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  1. Yes, can you provide the Make and Model of the TPLink Router? You may need to update the Firmware.
  2. WOW! In just a few short days, we have been able to raise enough money, secure two distribution points and will be able to feed 40 families for a week! All thanks to the generous donations from YOU! FoodBank Lakeside is a small, local organization made up of volunteers that are ramping up to meet the growing needs of our local Lakeside families needing food assistance due to lost work, expat employer departures, and the Mexican government orders to stay home. Starting tomorrow, we will begin providing needy families with enough food to last them for one week. There is one despensa in
  3. For those of us still lucky to have it, speed tests are great, but major routing issues (worse today) for streaming Anything!
  4. I am testing Strong VPN ... and guess what? No buffering issues! It does not mitigate the underlying cause with TelMex however. I will have 2 technicians here tomorrow and will report back THOSE results.
  5. One of the services that I tried has over 20 servers through the US with over 800 gbit worth of servers and never once hit half of that.... they have plenty of bandwidth. The owner has been a Cisco certified engineer for over 20 years.
  6. Did you find one location better than others with Strong VPN? Which location are you using? I'm willing to test it out.
  7. Thanks, those services are both on-demand, correct? And not actual Live TV Channels ...
  8. No problems with Netflix & Prime or on-demand either, it is isolated to Live TV Channels from an IPTV service.
  9. So, it does NOT appear to be a modem issue. It appears to be a routing issue that does not get resolved by trying multiple VPNs and multiple IPTV services. All with the same exact problem ... play 45 secs, buffer 30, play 45, buffer 30. We have a ticket opened with TelMex, but they won't escalate it to the next level until we can get 5-10 more cases opened with customers experiencing the exact same problem. Does anyone else have Telmex Fiber with an IPTV provider that is having the exact same issue? I can send Oscar the technician to your home to call and open a ticket for you with T
  10. I'm not sure, I've only deposited a US personal check for $6,000 USD and had the funds cleared in less than a week. I guess you would have to ask them about a Treasury check, but I don't see why not.
  11. Anyone have the Telmex Fiber Optics and a streaming TV service? Are you getting buffering issues? Just got ours today and yup, buffering for us and most of my customers with TelMex Fiber! Not a happy camper! Solutions ... anyone?
  12. Have you looked into depositing it into Intercam? Good rates and pretty quick release of funds.
  13. Efi has been trying to do this business with LakesideStream for several years now. His health recently is not good. His customers have suffered because he's not a programmer, and they haven't received money back from lack of service. If you are looking into a streaming TV business instead of Shaw, look at a person that actually controls the streams instead of trying to resell them. Someone who programs, versus someone who doesn't. Someone who maintains what is set up, versus a one time firestick set up. If this is your criteria, then please contact www.LakesideTV.com. We're not free,
  14. I believe Ilox is already installed in your area. If so, you may be able to get it installed fairly quickly if you only choose the internet and phone package, not the TV package. Their office is across from the soccer field in the El Torito plaza, next to Ismat's new chicken restaurant. Definitely worth a trip to stop in and speak with Gustavo. Good luck!
  15. Is there someone locally who could perform this number for an upcoming show? 9.) This is Me https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5_WzSbi8aR8
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