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  1. 10 hours ago, Mainecoons said:

    All this morning rain and clouds getting boring.  We are well above averages at this point.


    I say let's take delight in the bountiful rains, even if they uncharacteristically extend into the mid morning hours.  The LONG (boring) dry season will be here before you know it.

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  2. Dra. Candy's office has on staff a hygienist, Dra. Alexandra, who I've pegged as a perfectionist and feel (based upon several experiences with her) does an exceptional job with teeth cleaning.    And at a current cost of only MX$300 for the professional treatment, the fee surely has to be one of the world's most incredible bargains. 

    The dental office is located in Laguna Plaza next to HSBC bank.

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  3. I also own a home here locally and reside part time in both Mexico and the U.S.

    For me, the biggest downside to the  residente permanente visa, which I obtained last summer, is the stipulated inability to drive my U.S.-plated vehicle down here.  In hindsight, I kind of wish I would have applied for a temporary resident visa instead, which permits bringing a U.S.- plated car down, but I did not want to deal with the annual visa renewal process.  (I now understand, perhaps incorrectly, that the temporary visa need not be renewed annually after the first-year renewal, but can be renewed for the remainder of the 5-year(?) term.)

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  4. In lieu of YTTV, have you considered USTVNow?  No VPN required.  Channel line-ups on offer are not near as extensive as YTTV, though I think they can easily suffice for a casual-use, live TV viewer.  Subscription plans are significantly more affordable than YTTV.  And I see that the Bravo network for the Real Housewives addicts can be accessed through USTVNow.


  5. At this moment, I'm renting a small, furnished house in Chula Vista that comes with wifi access to an Ilox internet connection.  I have connected to the rental unit's TV a Roku Express HD device that I acquired in the U.S. for under USD 40.00, through which I've been streaming Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and You-Tube without any buffering.  YMMV.

  6. My concern for your friends about the hotels near the airport, while acceptable places to stay, would be the likely very-early-morning sound disturbances from the neighboring rooms and corridors, as probably a lot of hotel guests prepare to check out and catch very-early-morning flights from GDL. 

    If they we my friends, I might rather arrange for a trusted driver from lakeside to pick them up and drop them off at the new hotel almost all the way into Chapala on the hill across from Chapala Haciendas -- the HS HOTSSON Smart Chapala?  I imagine it would be more quiet and serene there, allowing for a better night's rest into a later morning hour after getting to bed so late.  Traffic from the airport at 1:00 am should be extremely light, ensuring a speedy transport to the hotel in under 30 minutes, I am guessing.  You could then easily pick them up late morning after they've had a decent night's rest for a proper welcome and introduction to Lake Chapala.

    Of course, they could always go all the way to your place, though I doubt my friends would want to impose on me at such an hour.  Just an alternative thought.


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  7. I recently acquired a home in Chapala with a mature avocado tree in the back yard that is producing a large quantity of fruit.  I want to make sure that the crop does not go to waste; however, I know nothing about how to attend to the tree.  Can anyone here advise me on how to determine when it's the right time is to harvest the fruit?  (By the looks of things, I'm guessing it should be fairly soon.)  And should all of the avocados be harvested around the same timeframe before they spoil?

    Might there be anything else I should be considering doing around now to protect crop?

    Many thanks.


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  8. If the tree cannot be trimmed any further back away from your property, how about simply picking up whatever debris falls onto your property and putting it in the trash?  I own a home in a heavily forested neighborhood in the States, and cannot imagine how I would react to a "politely worded" letter from my neighbor asking me to keep my trees' leaves from blowing onto her property.  I doubt, though, that the letter would be received favorably.  Leaves and other debris from trees scatter.  That's nature.  In the interest of friendly neighborly relations, I suggest coping with it -- and I don't intend this to come across mean spiritedly.

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  9. I was not a witness to the accident, only the tragic aftermath.  Given that particular unencumbered stretch of the carretera through La Floresta and the very-early morning hour in which the accident occurred, I'm guessing excessive speed was also a factor in the senseless loss of life -- as well as possible driver impairment.  I've almost come to prefer the now-frequent times of traffic congestion on the carretera, where at least the speeds are slow enough that the likelihood of becoming involved in a fatal accident is reduced.  Of course, wearing a helmet and obeying traffic laws if you're a motorcyclist helps too.  I'm appalled everyday by instances of reckless driving practices I see around here.

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  10. H-E-B grocery stores/pharmacies across Texas are offering easy-to-make appointments for the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines.  They even permit walk-ins without appointments between 3:00-5:00 pm, M-F, where vaccines are available.  Refer to site below for further details.



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  11. 3 hours ago, Mainecoons said:

    Yeah, your math is off.  Try 0.404%

    133,291 x 100%/330,000,000


    SunFan's math is not off, but yours appears to be off by a magnitude of 10 times the actual figure.  By my calculations, 133,291/330,000,000 = .000404, which equates to 0.0404% (not 0.404%) .

    I think there is a lot of misuse of the term "mortality rate" in reported and discussed data pertaining to covid19 when the more accurate term should be "case fatality rate."  As I understand it, mortality rate (as you correctly assert) = deaths/total population, while case fatality rate = deaths/total infected population.

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  12. I have a cat-loving friend who now has space in her heart and home for two healthy kittens that are sure to be blessed with very pampered and happy lives.  The kickers are that at least one of the sought-after kittens is very-strongly desired to be long haired and all black in color, and the companion kitten of any color/mix preferably would be long haired as well.

    Might anyone have any leads on any currently available kittens up for adoption meeting these descriptions?


  13. I'm sure I will get beat up over this entry, but my "advice" would be to hold off on the planned move  -- if at all humanly possible -- until after your daughter graduates from high school.  My "observation" is that Lakeside is not a place where teenagers are provided ample opportunities and peer role models to thrive.  (Of course there will be exceptions.)  Teen pregnancy and drug abuse are at alarmingly high levels here.



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  14. Per Insight Crime website . . . 

    This takes us to the cartel dictionary. The ground won or lost is a “plaza” — a term nobody has been able to translate very well. It doesn’t mean a palm-lined village square. In underworld parlance in Mexico, a plaza is a geographical area of influence. Nor is it limited to border staging areas for drug smuggling. A plaza can be deep inside Mexico. It can be the size of an entire Mexican state, or a group of states — or just a city or county-sized area within a state — or only a section of a city. But the core meaning remains: a plaza is where you squeeze out profits. No other gang is supposed to move in (unless they pay “derecho de piso” — a user’s fee, or turf tax — also not translating very well).

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  15. 5 minutes ago, artsnob said:

    Will the regular lunch menue be available on Dim Sum days...

    While eating lunch at Chopsticks today, I was informed that their regular lunch menu will still be available on Dim Sum days.  Reservations will be required ONLY for the Dim Sum menu/seating.

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