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  1. Inbursa and Telmex both owned by Carlos Slim
  2. That's great to know. I call my 91 year old Dad in Australia on Skype and he doesnt hear me too well, sometimes. We are on the 389 peso plan and moving from Ajijic to Merida soon but will sign up for the more expensive plan when we get there so I can call home on a landline.
  3. Have been to Robertos three times in the last 12 months. Every time it has been sub standard food thrown on the plate...no effort taken to present the food nicely. On our last visit, on plates etc matched and a number of our group including myself had cracked plates or bowls. Never again..
  4. LOL, Ned. I think I AM too old for skating...I was never good at it - either ice or roller skating. The last time I roller skated, I ended up in a rose bush. But there is plenty to do in Merida - for diverse interests so thanks, but I'll leave the skating to the youngsters...
  5. Us too, we''re both 66. My partner has lived here for 16 years, me 3. So we've sold up and are getting out of town and going to Merida which is a small, lively city 30 minutes from the beach. The expat community is diverse in terms of nationalities and ages. Many young families there. And, yes, we know what the weather is like in Merida. We have both lived in the tropics before and love it!
  6. I make my own...happy to provide recipe. It is boiled, not cooked in oven..that is roast beef
  7. If you dont take any photos before 10 days are up, that is a problem regardless of location as the property is not going to be listed anywhere so it doesnt matter what the process is. After the photos were actually taken, it was 3 days before they were online which is fine. Also zero communication from realtor after listing, also unacceptable. My principal would have kicked our asses into next week if we had treated our clients/vendors like that.
  8. I'm looking for a high quality seamstress who is capable of working from a photo using beaded lace fabric that is $200+ per metre to make me a wedding dress. Anyone who works at this level in the area?
  9. Well, I actually do know how the business works as I have worked very successfully as a realtor. 10 days and no photography until we complained? Unacceptable!
  10. Recently, it took us over 2 weeks to get our house online... Were we annoyed? You bet!
  11. I second Christine. I have short straight fine hair..she is excellent.
  12. Don't knock it 'til you try it. I'm an Australian and lived in Quebec for a few years. Yep, definitely a heart attack on a plate but what is wrong with a guilty pleasure every now and then? Also, chips soggy with good gravy are delish!
  13. We use Uber everywhere in the world including Mexico. Have done so for years and have never had a bad or even mildly unpleasant experience..they are generally outstanding. Our recent trip from GDL to west Ajijic was 174 pesos. Taxi.was quoted at 500 pesos. It was easy to get picked up - just crossed the road from the terminal and waited a few minutes outside the OXXO. I'm sure the OP knows Uber is not big black cars so highly unlikely to.suffer the fate of the cardinal, an incident that happened many years ago. However you have not been able to get an Uber in the lakeside area. Ive just looked at the app and it appears that now, Uber SUV may be operating here although as it is very early morning no cars are available. Will have to check later as this would be great!
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