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  1. You missed my point. Canadians have a certain reputation ...
  2. What the people of Mexico really have to worry about is what will happen to their currency after the inauguration. Will the USA actually follow the immigration, border "wall", trade and economic policies that have been proposed? If so, major problems will arise.
  3. Several of my amigos have been warning me for some time now that there could be a very negative reaction to the results of the US presidential election. All it takes is an angered few. Let's be careful in what we say and do.
  4. SovCits ... shoulda known. A friend of mine NOB had his life ruined and ended up in prison after he fell under the influence of these paranoid nuts. He was a very successful medical professional and tried to cheat on his taxes with one of their schemes. Got his family involved as well and they suffered much the same fate. http://www.fbi.gov/seattle/press-releases/2013/sovereign-citizen-sentenced-to-more-than-eight-years-in-prison-for-tax-fraud-scheme
  5. It's mainly to help identify tax evaders, and there are quite a few Americans (and Canadians) in the area who should be looking over their shoulders, not only because they're guilty, but because they're cheating Mexico as well, and Mexican law enforcement agencies are right now cooperating with NOB authorities to identify the crooks and bring them to justice. I don't hesitate to pay MY taxes, and will have no sympathy when the frauds are identified and removed.
  6. This is inappropriate for this board. Deleted and locked.
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