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  1. Reported to office in ajijic 1 week ago. She said they are still not finished in the brisas area and to wait. Called 800 number last night. They did some tweaking ad got it from 2.8mps too 3.4 and said a tech needs to check line going into my house. Guess we'll see. Thx
  2. In mid brisas and did notice an increase a couple weeks ago which averages 2.9mbs download. Am paying the $399. I hope to see better speeds. Just glad to know I'm not the only one that am having issue.
  3. The beauty of Mexico!...get a different story from everyone you talk too. I don't believe fiber optic to each individual home is feasible in Mexico at this time. The Telmex Rep in Ajijic office told me this morning: rumor is the hotel paid for fiber optics and new server. The new server is in place and is installed. 3- weeks to connect existing old lines to new server. At which time speed should increase, possibly up to 20Mg/s if you get the 20M package (yea right). fingers crossed
  4. Phil....anyone....any rumors on an update to op? I know haciendas 2 has been notified via their office that new modems will be delivered there on Thursday.
  5. I was at AT&T by Walmart last Friday asking about their wifi hotspot costs. He told me there was a person that bought this hotspot package and data contract last week that lives in brisas. does anyone know whom this may have been and/or what the cell data speeds are in brisas? I've got a comparison app that indicates it's on average 2.5Mb/s. However, the sales guy at ATT indicated it should be 15Mb/s. cost is actually pretty reasonable from them. anyone have experience or know whom bought that contract?
  6. I guess the OP should have stated...how many "special" people are at lakeside? I know of one.
  7. Exactly CGuy. That's the reason I ask. If the local law is not enforced...why legalize? That's why I was looking for a guess from someone out there. My purpose in question: I'm thinking of going that route with a vehicle I own that has expired TIP and US registration (ie: not legalizing lakeside and not driving it any further than Guadalajara).
  8. I am curious as to how many of the US plated vehicles in the AJijic/Chapala area are illegal in both Mexico and the US due to expired US plates and expired TIP's. In walking around the area I see many very outdated US plates on vehicles. Any guesses?
  9. Sore subject. I've been in brisas for 8 months now. When I moved in and started a contract with Telmex they gave me a new modem. Needless to say I couldn't get it to handshake with the isp, therefore, no internet. Reported problem with office personnel in ajijic and had many phone conversations with their customer support (good thing my wife speaks Spanish). None the less after a month of going back and forth between ajijic office and online support my brother suggested I go above the dipshixx in ajijic and go to the tech/service office near super lake. A tech came out, checked wiring in house and down the street and told me the new modem telcel was providing were incapable of handshake with Telmex system to enable an internet connection due to the slow speed in brisas. He suggested I go back to ajijic office to get an older (designed for slower speeds) modem. Luckily one of the office staff had an old one stuck in his desk as they didn't have any in stock (only new). Low and behold I hooked the old modem up and had internet. So after a month of paying for nothing that the ajijic office staff should been well aware of (the slow brisas speed and its interaction with their new faster modems) I was pretty po'd. as dynamic as internet is, the speeds range significantly between high and low traffic times of day. Typically in my home using new apple airport time capsule as a router I can get as low as 175kb/s during the day and I've seen speeds as high as 2.5mg/s at like 2am. The daytime speeds can be slower than the 256k dialup modems I used in the USA 20 years ago! In-fregging-real! I would dump Telmex in a heartbeat if I had a lower cost, higher speed alternative. Unfortunately it's mexico so we can hold our breath for Telmex to put a switch closer to our fracc, but we will run out of air long before they do a damn thing. I asked on another post if anyone knows if telcel provides a stand alone wifi hotspot. If they do I could go that route for an additional 300 pesos per month to get acceptable internet speed.
  10. Does anyone know if telcel sells a stand alone hotspot?
  11. My car is legal on a TIP, however, my US state plate, Nebraska, is expired. I would like to take it for a road trip up the west coast of the US. I no longer have any place of residency in the US so can't get a new plate in Nebraska. Does the Mexican TIP make it legal to drive in the US? Will I have issues crossing the border to the US? Once/if I can get it into the US will I run into issues with US police? I know folks in the Ajijic area used to get new South Dakota plates without residing there. Is that still possible thru any US state so that I can visit the US in my car?
  12. What I find not logical is the SAT reg's that Spencer links above is the fact that a "rifle scope" requires special permission, but the air rifle itself does not....hmmm.
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