. Any idea where Unet's Joco office, if any, is hidden? Thanks.
  12. The USDMXN rate is about 19.14 (per Forex.com) at 5:20 am Lakeside, up about 3% in 3 days. This is in the context of worldwide 'financial' hysteria surrounding the spreading virus. Gold, expressed in dollars, is 1684/troy oz, a new record in some currencies. The mortality rate of the virus seems to be about 2%.
  13. Just to note that in almost 50 adult years in northern California, I don't think I've seen more than two or three Mexican plates, and I've been looking. Really, plates from the southern and midwest US are almost as rare...
  14. ddm, appreciation for your persistence in dealing with ilox, and sympathy for your frustration. I myself have delayed building about a mile west of the RC because of uncertain internet service. I will be down there in about a week and will try to thoroughly survey the situation. May I ask, what internet provider do you rely on currently, and what speeds do you reliably get? And how far west of the RC are you? In the unlikely event that I learn anything consequential over the next few weeks, I'll try to let you know... Thanks
  15. Well, now three years after the introduction of this thread inquiring about the current cost of building Lakeside, what's the figure for "midlevel new construction" per sq meter? Thanks.
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