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  1. I'm also so expert, but I don't think your place of residence matters. I believe if you are eligible, then where you receive the care is what matters. Sometimes, it takes asking the question a different way to get a reply. I would ask it this way "does my address or place of residence affect my Medicare coverage?". Another thought if you are really worried (which you are) is to give them a US address even if it is in c/o someone else. You have probably tried this, but how about going to the website for an answer.
  2. I can see that I can send a PM to someone that way, but I don't see how to view my Inbox or existing messages.
  3. Where are the private messages??? Running the cursor over the icons above does not show what they do.
  4. Should say meals were instead of where disappointments. I don't see how this edit feature is working now. The entire layout has changed and I don't see how it is better. Where are the mailboxes now for PMs?
  5. Seems everyone's taste buds and opinions are really different. I've had several meals there. Salad dressing is like candy. Pizza terrible. They have no clue how to cook rice, which I can do better at home, and rice is not hard to make correctly. Most of the meals where disappointments, loaded with sweets and salt. I had one good entree there and that was the mushroom burger. Three bad meals to one good one--not good odds.
  6. I'd love to hear about people's personal experiences (with Permanente or Temporale) in crossing with their household goods. Do you think Laredo or Pharr is easier? Laredo is a really busy crossing and it would seem to take more time and Customs more picky, but I really don't know.
  7. GMO are unhealthy for people. If you are unfamiliar with the issues, I suggest you do a bit of research on line.
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