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  1. Acess Lake Chapala is not as far as I know a real estate agency. It is a site that lists houses for sale for a fee. Like an MLS service.
  2. Farmacia Express is carrying PP vitamins. She will order in anything you want. Near Oxxo and Sunrise on the lake side just passed San Antonio.
  3. I have tried for 6 months to reduce my telmex rate down to the $389 rate. Every month they bill me for $999. Every month I go in to the office and they they promise to adjust it, then they tell me to phone Mx city to ensure it is fixed. The phone prompts have changed and for the life of me I cannot get an english speaking operator. My Spanish is good enough to understand the prompts. I suspect no english operators exist anymore. After a few too many trips and being owed over $800 pesos in overcharges they now tell me I have to pay the monthly fee or be cut off. Fat chance. My land line has been out for ten of the last 12 days. Done with telmex. Getting telecable. They cannot be worse that telmex. And I will not be paying telmex one centavo. Pete much as we enjoy you singing the praises of telmex, not many of us live a block,away and have stellar speeds. Give it a rest please.
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