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  1. Per the state Health Ministry, these are the daily reported numbers for new confirmed cases, going back to December 17: Dec 27 - 166 Dec 26 - 189 Dec 25 - 179 Dec 24 - 196 Dec 23 - 184 Dec 22 - 154 Dec 21 - 158 Dec 20 - 88 Dec 19 - 96 Dec 18 - 125 Dec 17 - 114
  2. The Federal Benefits Unit in Guadalajara replied to my inquiry of this morning, confirming that, indeed, the Google information referenced above is old information. The FBU provided this further reply: "Due to the current circumstances, the Social Security Administration is temporarily delaying the mailing of the yearly questionnaire forms SSA-7162 and SSA-7161 until further notice. If you are currently receiving Social Security benefits, you should continue to receive your regular payments unless other circumstances apply. If your benefits are suspended, please get in touch with us right away so we can verify the reasons and provide you with additional information. Thank you"
  3. Good morning. I followed up with the Federal Benefits Unit in Guadalajara this morning by email to confirm the current status of Forms 7161 or 7162. As soon as I have a reply, I will post here. I note that the Google information posted by MtnMama references a payment date of February 3, 2020, so it is possible this is old information.
  4. Thanks for posting Bisbee. Do you have a link where this specific chart is posted? Tried without success to find on the Secretaria de Salud website.
  5. Information for Social Security recipients who are/were expecting to receive a Form 7162 for payment beneficiaries living outside of the United States, I communicated yesterday with the FBU (Federal Benefits Unit) in Guadalajara who provided the following statement: "The mailing of the SSA 7162 questionnaire are suspended due to the contingency due to COVID 19. We do not know when they will send them again."
  6. Thanks! I’m not completely up to speed on their delivery method but my understanding is it’s equivalent to “wireless fiber” which would require transmitters within reasonable proximity to the point of service. Wonder is a sufficient number of customers would justify the capital upgrade needed to establish service in SJC. Will inquire with them tomorrow and post their reply.
  7. Anyone aware whether this service is available in San Juan Cosala?
  8. Dr. Hernández is now with Riberas Medical Group. Clinic phone number is 376-688-1244. His email address is almdnc@hotmail.com.
  9. Has anyone had success purchasing collision and/or theft coverage on a Mexican plated vehicle while the vehicle is being operated in Texas (or anywhere else in the US)? I've contacted a number of agents who offer liability coverage meeting Texas requirements, but nothing else. My Qualitas policy already includes liability coverage, but I really need coverage for losses to the vehicle.
  10. You can find them on Mercadolibre. I brought mine from Texas. They are selling the same one on ML for $3299.
  11. We have approximately 80 boxes, including bubble wrap and lots of packing peanuts, waiting to come through Laredo with Strom White. Hopefully here by end of next week. If you can wait that long, they're yours for picking.
  12. So I saw the post by Peterth on the other thread "Exiting Mexico by Land" where he said he attended the Chapala Immigration workshop and then crossed at Columbia and was told by INM there that temporal and permanente holders don't need to fill out the FMM. Did you actually fill out the FMM as would normally occur flying in and out of Guad? I'm curious because we have entered and departed Mexico by vehicle twice and never bothered with filling out FMMs, coming or going. On the first entry, we just showed our temporales to the officer at the 17km checkpoint outside of Nuevo Laredo and he waved us through. On the second trip, no one was manning the post!
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