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  1. I'm not sure how these deviations from the original OP has any benefit, it just appears that a new topic needs to be started, and not hijack this one.
  2. Yes, I can help you my fellow Hoosier
  3. On Kodi 17.3 with Titan Skin (Netflix look), I'm using a combination of Convenant, Elysium, Exodus, Specto, SALTS, Bob & Openload. I can help set up your box if you like.
  4. No problems on any of my boxes with addons. I'm always working on new builds and such, but on-demand shows and movies along with live tv are chugging right along.
  5. Wow, unsolicited advertising that have nothing to do with the original post ... shouldn't they start their own thread and not hijack this one?
  6. Hi Miguel ... I've sent several emails to you regarding the purchase of your business to which I never received any answers. So if you could PM me here instead. Thanks!
  7. Hi Laura, you have received communication via email.
  8. Come on down to Perry's at 5pm on Monday, October 31st with your best Halloween Costume and you could win a 32" LED Television, George Foreman Grill or More!
  9. The American Legion is looking for a large space (4000+ sq/ft | 370+ m2) for two months from the first week of September to the first week of November to build and run a Haunted House. Proceeds from the event support local charities around Lakeside. If you, or someone you know, has a large enough space that is not being used, please contact Donald @ 331-219-9735, and let's talk! Thanks!
  10. We are also looking for some local business donations for our Raffle Prizes. If you, or know someone, can donate, please call the phone number listed on the flyer under Diane Pearls. Thanks!
  11. This is a questions for those who live in Chula Vista Norte and have TelMex for the Internet. What kind of speeds are you getting and what is the package that you have? You can check your speed here: www.SpeedTest.net. Thanks!
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