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  1. The Moon Independent Living Complex in West Ajijic seems (to me) to be a very nice place. I have no idea as to whether any of the units are currently available or the pricing. Good luck. http://newmoonretirement.com
  2. Might anyone know of a shop in Ajijic, San Antonio, or Chapala where I can bring my suitcase to have a missing zipper replaced? Thanks.
  3. Thank you, Sue, for the lead. Will make an effort to stop by the cat shelter tomorrow to take a look At the pair.
  4. OMG, Anita. Thanks for sharing. Those kittens are so incredibly adorable that if I were able to care for them, I would not be able to resist. I will share your photos with my friend to gauge her interest in them. I hope she will be as smitten as I am.
  5. I have a cat-loving friend who now has space in her heart and home for two healthy kittens that are sure to be blessed with very pampered and happy lives. The kickers are that at least one of the sought-after kittens is very-strongly desired to be long haired and all black in color, and the companion kitten of any color/mix preferably would be long haired as well. Might anyone have any leads on any currently available kittens up for adoption meeting these descriptions? Thanks.
  6. I'm sure I will get beat up over this entry, but my "advice" would be to hold off on the planned move -- if at all humanly possible -- until after your daughter graduates from high school. My "observation" is that Lakeside is not a place where teenagers are provided ample opportunities and peer role models to thrive. (Of course there will be exceptions.) Teen pregnancy and drug abuse are at alarmingly high levels here.
  7. Per Insight Crime website . . . This takes us to the cartel dictionary. The ground won or lost is a “plaza” — a term nobody has been able to translate very well. It doesn’t mean a palm-lined village square. In underworld parlance in Mexico, a plaza is a geographical area of influence. Nor is it limited to border staging areas for drug smuggling. A plaza can be deep inside Mexico. It can be the size of an entire Mexican state, or a group of states — or just a city or county-sized area within a state — or only a section of a city. But the core meaning remains: a plaza is where you squeeze out profits. No other gang is supposed to move in (unless they pay “derecho de piso” — a user’s fee, or turf tax — also not translating very well).
  8. There is a very informative, 2-page article in this month's edition of International Living magazine titled: "Everything You Need to Know About Medicare Abroad." I'd be willing to copy, paste, and send to you if you might want to PM me with your e-mail address.
  9. En route to airport just now, we passed at least 70-80 police vehicles of all sorts rushing toward the direction of lake chapala. Don't know anything more.
  10. Another resident of Rancho del Oro here. My internet went out around the same time you lost yours. It is comforting to know I am not alone in contending with this problem.
  11. If no action is taken, I wonder how long it will be until we see the North American carriers serving GDL transitioning to this type of economy-class seating . . .
  12. MexSeekin


    While eating lunch at Chopsticks today, I was informed that their regular lunch menu will still be available on Dim Sum days. Reservations will be required ONLY for the Dim Sum menu/seating.
  13. How about a tunnel road under the existing carretera (ala Guanajuato)?
  14. Drunk driving checkpoint alert . . . Saturday, 19 August at 6 pm -- affecting southbound traffic on the main highway from GDL airport to Chapala, near Ixtlahuacan. (I did not happen to notice if the northbound traffic on the highway was also being stopped.)
  15. In light of Ferret's comments, I probably should clarify that it has been 3 years since I last dined at St. Remy's. It was an exceptional, fine-dining experience at the time, though I can't really speak to what the restaurant is like today.
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