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  1. We've decided to look for a used pick up. Any suggestions on where to look (besides S&S)?
  2. I'm also so expert, but I don't think your place of residence matters. I believe if you are eligible, then where you receive the care is what matters. Sometimes, it takes asking the question a different way to get a reply. I would ask it this way "does my address or place of residence affect my Medicare coverage?". Another thought if you are really worried (which you are) is to give them a US address even if it is in c/o someone else. You have probably tried this, but how about going to the website for an answer.
  3. Well the Edit function is not working! I wanted to make a typing correction for handling to handing.
  4. No. I certainly would not be handling out my social security number. Social number was NEVER intended to be form of ID. When someone has that, they can get EVERYTHING about you. The US system is incredibly invasive of people's privacy and the general population has been trained to comply. This is Mexico. Different world. We have rented three times. No references. No background checks. Twice with no lease or deposit. Look elsewhere. Break out of the mold. There are many options.
  5. John Galt


    I believe their was an illness in the family.
  6. I don't know the status of this real estate deal as some time has passed since these postings. As a former real estate agent, here is my advice for negotiating this type of offer. When someone sends you a low ball offer that you find really unacceptable, DO NOT COUNTER. Simply respond, thank you, but it is too low, however, feel free to make another offer and you will consider it explaining that you are too far apart to negotiate. Keep the emotions completely out of it. Do not get insulted. This is business. See what happens. If they stick to their guns, then do not respond any further. If they really want the house, they should submit another offer. I realize this is Mexico and the mentality may be completely different.
  7. I can see that I can send a PM to someone that way, but I don't see how to view my Inbox or existing messages.
  8. Where are the private messages??? Running the cursor over the icons above does not show what they do.
  9. Should say meals were instead of where disappointments. I don't see how this edit feature is working now. The entire layout has changed and I don't see how it is better. Where are the mailboxes now for PMs?
  10. Seems everyone's taste buds and opinions are really different. I've had several meals there. Salad dressing is like candy. Pizza terrible. They have no clue how to cook rice, which I can do better at home, and rice is not hard to make correctly. Most of the meals where disappointments, loaded with sweets and salt. I had one good entree there and that was the mushroom burger. Three bad meals to one good one--not good odds.
  11. John Galt


    This little restaurant is in Riberas right next door to Upscale Resale shop. The food is always fresh, well presented and wholesome. I've had about four lunches there and it is consistent. They have creative beverages. I am frequently disappointed in most restaurant food as I find it to be loaded down with sugar and salt, even the entrees seem to contain sugar, perhaps to appeal to the masses. The wholesome part is the part I find difficult to find in most places. I am surprised this cafe does not have a line of people waiting to eat there, perhaps it is its location. I find that it is reasonably priced and the staff extremely warm, friendly and helpful. If you haven't been there, and you want to eat lunches where fresh nutritious food is not an afterthought, then give them a try.
  12. Last trip fight was to leave at 8:30 am. Departure didn't happen until around 1:30 p.m. People were piled up at the airport. No explanation given. No alternates offered to book passengers on other fights, other airlines, or vouchers given for a different day, no food, nothing. I say this is pretty terrible. We finally learned their computer system was down and they couldn't check anyone in. This dependence on technology is pretty pitiful and there is no back up plan. Airlines used to function without computer systems and people could get to their destinations..... This is crappy customer service. Yes, the prices are fairly low. This is is the only reason we still use them, but if there was an alternative competitive choice, we would use it.
  13. I don't see how you were not careful. What are you suggesting you should have done that you did not do?
  14. I think this is a very good discussion with great input from people who have done this on their own. Thanks to everyone for those comments. We tend to like to do things ourselves as we have found it beneficial economically and feeling a bit more independent. Of course, there is also benefit to hiring someone. It's a matter of how a person wants to get things done. At this point, we are open to suggestions on what type of car is best and why. I do see many like the Honda Fit, and there may be some other good options to consider. We want something with good storage for packages, projects and pets if needed.
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